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Illuminance by K. Meador Illuminance by May 31, 2016 $0.99 7529 words Sample 20%
Take a month to discover Illuminance of The Heart and Soul Series: Book Three finds inspiration from ordinary situations. It is a powerful devotional created to influence and enrich your Christian walk with God, yourself and others. Each daily devotion will fill you with encouragement, hope and the knowledge that God is on your side as you journey through each day of your life.
Christian Essentials by Felix Immanuel Christian Essentials by May 31, 2016 Free! 56772 words Read a sample
Christian Essentials is a collection of 56 articles of various topics that every true Christian must know and understand from the Bible in order to safe guard from false doctrines and deceptions in these last days. Each chapter is organized into an individual article in alphabetical order. Read and be blessed.
Costume Party 7 by Candace Mia Costume Party 7 by May 31, 2016 $0.99 1047 words Sample 20%
The tiger isn't done. This time she'll lure her prey into the bedroom.
Beyond The Redbud Tree by Rick Schroeder Beyond The Redbud Tree by May 31, 2016 $3.99 117642 words Sample 15%
Missie has a desire to be bound naked in the woods. For some reason, she decides to journey to a man she has never met and allow him to do just that. Rick is at a crossroads in his life. His relationships never turn out well. He also has lost the way in trying to write his current book. The two meet by the redbud tree and their journey becomes one of mutual sexual exploration and fulfillment.
Caesar and Cato, The Road to Empire by Brian Igoe Caesar and Cato, The Road to Empire by May 31, 2016 $7.12 82327 words Sample 20%
This is a story, a true story which I always think are the best of stories. A Story of Ancient Rome. An Adventure Story, perhaps? It is a story of two protagonists, Julius Caesar and Marcus Cato. They represented two opposing philosophies dedicated to the same end, the success of Rome. If Caesar had not crossed the Rubicon, Cato could have been pre-eminent in history, and Caesar just a byword
Investigative True Crime Sampler by Arthur Jay Harris: Cliffhanger samples from Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Speed Kills, Until Proven Innocent, and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh by Arthur Jay Harris Investigative True Crime Sampler by Arthur Jay Harris: Cliffhanger samples from Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Speed Kills, Until Proven Innocent, and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh by May 31, 2016 Free! 49540 words Read a sample
This Investigative True Crime Sampler by Arthur Jay Harris includes cliffhanger samples from his books Flowers for Mrs. Luskin, Speed Kills, Until Proven Innocent, and The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh.
The Nude Beach by Sexxi Lexxi The Nude Beach by May 31, 2016 $0.99 6132 words Sample 20%
The Nude Beach is a carnal tale of manipulation and seduction. Naomi’s life in turned upside down when her boyfriend dumps her on her 18th birthday. Determined to help, her sister takes her on a girls-only weekend to forget about her troubles. What Naomi doesn’t know is that the “resort” where they are staying is in fact a nudist colony. Will being surrounded by naked men help her forget her ex?
Saving for my Wedding: Story 1 by Gina Candy Saving for my Wedding: Story 1 by May 31, 2016 Free! 2340 words Read a sample
Becky's parents won't pay for her wedding. She needs quick and easy cash. Can she find a way?
The Bitch by Lexi Lust The Bitch by May 31, 2016 $0.99 6522 words Sample 20%
I couldn’t take it anymore. My girlfriend and I had been together for over a year, yet we still hadn’t had sex. But my cold streak finally came to an end on her eighteenth birthday. Only Tiffany—that’s my girlfriend’s name—wasn’t the one I had sex with. Instead, I fucked her sexy, Dalmatian bitch. Wondering how that happened? Well then stop being a greedy bastard and buy this fucking story!
Jack and the Ginger with a Twist by Keely Jakes Jack and the Ginger with a Twist by May 31, 2016 $3.99 26006 words Sample 10%
Going out alone was Griffin Bower’s first mistake. Accepting a drink from a stranger was his second. After spending a week as a whipping boy to a sadist who called himself “Doctor Pain”, a guard helps Griffin escape, then his roommate’s half-brother whisks the two roommates away to Paladin, Montana.
Intelligence for Dumb Bees, Book One by Richards Hall Intelligence for Dumb Bees, Book One by May 31, 2016 Free! 9233 words Read a sample
Everything you need to know to get you from minute to minute, second to second, and quick. Dumb is not an insult, it's a condition.
Sex Stories by Traci Wilde Sex Stories by May 31, 2016 $4.99 36834 words Sample 20%
From interns found and used as sex slaves to a female judge taken captive by one of her colleagues; from a housewife tied up, tormented and loaned out by her hubby to a newspaper editor taken home by her boss to become a sexual servant, and more…this collection of TEN stories is chock-full of deviant, sexy, reluctant service stories that will get your heart pounding and your hoo-ha pulsing!
Warming Trend by Karin Kallmaker Warming Trend by May 31, 2016 $9.99 87105 words Sample 20%
In this romantic story of the icy north, Karin Kallmaker explores the passion that can melt even a frozen heart.
I Fucked a Robot Dog (Bestiality) by Barbie Lez I Fucked a Robot Dog (Bestiality) by May 31, 2016 $0.99 6290 words Sample 20%
I always wanted a dog, but my father was deathly allergic. It seemed like my dream of owning a pet would never be fulfilled. But then my father gave me a robot dog for my eighteenth birthday. He looked like any old dog, but needed not be fed or walked. He was the perfect dog. That is until a glitch in his programming turned him into a sex-starved maniac. Could I resist the studly, robotic canine?
A Quick Journey From Being Single to Somebody's World by Sahithi SS A Quick Journey From Being Single to Somebody's World by May 31, 2016 $0.99 19434 words Sample 5%
Subconsciously all of us are looking for someone with images of perfection in mind to spend some quality time with full of passion and romance. This is a no-nonsense approach eBook intended for, people who want "TO START (singles and soon to be singles) OR IMPROVE (dysfunctional relationships, low self-esteems, attitude problems, etc.) A RELATIONSHIP".
Whispers in the Wind by Frankie J. Jones Whispers in the Wind by May 31, 2016 $9.99 45677 words Sample 20%
Athletic photographer Dixon Hayes thinks she and her best friend, high school teacher Elizabeth Colter, would make the perfect couple. There's just one little problem—Elizabeth is only interested in sharing a friendship and nothing more.
Shroud by Jacqueline Seewald Shroud by May 31, 2016 $0.99 3920 words Sample 20%
Is Lee dead or alive? Her husband wants her declared dead while her parents will do anything to help her survive.
A Woman Named Sellers by Sarah L King A Woman Named Sellers by May 31, 2016 $4.99 107885 words Sample 15%
Jennet Sellers has a secret; a terrible, guilt-ridden secret which has haunted her since childhood. As Jennet finds herself falling in love her life also begins to unravel, threatening to remove her thin veil of anonymity and reveal who she really is. Then, when a little boy starts telling tales about witches, suddenly Jennet finds that she is in the middle of a painfully familiar situation.
Peak Performance Junkie: How to Push Yourself to the Limit to Perform at Your Best when It Matters by Howie Junkie Peak Performance Junkie: How to Push Yourself to the Limit to Perform at Your Best when It Matters by May 31, 2016 $2.99 5046 words Sample 20%
Are you somebody who easily throws in the towel when the going gets tough? Do you suffer from a lack energy, focus, or motivation to get things done? Do you struggle to perform at your best at work, on the job and just about anything and everything in general? Life constantly demands us to push past our limits to see what we're made of. If you're not, then you are NOT a "Peak Performance Junkie."
I'm Nothing by Sam Crescent I'm Nothing by May 31, 2016 $4.99 41276 words Sample 10%
There is an uprising within The Family. They do not like young men taking over, and it’s up to Tonio, Donnie, Luiz, and Jake to take out the problems. But Tonio can’t pay proper attention to his new duties because his memories haunt him. He grew up in The Family with a secret he hasn’t even told his friends.
Chasing Faete by Elena Kincaid Chasing Faete by May 31, 2016 $4.99 39489 words Sample 10%
Erica’s been on the run from her parents’ murderer for years, but her luck has finally run out. She finds herself caught by the man who tortured her for years, but she’s prepared to fight him rather than go back to the Fae King. She almost thinks she’s hallucinating when two wolf shifters appear out of nowhere to save her—but that could be the blood loss talking.
Wrong Turns by Jackie Calhoun Wrong Turns by May 31, 2016 $9.99 66449 words Sample 20%
Jackie Calhoun (Roommates, Seasons of the Heart) returns with a down-to-earth story of a woman struggling to find the right path-and the right woman-to finally make sense of her life.
Wolf's Hunt by Amber Morgan Wolf's Hunt by May 31, 2016 $5.99 67273 words Sample 10%
He's trying to make things right. Three years ago Wolf fled New Orleans, leaving heartache and violence in his wake. Now he's got one chance to win back the woman he left behind, Clea Allary. There's just one thing standing in his way—the deadly President of the Voodoo Kin MC, a man who will stop at nothing to finish Wolf and claim Clea for himself. Whether she likes it or not.
Fury by Jenika Snow Fury by May 31, 2016 $4.99 41376 words Sample 10%
Fury took Angelina because of revenge, but the longer she’s with him the more he wants her. He never thought he would be the man to use a woman as leverage, but when that woman is the daughter of the notorious Sal Cardona, a man that hurt his MC, Fury will go to any length. Angelina Cardona ran from her mafia family just a few months ago, but she’s never felt safe since then.
GoFishFriday - The Art Book by CatchphraseDan GoFishFriday - The Art Book by May 31, 2016 Free! 5150 words Read a sample
Welcome to GoFishFriday: The Art Book - a journey through CatchphraseDan’s #GoFishFriday weekly illustrated playing card project.  Packed to the ceiling with over 60 marvellous illustrations, this is the perfect companion to the #GoFishFriday playing card deck, taking you behind the scenes of an illustration project so tremendous that it’ll turn you back to front and steal your turkey sandwiches!
The Dispatcher by Kera Faire The Dispatcher by May 31, 2016 $3.99 15505 words Sample 10%
Her life or his? When Astrid Mickelson found out the man she loved was The Dispatcher—a government operative, who kills for a living without remorse—she left to stop herself from accidentally betraying him. However, Orlando Darke, the only man she’s ever wanted, is impossible to forget, and it seems once more back in her life.
Beg for Mercy by Angelique Voisen Beg for Mercy by May 31, 2016 $3.99 25920 words Sample 10%
They call him Mercy because he gives none to his enemies... Before becoming a patch in the Hellhounds MC, Mercy was a healer and a lover. Now Mercy’s bent, not broken, a beast living in the skin of the man. Mercy thought he had nothing left to lose, until the past comes back to haunt him. Former lover, thief, and liar, James Carlson is a dead man walking after betraying Mercy years ago.
Carnal Dream Quest: Story 2 by Arla Coopa Carnal Dream Quest: Story 2 by May 31, 2016 $1.99 2104 words Sample 10%
The dream has left him refreshed and satisfied. But something terrifying is about to happen in his waking life.
Tribal Alpha: Innocence by Cassie Wolf Tribal Alpha: Innocence by May 31, 2016 $2.99 9214 words Sample 30%
The first tale of the Tribal Alpha series introduces Subira, a young woman within a tribal society who has rarely set foot out of the four walls of her hut and knows little of the world but farming and chores. That is until she feels her first rush of lust and desire in the form of a warrior named Tau...
Let Me Dance by Simon Leigh Let Me Dance by May 31, 2016 $2.99 67259 words Sample 5%
A very funny account of a couple struggling to make a huge life change. LET ME DANCE is the sequel to WILD WOMEN (UKA Press, 2008)
Plotting Mr. Perfect by S.E. Babin Plotting Mr. Perfect by May 31, 2016 Free! 78201 words Read a sample
Where romantic comedy meets Weird Science! After a visualization exercise gone wrong, a naked man lands in Katie's driveway who proclaims he's been created just for her. As antics and romantic gestures commence, Katie will begin to question herself about love and loyalty. How do you know when the perfect man is not really perfect? And when does Mr. Wrong begin to look like Mr. Right?
Get Sh!t Done: A Guide to Finding Your Value and Marketing Yourself at Work by Meghan McCormick Get Sh!t Done: A Guide to Finding Your Value and Marketing Yourself at Work by May 31, 2016 $2.99 3474 words Sample 20%
Whether you work for a small company or large corporation, are new to the team or a seasoned veteran, if you are looking for ways to propel your career forward and gain the recognition you deserve then let me help you!
Cadeau d'anniversaire by Caralyn Knight Cadeau d'anniversaire by May 31, 2016 $2.99 5624 words Sample 20%
Cela avait toujours été mon fantasme, mais je n'avais jamais imaginé que cela allait devenir réalité. Mais ma femme – mon incroyable femme qui pensait tout le temps aux autres – l'a organisé pour moi. Un plan à trois comme cadeau d'anniversaire. Est-ce qu'il y avait jamais eu un homme sur terre qui était aussi chanceux que moi ?
Profesyonel Ekip Çalışması by Haluk Oztekin Profesyonel Ekip Çalışması by May 31, 2016 $3.00 22374 words Sample 20%
Takım arkadaşlarınıza sizin için neler yapabilecek- lerini sormak yerine, onlar için neler yapabileceğinizi sorun. Magic Johnson
Noah’s Ark: Full Series Box Set by Harry Dayle Noah’s Ark: Full Series Box Set by May 31, 2016 $9.99 459132 words Sample 5%
Discover the world of Noah’s Ark, now available as a box set for the first time. May 1st: the Earth is scorched by a stray asteroid, wiping out almost all life. Almost, but not quite all. Three thousand souls aboard a cruise ship visiting the north pole are spared by a freak of nature. They survived the end of the world — now they must survive each other. The complete five-book series.
The Woman Who Wasn't His by Julia Adams The Woman Who Wasn't His by May 31, 2016 $1.99 69296 words Sample 20%
“Riveting! Entertaining! You won’t be able to put this book down.” - Writers’ Forum “The Woman Who Wasn’t His” is a modern day Cinderella story with occasional naughty love scene. The book is lightheartedly romantic and funny.
Unseen Mystery( 2nd edition Finnish version- preview) by Jeff Damulira, Sr Unseen Mystery( 2nd edition Finnish version- preview) by May 31, 2016 Free! 535 words Read a sample
Barry Thompson on työskennellyt väsymättä paeta syyte ja vangitseminen . Kuitenkin hänen yhteydessä entinen KGB: n agentti on kehittänyt mastermind järjestelmään . Sotkeutunut miljoonan dollarin salaliiton liittohallitus löytämässä pahaenteiseen esityslistan sisällä FBI Luottamukselliset asiakirjat
Unseen Mystery( Finnish version- preview) by Jeff Damulira, Sr Unseen Mystery( Finnish version- preview) by May 31, 2016 Free! 535 words Read a sample
Barry Thompson has worked tirelessly to escape from indictment and imprisonment. However, his connection with former KGB agent has developed a mastermind scheme. Embroiled in a million dollar conspiracy against the federal government—discovering a sinister agenda within the FBI's Confidential documents
Gota de Poesia by Marcelo Leite Gota de Poesia by May 31, 2016 Free! 36 words Read a sample
Uma coleção de pequenos poemas, em especial haicais guilherminos, para leitura rápida sem compromisso.
100 Women Volume Seven by Lexington Manheim 100 Women Volume Seven by May 31, 2016 $1.99 12502 words Sample 20%
Our imaginative hero has his hands full—full of p***y, that is. After boldly placing a newspaper ad requesting female volunteers to participate in a female masturbation study, our hero is rewarded with a parade of eager beavers, volunteering for his enjoyable services, leaving him with just one desire—to get his hands into their supple, warm, wet sex
Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Six by Kristen LePine Daughter of Sparta: Chapter Six by May 31, 2016 Free! 2121 words Read a sample
Set in ancient Greece, Daughter of Sparta follows Gorgo, the real daughter of King Cleomenes I of Sparta, and the events leading up to the Ionian Revolt. In Chapter Six, Gorgo is introduced to a treasure Aristagoras of Miletus brings to woo King Cleomenes to commit to his war campaign. This is the sixth installment to this series; Chapters One through Five are available for free.
Trigger - Space mercenary - Episode 1 by João Victor Trigger - Space mercenary - Episode 1 by May 31, 2016 Free! 7803 words Read a sample
A space police cadet that sees his life shattered hwne their allies join their worse enemies. To face them, he must become something else. A homage to the japanese tokusatsu series of my childhood.
Forbidden Gospels: The Devil's Cut by Randy Chandler Forbidden Gospels: The Devil's Cut by May 31, 2016 $4.99 72989 words Sample 20%
This book contains extremely explicit, graphic content. Duet for the Devil was published October 1, 2000, by Necro Publications. Before that, bits and pieces of the unruly opus were published in various small-press magazines and indie journals, often in somewhat different forms. By the time the novel made it between hard covers, its length had been considerably shortened.
Stolen Prophet: The Prophet's Mother - Book 1 by Julian Coleman Stolen Prophet: The Prophet's Mother - Book 1 by May 31, 2016 $2.99 39974 words Sample 15%
Evie is the single mother of a gifted son. She only wanted was a normal life. She had fled a cursed past where her death was inevitable. When Victor's father died, her beloved son became her only reason to exist...and then he's kidnapped. To save her son, she unleashes her power, the dark forces of an angry demigoddess. She will find Victor and there's no one to stop her...or is there?
Queen Idia's Africa: The Philanthropist by Cordelia Salter Queen Idia's Africa: The Philanthropist by May 31, 2016 Free! 2518 words Read a sample
What would Africa have been like if it had never been colonized? Oyo Ahenza from the Western Africa Ministry of Overseas development needs funding to link southern Europe to the Sahara Solar Energy Grid. In this story he goes to meet the richest man in the world, the philanthropist Bulanbo Bes. But will he get the funding? Part of a collection of 10 short stories published during 20
Kuch Tumhari Yad Mein by OnlineGatha Kuch Tumhari Yad Mein by May 31, 2016 $0.99 5220 words
ख्वाबो में रोज मरे, आती वो। आ-आकर रोज मुझें, सताती वो। नित नयी हरकते कर, लुभाती वो। पूँछू जब भी कुछ उससे तो, शरमाती वो। आँखो ही आँखो म दिल का हाल, कह जाती वो। ख्वाबो म रोज मरे आती वो। अपनी चुलबुलाहट से कभी तो, हंसाती वो। पर कभी रूठे मुझसे तो, रूलाती वो।
Hardcore Incest for Mom Part 3 Bareback, Blackmail, Rough Sex, Monster Cocks, Alpha Son, Fertile Mother by Elizabeth Thorn Hardcore Incest for Mom Part 3 Bareback, Blackmail, Rough Sex, Monster Cocks, Alpha Son, Fertile Mother by May 31, 2016 $2.99 9051 words Sample 20%
Is there anything worse for a mother than having to give it up for her own teen son in front of her daughter? Mary soon learns there is: having to accommodate both hubby and Danny's hard organs at the same time. Double Penetration? That will be a daily feature of Mary's new life. As for her daughter, the girl thinks she escaped, only to soon learn she thought wrong. Hardcore. Anal. Deepthroat.
Going Ivy by Dona E. Bowens Going Ivy by May 31, 2016 $4.99 44493 words Sample 15%
It was the summer of 2000. We'd just gotten over the hype of Y2K, Bill Clinton was still the first Black President and there were more landlines than cell phones. Nicole Barrett (young, Black and gifted by her own assertion) arrives at Dartmouth College for graduate school and to "keep it real" for the rich folk.
Las Cartas de la Restauración by Isidro Fernández Morales Las Cartas de la Restauración by May 31, 2016 $3.75 91045 words Sample 20%
¿Cuándo y qué entra a formar parte aquello que consideras una perfecta vida? ¿Lo es realmente? Lorena destierra un aparente bienestar con la infidelidad de su marido.
La Sombra del Árbol Bajo la Luna by Franco Marcelo Valenzuela Torres La Sombra del Árbol Bajo la Luna by May 31, 2016 $3.75 5074 words Sample 20%
¿Por qué germina la flor en el desierto? ¿Adónde va el río milenario de la tierra? ¿Qué susurra del árbol? ¿Se toca la música? “La Sombra del Árbol Bajo la Luna” es un poemario que responde. Un libro transparente donde el autor despliega el matiz de su universo dominado por el mar, la nostalgia, el desierto y el amor..