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Berserker by William Meikle Berserker by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 49934 words Sample 10%
Sometimes the monsters are real…For Tor and Skald this is their first Viking raid, and their minds are filled with thoughts of honor and glory. What awaits them are beasts - huge, hairy and fanged, the Alma, who will not suffer intruders in their domain. When the Vikings slaughter a female Alma they soon find themselves in the middle of a battle with vicious creatures bent on bloody revenge.
Winning the Race Among Nations for Economic Superiority by M. K. Moran Winning the Race Among Nations for Economic Superiority by Feb. 12, 2016 $7.95 72590 words Sample 15%
As recent US political events suggest, Americans desire economic stability. The author explains, based on his experience working in over 25 countries, how business is really conducted in the international world, how foreign countries really compete against us, why nations choose to specialize in certain industry sectors, and how the US will need to change to increase our standard of living.
Tekla Senior High: The Complete Series by Leigh Jarrett Tekla Senior High: The Complete Series by Feb. 12, 2016 $9.99 252519 words Sample 5%
Loosely based around Tekla Senior High, where the characters from "Simply Marvellous", "The Stars On My Arm", and "Two Nights A Week" meet the friends and lovers that will change the course of their lives far beyond high school.
The Non-Fat Mindset by Stephanie calzada The Non-Fat Mindset by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 4088 words Read a sample
If you've struggled with traditional weight loss methods than this book is for you. By reading this easy to follow guide you will: Learn 5 common reasons behind weight loss failure, know how hypnosis can work as a mind hack for weight loss, be able to set precise goals, discover 5 powerful resources, and *BONUS: 3 printable tools including a weekly meal planner, workout planner, and grocery list.
Eating in the Underworld by J. D. Brink Eating in the Underworld by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 9940 words Sample 15%
Private eye Harry Celeste is investigating an old friend in the sex bot business. Sound cold? Don’t let personal relationships interfere with the job. That’s rule number one. Then again, even Harry may be getting too close on this case. If he isn't careful, he could lose his heart. Or his life. Don’t get killed on the job. That’s rule number two. Dark future detective noir.
Deep Trouble by Brandy L Rivers Deep Trouble by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 20373 words Sample 20%
Keeping secrets leads to deeper trouble… Fallon never expected love, or to find a man who accepted her so fully. New doubt arises with the threat to their unborn twins. One thing Brody needs in his life—Fallon. His love is unconditional. Now she’s hiding something and distance is growing. When the tension breaks and the truth comes out, can they bridge the gap?
Tales Of A World Gone Bad by T.L. Walker Tales Of A World Gone Bad by Feb. 12, 2016 $1.99 7270 words Sample 30%
A collection of poetry that explores the hardships of life, hopes, dreams and victory that can be found in Jesus.
Oh, Baby 2! by Kristianna Sawyer Oh, Baby 2! by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 29200 words Sample 20%
Fecund Press presents four of Kristianna Sawyer's bestselling fertile erotic romances in one collection of QuikReads--the perfect length for the morning commute with no cliffhangers. These stories feature themes of a virile older man and a fertile younger woman making love without any barriers.
too small by robert lathrop too small by Feb. 12, 2016 $1.99 2472 words Sample 20%
Too Small is a very young, very small, very special Koi fish who eats, swims and plays with his seven hundred brothers and sisters.He grows up thinking he's different than all the rest. He is, but it's his difference that earns him a place in the Emperor of Japan's Royal Garden Pond. His colors have proven him to be a true Kohaku, the most prized of all Koi.
Cupid's Arrow by Kris Kreme Cupid's Arrow by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 9580 words Sample 20%
Clay isn't like many of his classmates in the senior year of high school. He isn't eager to see another Valentine's Day purely because there's the prospect of experiencing more than just love with a supple young girl. A chance discovery of a forgotten relic in the woods behind his house will change everything though, and Clay himself may or may not be prepared to handle all those changes.
The 234 Spiritual Quotes of the Power Elite: Empowering Truths about Life, Abundance and Success by Daniel Marques The 234 Spiritual Quotes of the Power Elite: Empowering Truths about Life, Abundance and Success by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 6285 words Read a sample
This book resumes the most empowering and important quotes from the book “The Secret Codes of the Power Elite” written by the same author. Read one every day and change your thinking patterns! These quotes will inspire you into seeing life in a different way and with a more uplifting attitude.
A Black Hand For Franz Ferdinand by D. Cullen Nolan A Black Hand For Franz Ferdinand by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 11531 words Sample 30%
Franz Ferdinand, Reichsheir to the Four Thrones of the Osterreich, is about to visit Sarajevo. It's his wife Sofia's birthday and he wants the day to be memorable for her. Gavrilo, a Bosnian Serb committed to 'Union or Death', wants the day to be memorable as well. It is June 28th, 1914, and Gavrilo has his own present to offer . . . a Black Hand for Franz Ferdinand.
Early Earth by Den Warren Early Earth by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 1186 words Read a sample
This is what I believe about the Earth's origin. Whether you believe it or not, you will find it entertaining.
Virtual Identity by Eduardo Suastegui Virtual Identity by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 46863 words Sample 20%
She claims someone has framed her, only to discover her virtual self has taken over her life… Sandra Tomek has been renditioned. Under interrogation for scheming to illegally export computer technology to foreign nationals, she discovers she’s been hacked. Someone has stolen her identity. Someone has cloned every bit of who she is, and that someone is running her life using her virtual version.
My Kinky Valentine by Liz Gavin My Kinky Valentine by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 23612 words Read a sample
Happy Valentine’s Day even for the wicked. This collection of naughty short-stories was put together to melt more than hearts and warm more than feet. It's a selection of scorching action sure to leave you breathless and wanting more. Volume 1 - In the Pink - brings you well-written lesbian fantasies that will make you drool.
Jon's Dominant Mom by R.M. Dexter Jon's Dominant Mom by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 21070 words Sample 20%
Jon’s voluptuous and adventurous mother has always been rather kinky. When this horny mother pays her son a visit, Jon soon discovers this sexy older woman is also determined to get her way! Jon’s mother plans on being satisfied by her son – even if it means engaging in all things taboo! Will Jon discover he enjoys his dominate mother’s forbidden desires over and over again?
Morgana's Handmaid by Purple Hazel Morgana's Handmaid by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 141775 words Sample 20%
Growing up as a peasant, struggling to exist in the grinding poverty and dead end world of English feudal society; a bright, attractive young woman makes the best of her lowly existence. Then one day she gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her tiny village is visited by Princess Morgana, half-sister to King Arthur. She becomes handmaid to Morgana and goes to work for her at castle Camelot !
Grain de Sable by Jérémie Lebrunet Grain de Sable by Feb. 12, 2016 $1.29 5974 words Sample 20%
Nouvelle de science-fiction 2 300 mots = 10 minutes de lecture - - - - Quand l’Unité Décisionnelle 23 atterrit sur la planète où elle doit accomplir sa deuxième mission, elle ne se doute pas du potentiel évolutif des espèces animales autochtones. UD-23 va alors aller de surprises en découvertes face aux êtres qu’elle tente d’élever vers un stade d’intelligence supérieure.
The Mannequin: A Short Story by James Mulhern The Mannequin: A Short Story by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 7269 words Sample 20%
Molly and her friends at Boston University try to scare a fellow student by conjuring the ghost of Eugene O'Neill, who allegedly haunts the fourth floor of their dormitory. The prank quickly falls apart and they are forced to deal with the repercussions.
Crackerjack Positioning - How to Control the Way People Think About You in the Marketplace by Ben Settle Crackerjack Positioning - How to Control the Way People Think About You in the Marketplace by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 6753 words Sample 15%
If you want the rare ability to literally control the way people think about you in the marketplace... even if your advertising is weak and your branding non-existent... then this new book will show you how it's done. The book is called: Crackerjack Positioning! It's short, to-the-point and, if you apply the tips inside, can as much as double (even triple) your sales over time!
Drenched to the Bone: A Short Story by James Mulhern Drenched to the Bone: A Short Story by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 5591 words Sample 20%
Jack's wife insists on a divorce. He moves to Florida, where he begins a new life teaching at an inner-city school. It seems everything has fallen apart: his marriage, the school, and his vision of the future. After the school descends into chaos, a student teaches Jack more than he wants to know about himself. With his newfound knowledge, he begins to reassess his past and his future.
The Walking Together Series (3 Novels in 1 Set) by Trennis E. Killian The Walking Together Series (3 Novels in 1 Set) by Feb. 12, 2016 $8.99 235081 words Sample 10%
Now you can get all three novels in the Walking Together Series in one set for 25% off the individual prices.
A New World, Book I: The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysic by Black Rose Writing A New World, Book I: The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysic by Feb. 12, 2016 $6.99 170415 words Sample 20%
Foretold by ancient seers and now by scientists, we are at an unprecedented historic and evolutionary crossroad. We have the capacity to transform ourselves spiritually and our civilization materially or de-evolve into an Orwellian nightmare.
Paging Dr. Hucow by Irma Marazza Paging Dr. Hucow by Feb. 12, 2016 $1.49 5094 words Sample 20%
Meredith is a desperate medical student. She is drowning in debt and facing eviction. Lucky for her, she catches a break when a medical company recruits her as a test subject. They pay is great, but the curvy, busty student has never heard of the mysterious company before. She soon discovers that the medicine has more than a few side effects...
WHITE LIGHT (SNEAK PEAK) by baileygiannini WHITE LIGHT (SNEAK PEAK) by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 13971 words Read a sample
A man named Dale Anderson is suspected of muder after he's off parole as a series of murders continue. (This is the sneak peak of the book)
Before I Black Pt. 3-Caged Bird A Singin' by Brandon D. Fuller Before I Black Pt. 3-Caged Bird A Singin' by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 2702 words Read a sample
This is definitely a story from the other side of the gun. When people think of injustice, the disenfranchised, and often trivialized voices of minority victims, it is usually from behind a protective glass so to speak, so as to not step too close to the dangers. Here I've attempted to weave together a vivid picture of social injustice for any and all that dare to get close. Thank you for reading!
The Re-Creator: Being by Phillip Falcone The Re-Creator: Being by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 8043 words Read a sample
Want to change the way you think? First, you need to know who you are and why you do the things you do and determine if you want to continue. Shift from having problems with one solution to challenges with many solutions. The solutions are often simple. They are shared in an easy to read format based on real experiences.
Bi-curious Boys and Girls: Erotic Sweat  Books 1-4 Super Collection by Lisa Summers Bi-curious Boys and Girls: Erotic Sweat Books 1-4 Super Collection by Feb. 12, 2016 $9.99 39954 words Sample 10%
Hypersexed college boys and girls explore the pleasures of each other's out of control, wet bodies - and souls! The authors expose a hot world of innocent college boys and girls discovering their libidos going into overdrive, with both sexes! Solo female and male masturbation, torrid lesbian and gay sex, GRAPHIC ADULT CONTENT. Enjoy the delights of hot and wild sex with other men and women, now!
Un Amour Bouleversant by Silvia Violet Un Amour Bouleversant by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 42017 words Sample 10%
Billy Lawson désire une véritable relation, et il venait juste d'abandonner tout espoir quand il rencontre Levi, un métamorphe blessé qui a besoin de son aide. Levi est peut-être le bon, mais, d'abord, Billy doit le sauver de son dangereux passé.
Art That Dares by Kittredge Cherry Art That Dares by Feb. 12, 2016 $9.99 16501 words Sample 20%
Packed with full-page color illustrations, this eye-opening collection features a diverse group of eleven contemporary artists who work both inside and outside the church. They present the gay Jesus, the woman Christ, and other cutting-edge Christian images.
Novenas, el poder de la oración by ACOBA Novenas, el poder de la oración by Feb. 12, 2016 $4.99 16897 words Sample 20%
En la Iglesia Católica, la novena es una devoción consistente en una oración realizada durante nueve días consecutivos, en el que se pide una gracia especial. Las novenas pueden rezarse en la iglesia, en casa o en cualquier sitio donde sintamos que se fortalece nuestra fe y confianza en Dios.
The Clear Creek Series (3 Novels in 1 Set) by Trennis E. Killian The Clear Creek Series (3 Novels in 1 Set) by Feb. 12, 2016 $8.99 236208 words Sample 10%
Now you can get all three novels in the Clear Creek Series in one set for 25% less than individually.
The Silly Story of a silly town by Jean Ingellis The Silly Story of a silly town by Feb. 12, 2016 $1.99 0 words Sample 25%
No life lessons in this children's picture book, only simple silliness and giggles in a story written in rhyming verse about some of the silly things people do in their town. A goldfish bowl hanging from a cake shaped hat. Jalapenos on top of ice cream and the silly dog who hops around town like a frog are just a few of the silly things you'll find in this book. 340 words in 26 pgs.
Second Start Second Chance Second Wind by Danny Moe Second Start Second Chance Second Wind by Feb. 12, 2016 $7.49 72438 words Sample 15%
Have you ever wanted to be more than what you are? Achieve more than what you have? Go further in life than you have gone? If so, why don't you? Don't die before you are dead. LIVE while you are STILL ALIVE. Seminar/Motivational Speaker and Minister of Motivation, Danny Moe, shares 21 Life Principles for Significant Successful Living.
Lustful Games by Jessica Hunt Lustful Games by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 3317 words Read a sample
When her husband Chris comes home with a porno it gives his wife an Idea. She wants to know what it feels like to be with two men at once. It is a lustful idea that has been dormant for years. But when her husband is open for a sexual adventure her dream come true and the sexual flood gates open. Read about this couples first experience with another and how there lives change in every way.
Chapter 5: The Missionary Center by Nix Knox Chapter 5: The Missionary Center by Feb. 12, 2016 $0.99 6166 words Sample 15%
More doubts are piled on top of Jacob’s already burdened shoulders, but a bright ray of hope banishes some of his fears.
Evening Star by Floriminda Edar Reid Evening Star by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 121835 words Sample 20%
Christian and Alana left the Kings Aqua Isle to travel over the seas indefinitely, away from the current catastrophe that has seemed to take over Alana’s life. What happiness they have is cut short by another unfavourable surprise. The couple are oblivious to the fact that this trip is one that they will never forget, because there is more adversity along the way that only the gods can help.
Elusive Dreams by Floriminda Edar Reid Elusive Dreams by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 106709 words Sample 20%
Desperate after being hunted by the Restless, Alana accepts the invitation from the ancients of the Other Forest. In their protection lies her only hope for survival, but that hope is short-lived. The ancients need her help.The more willing Alana is to help the ancients, the more she is drawn into their lives. Soon, she will learn the mystery of her own ancestry, and that knowledge will haunt her.
Travelers by Evelyn M. Zimmer Travelers by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 32504 words Sample 20%
Travelers features five charming short gypsy tales about fortune tellers, magicians and soothsayers. Featured Contributors: Vanessa Essler Carlson Sammi Cox Evelyn M. Zimmer and E.W. Farnsworth
Lady of the Deep by Christopher Rubel Lady of the Deep by Feb. 12, 2016 $3.99 126671 words Sample 20%
The Rev. Dr. John Scott discovers an old sailing ship's figurehead, and later aids in the sea-rescue of Dr. Sky Rowan. Their Lady of the Deep helps them rediscover love while unraveling her secrets. Rumors of gold bullion in the wreck begin to surface, stolen by an enslaved people fleeing in the ship: can they use it to bring justice for the descendants, before treasure-hunters take their toll?
Into the Infinite (Opening the Door to the Unknown) by Della Van Hise Into the Infinite (Opening the Door to the Unknown) by Feb. 12, 2016 $4.49 77836 words Sample 20%
A compilation of the author's encounters with the unknown - experiences that compel us to realize the world is nothing like we have been taught to believe. What can you think when you return from work to find the house cleaned top to bottom while no one was home? What do you believe when Carlos Castaneda comes to you in a dream & brings a witch to stop your heart? True tales of the bizarre.
Over 40 & Sexy as Hell! by Robert Drapkin Over 40 & Sexy as Hell! by Feb. 12, 2016 $9.99 35093 words
Daddy's Little Valentines by Angel Scott Daddy's Little Valentines by Feb. 12, 2016 $4.95 40173 words Sample 20%
In the latest tale by Angel Scott, celebrating Valentine’s Day could never be more taboo! Kallie and Kayla are two adventurous sisters whose love for each other knows no limits! After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Kallie needs all the attention her kinky family can provide. For her there’s no reason to spend Valentine’s Day alone—at least not when she could be seducing her handsome father!
Dominant Ladies - 4 Tales Of Femdom by AE Publications Dominant Ladies - 4 Tales Of Femdom by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 18081 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes a new collection of four tales of femdom, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, bdsm, lesbians, anal, rough sex, femdom, romance and more. Includes: My Barely Legal Neighbor Takes Control by JT Holland, Owning My Roommate by Misty Rose, Punished By The Girlfriend by Brock Landers & Deflowering His Ass by Hunter Monroe. Adults only. 18+
OPTIMIZING and MARKETING Your Business - The 2016 Ultimate Guide by Gabriel Dica OPTIMIZING and MARKETING Your Business - The 2016 Ultimate Guide by Feb. 12, 2016 $14.99 12928 words Sample 20%
A simple, step-by-step guide, covering the most important aspects of turning a profit from your website. Includes the top tips and tricks for 2016 to stay ahead of the trend.
Dark Monsters by Evelyn M. Zimmer Dark Monsters by Feb. 12, 2016 $4.99 105866 words Sample 20%
Remember the feeling that something was in your closet? That doll was possessed? That neighbor isn't quite what he/she seems? The creepy feeling down your spine? Monster’s aren’t always Human, but sometimes they are.
Dominating The Debraved Babe by Alex Hunter Dominating The Debraved Babe by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 6802 words Read a sample
After surviving a night with Bonnie doing whatever she wanted to me, it was my turn for revenge. I spent the entire next night returning the favor, dominating and destroying her just as mercilessly as she'd done to me. Needless to say, it was an absolutely incredible night for the both of us. Adults only. 18+
Old Mrs Wilkin by Bakerman Old Mrs Wilkin by Feb. 12, 2016 $2.99 4068 words Sample 30%
Conway is now out to romance old Mrs Wilkin who lives down the street.
Getting Filthy With A Stranger by Alex Hunter Getting Filthy With A Stranger by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 3218 words Read a sample
I was just chilling out in a bar with some friend when out of nowhere, Emily approached me and convinced me to come back to her place. I'd never met her before but that didn't stop us from getting all kinds of filthy back at her place. And when she told me she wanted me to stick it in her backdoor, I knew I was in love. Adults only. 18+
Blogging For Self-Publishers by Ryan Stevens Blogging For Self-Publishers by Feb. 12, 2016 Free! 4833 words Read a sample
Once upon time, traditional publishers had to spend a lot of time writing their books, doing research, editing drafts (without having the modern tools we have today), and of course, they weren't able to make too much money. Yes, it's sad and unfair for popular writers like Jules Verne or William Shakespeare to barely make a living out of their writing. Like most of the writers, they've become po