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Internal Dialogue: A Busy Writer's Guide by Marcy Kennedy Internal Dialogue: A Busy Writer's Guide by July 02, 2015 $4.99 28178 words Sample 10%
Internal dialogue is one of the most powerful tools in a fiction writer’s arsenal. It’s also one of the least understood and most often mismanaged elements. In Internal Dialogue: A Busy Writer's Guide, you'll learn the difference between internal dialogue and narration, how to format internal dialogue, how to balance it with external action, how to use it to advance your story, and much more.
Ed Plunges In (Hard & Fast Erotic Quickies) by Luna Erotica Wilder Ed Plunges In (Hard & Fast Erotic Quickies) by July 02, 2015 $0.99 2217 words Sample 20%
Plumber Ed's wildest plumber dreams come true when he takes a job for sexy Nancy. M/F erotica quickie. 1,700 words.
Nick by Kathi S Barton Nick by July 02, 2015 $5.99 61146 words Sample 20%
Nick may not have wanted any attachments but he couldn’t ignore the beauty he’d rescued. But there were things he had to tell her…about all of them…about Steele Bennett’s group. He wasn’t sure how she fit into all this….
Three Love Bites by Jade Wynton Three Love Bites by July 02, 2015 $3.99 14521 words Sample 20%
'Three Love Bites' is a collection of three short stories with an erotic and romantic theme.
One Hundred Almost Hilarious Jokes by Ebenezer Jackson-Firefly One Hundred Almost Hilarious Jokes by July 02, 2015 $0.99 25261 words Sample 17%
A short compilation of jokes (100) in English. They appear in random order and are not grouped according to theme. Each one has been given a title and a number. A couple of jokes are funnier than the rest. Maybe.
Undercover in Diapers (ABDL Age Play) by Cindel Sabante Undercover in Diapers (ABDL Age Play) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 18490 words Sample 20%
When Emily gets chosen for a special undercover assignment, she has every right to worry. But when she finds out the assignment involves more than just crawling into bed with one of the Agency's most wanted, she doesn't know how to respond. Because the assignment isn't about short skirts and a ditzy attitude. It's about dressing up like a little girl and regressing for Gregory Vilichenko.
Shifter Impregnation 2 (The Bear Politician's Baby) by Wren Winter Shifter Impregnation 2 (The Bear Politician's Baby) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 22749 words Sample 20%
The werebear politician is back... and he brought a friend. Jessabelle is still in the woods. She's raising the cub that was given to her by one of the men. By one of the werebears. Now Fox has come back to claim her, to impregnate her once more. But when male egos flare, a fight breaks out that terrifies Jessabelle. Strangely, the testosterone and blood also turns her on. Who will win?
Divergence by Jeff E. Gregory Divergence by July 02, 2015 $2.99 68738 words Sample 10%
Jason Gregg is caught between two worlds after suffering a near-fatal experience he cannot explain. Experiencing repeated déjà vu, Jason is faced with a life-changing decision - making the wrong choice seals his fate, and that of the whole world.
Apartment 21: The Complete Collection by Josie Marks Apartment 21: The Complete Collection by July 02, 2015 $5.99 93938 words Sample 20%
Women call me a manwhore, then they call me for no strings sex. Men call me an asshole and a prick and wish they were me. I like to fuck, a lot, women who are adventurous, dirty, shameless but classy definitely with no expectations.
Betwixt Issue 8 by Betwixt Magazine Betwixt Issue 8 by July 02, 2015 $2.99 16330 words Sample 20%
Betwixt is a quarterly magazine of eclectic speculative fiction. The ebook edition of issue 8 collects all six stories originally published online. Issue 8 includes original fiction by Tom Dullemond, Kyle E. Miller, Frances Rowat, Iona Sharma, Stefan A. Slater, and Matthew A. Timmins.
Employee Satisfaction (Forbidden Older Man Taboo) by Briony Summers Employee Satisfaction (Forbidden Older Man Taboo) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 3862 words Sample 20%
Hanna is young and lucky to land a job at her dream company. There's only one problem - her boss is a sexy family friend who she's had a crush on for years. Work lunches and late nights at the office are bad enough with Hanna's fantasies running wild, but the situation reaches a dangerously sexy level when he comes over for dinner at her parents' house and both of their lusts are uncontrollable!
Taken Hard by His Gay Roommate (Hard & Fast Erotic Quickies) by Dominic Rod Taken Hard by His Gay Roommate (Hard & Fast Erotic Quickies) by July 02, 2015 $0.99 3759 words Sample 20%
Eric's gay roommate Jason has a tendency to wander the house in his underwear, to shower with the door open. Eric has been trying to ignore it for months, but he just can't anymore. He barges in while Jason is showering to make his displeasure known, but Jason knows what he really wants. M/M erotica short. 2.5k words.
In the Open Bundle (Exhibitionism Voyeurism Collection) by Briony Summers In the Open Bundle (Exhibitionism Voyeurism Collection) by July 02, 2015 $3.99 13355 words Sample 20%
This 3 story collection contains stories of women who don't mind putting on a little show. Take a bit of voyeuristic delight as these ladies enjoy sex in the open! This bundle includes 13,000+ words.
TGV: Her truth is a lie. His lie holds the truth. by Beth Ann Erickson TGV: Her truth is a lie. His lie holds the truth. by July 02, 2015 $3.99 91506 words Sample 20%
What begins as a dream vacation turns into a nightmare when Jennifer Thompson, an unwitting "blind mule" in a terrorist feud, and David McNally, a top level official in the largest terrorist organization in the world, must out maneuver not only the authorities, but his own organization in a deadly game of chess, battling for their lives and blossoming love.
Hotel Secrets by Michael Maaz Hotel Secrets by July 02, 2015 Free! 3383 words Read a sample
Victoria has the weight of the world on her shoulders as the breadwinner in her home. She is trying to pay the bills, feed her family and manage a hotel but the economy is not in her favor and she needs to get creative. A secret lover, devoted employees and a plan that changes who she thought she was is just the beginning of this seductive tale of one one woman who finds out what she is really mad
Crash and Burn by Maria Morisot Crash and Burn by July 02, 2015 Free! 1636 words Read a sample
I fell in love with my best friend, these are the poems that resulted before everything crashed and burned.
Billionaire Bundle (3 Story Collection) by Briony Summers Billionaire Bundle (3 Story Collection) by July 02, 2015 $3.99 19920 words Sample 20%
This 3 story contains stories about sexy, mysterious billionaires and the women of their desires. Whether they're romancing their lovers or exploring new kinks, these well-off and well-endowed men know just how to please a woman! This bundle contains 19,000+ words of sexy billionaire action!
Sex!Zombie by Celestia Dew Sex!Zombie by July 02, 2015 $0.99 3739 words Sample 20%
A mad scientist gets more than he bargained for in this outrageous horror erotica story. His special serum brings the dead back to life...and then some. But his docile sex slave quickly becomes aggressive. She wants more. 3,500 word short. 18+ erotica. Includes mind-control, violence, & Sex!Zombies.
The Sniper: A Short Story by Roger Weston The Sniper: A Short Story by July 02, 2015 Free! 1142 words Read a sample
A sniper and a spotter are poised to strike in the mountains of Columbia. They face an ethical dilemma, one that could cost Chuck Brandt his life.
Hooked (Billionaire, Roleplay, Bondage) by Briony Summers Hooked (Billionaire, Roleplay, Bondage) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 4788 words Sample 20%
After performing a show in full mermaid costume for a group of rich businessmen, a handsome billionaire approaches Kara with a unique proposition. Carson offers to pay her an extraordinary amount of money to act out a special fantasy of his. This private show involves her mermaid costume, a rope fishing net, and Carson's pool. And there's no way Kara is passing up a night with a kinky billionaire!
Operation Lumi’nor by Michael Juschke Operation Lumi’nor by July 02, 2015 $3.80 133251 words Sample 21%
Laura Hunter and her group of friends are swept into the middle of a galactic conflict and discover a plot to destroy Earth. Separated and stranded on worlds deep in space they must each fight for their lives to find a way home. Eventually Laura finds herself fighting another battle: one between her heart, her loyalties and her ambitions...
The Black Masquerade by Celestia Dew The Black Masquerade by July 02, 2015 $0.99 10705 words Sample 20%
You receive an invitation to the Black Masquerade—but now what? In this erotic version of the classic adventure novels where you decide what comes next. Are you going to choose the sensual vampire Claude? Or strong alpha werewolf Nathan? This is an 18+ paranormal erotic adventure. Pairings include MF, MMF, MM, and light FF. Contains mild bondage, BDSM, anal, oral, and more.
In His Keeping by Mary Vigliante Szydlowski In His Keeping by July 02, 2015 $2.99 100789 words Sample 15%
Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with reclusive writer Connor Hudson. He's a bestselling author and billionaire entrepreneur. Sparks fly when the demanding dom decides his feisty new employee needs taming. She eventually succumbs to his charms, but he's keeping secrets. The women in his past keep turning up dead. Is this dom capable of murder?
Penpals (Billionaire/BBW) by Briony Summers Penpals (Billionaire/BBW) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 5610 words Sample 20%
Liz has been exchanging naughty letters with a penpal for years. Each letter gets her hotter and hotter, but an offer from Ian to meet in his home country has her imagination going wild. When she arrives, she discovers Ian's big secret - he's a billionaire heir to a major company, and Liz isn't sure whether she should punch him for being secretive or rip the clothes right off his amazing body!
Angel in a Cage by Leigh Wilder Angel in a Cage by July 02, 2015 $0.99 7609 words Sample 20%
Raymond travels to Karstenhaven for one thing only--magic. He finds it in Pandora's auction house, where he buys an angel in a cage. But what does one do with a caged angel? The angel--Cassiel--is vague on the morality of owning an angel and equally vague in their own wants and desires. Cassiel calls Raymond 'Master', but can he really enslave a heavenly being. 7k words. fantasy intersex.
Heaven Sent by M. L. Chesley Heaven Sent by July 02, 2015 You set the price! 1408 words Sample 5%
When Oliver met Selune, he knew he would have to break some rules to be with her.
The Pack's New Omega (Paranormal Gay Werewolf Shifter Erotic Romance) by Abraham Steele The Pack's New Omega (Paranormal Gay Werewolf Shifter Erotic Romance) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 10229 words Sample 20%
Giselric is an alpha. He hasn't met his omega yet, but he trusts it will happen with time. If his pack thinks he's too bossy and selfish, that's their problem. Serkan is also an alpha. When betas from another pack approach him for help rebelling against their alpha, he's happy to get involved. But making Giselric accept his new status is going to take some rough, hard convincing...
Baseballers Downlow by Randall Eisenhorn Baseballers Downlow by July 02, 2015 $2.99 3620 words Sample 20%
It was the career move of a lifetime: Wayne is now a professional baseball player! It's a dream come true, with a catch -- he's hired by the Japanese pro league, not American. But his team has some ideas about sexuality. What starts with a simple circlejerk moves on from there, with one outrageous scene of masculine eroticism after another! Wayne had no idea professional baseball was this gay!
Linebackers Downlow by Randall Eisenhorn Linebackers Downlow by July 02, 2015 $2.99 5491 words Sample 20%
Most of the football players at GHU are classically sexy studs, beloved by women -- but Jason and the other linebackers are too beefy and hairy for that. They are straight macho studs left to satisfy each other on the downlow. This story starts with an outrageous circle of jerks and only gets more wild from there!
The ‘Well Kept Secret’ legend of Robin Hood by Frankie Lassut The ‘Well Kept Secret’ legend of Robin Hood by July 02, 2015 Free! 4636 words Read a sample
When a place depends on a person or an event to tempt the tourists to depart with the sheckles, it is handy to have a famous person or an event to tempt the tourists to part with the sheckles so the locals can survive Winter, have cars, holidays etc. A lot of places have to lie a lot to make up a good story. Is the story about Robin Hood true? Or is it made up? Who cares eh?
The Boys Next Door (MMF Menage) by Briony Summers The Boys Next Door (MMF Menage) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 4017 words Sample 20%
On her first night in Marie's new house, she's shocked to see her sexy and flirtatious neighbors, college boys Chance and Derek, having sex in front of their uncovered window. She can't help but watch the two men, and it quickly becomes apparent to her that this is a show just for her, as well as an invitation. There's no way she's turning down such a tempting offer from the hot boys next door!
Naked Words 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email by Gisela Hausmann Naked Words 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email by July 02, 2015 $4.95 15922 words Sample 20%
"NAKED WORDS 2.0: The Effective 157-Word Email" is the 2.0 edition of previously published "NAKED WORDS: The Effective 157-Word Email". With 23 new illustrative pictures/examples of the good and the not so good, as well as added action steps it is the most impressive and easy to follow book about how to improve marketing emails.
The Dark by David C. Cassidy The Dark by July 02, 2015 $5.99 167218 words Sample 20%
In denial over his father’s death, Kelan Lisk has grown withdrawn. A bullied child, his desire to tame a deadly sledding hill consumes him, drawing him inside a wondrous place where all is possible—including his father. But as this strange new realm spills into this one, twisting an innocent little boy into an agent of evil, the world is forever changed, devoured by an even greater evil—the Dark.
Moving Up (Forbidden Older Man Taboo) by Briony Summers Moving Up (Forbidden Older Man Taboo) by July 02, 2015 $2.99 4103 words Sample 20%
When her boyfriend's secrets are exposed, Anna is forced to break up with her cheating boyfriend. Sad and distraught, Anna turns to Ryan's father Mike, and soon a magnetic attraction forms between the two. Anna knows it's wrong, but her body craves the handsome older man. When Mike wants to show her just how a woman should be treated, there's no way Anna can resist a night with an experienced man!
Single Moms by Bill Etem Single Moms by July 02, 2015 Free! 33137 words Read a sample
`Single Moms' is the sequel to `Warrior Girls'. The former introduces the reader to a company of warrior women - Seraphinaria, Mirabrasantes et. al. - their names are, I suppose, inspired by Boudicaa, Queen of the Iceni, in Dark Age England. Al Mancini, a man from our universe, makes another appearance in the parallel universe inhabited by the single moms / warrior women and their kids.
One Stick and a Waco by J. M. Taylor One Stick and a Waco by July 02, 2015 $2.99 79676 words Sample 20%
One Stick and a Waco follows the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division who survived D-Day as they join the OSS and Dutch resistance to liberate Allied and Dutch prisoners and fight their way back to Allied lines.
Keeping My Step: A Taboo Erotic Short by Amy Ward Keeping My Step: A Taboo Erotic Short by July 02, 2015 $2.99 6147 words Sample 20%
When the woman who raised her passes away, wholesome, kindhearted Ava is left living with the man of the house. Both take the loss hard, withdrawing from most social engagements, but soon, her hunky housemate is preparing himself to jump back into dating world, and Ava decides to act her taboo crush before another woman steals him away!
Moon Trail by Deborah A. Allen Moon Trail by July 02, 2015 $6.99 39769 words Sample 20%
Betsy Gordon is living a great adventure. She just doesn't believe it. It's 1965 and ten-year-old Betsy is reluctant about her family's move to Florida. Her favorite stories are about pioneers. And pioneers certainly don't live under palm trees, sport pixie haircuts, wear orthopedic shoes, or have fathers who work at the Kennedy Space Center. Or do they?
Bimbo Stories: The Wedding by Quixerotic Bimbo Stories: The Wedding by July 02, 2015 $2.99 3950 words Sample 20%
Bossy Marion is a living terror at her daughter's wedding. She thinks Jacob isn't good enough for her daughter, but after a strange man replaces the minister, Marion finds out just how big of a man Jacob can be. Marion is in for quite the change of lifestyle as she learns that the real reason she didn't want her daughter to marry Jacob is because she wants all of him for herself.
Lying for a Living by Rick J. Pons Lying for a Living by July 02, 2015 $6.99 107394 words Sample 20%
New to Cancun, Rick J. Pons is lured into working for a Timeshare, there he learns to lie, cheat, trick and deceive, discovering how treacherous, and ungrateful the people involved in the Industry really are, since backstabbing and betrayal are part of the daily job.
A New Moon, A New Beginning by Buddy Green A New Moon, A New Beginning by July 02, 2015 $6.99 88300 words Sample 20%
When Ellen learns that her son is seeing a prostitute that her husband Matt introduced him to, she is determined to protect her son and destroy her husband and the prostitute. The results are something she never envisioned as innocent lives are destroyed and hers changed forever.
Living History: The step-by-step guide to creating dynamic historical simulations by Garron Lamoreau Living History: The step-by-step guide to creating dynamic historical simulations by July 02, 2015 $5.00 7479 words Sample 20%
Living History guides history teachers step-by-step through the process of creating dynamic, immersive simulations for the classroom.
Jockstrap Haunt 3 by Randall Eisenhorn Jockstrap Haunt 3 by July 02, 2015 $2.99 4207 words Sample 20%
The Jockstrap Haunt Trilogy is a best-selling alpha male worship gay erotic series starring an unnamed ghost who can only inhabit underwear. Indulging in his love for men's sweat and musk, the ghost also inspires the men around him into feats of sexual mania that will astound the fair-minded reader!
The Legacy of My Heroine by Sean Baker The Legacy of My Heroine by July 02, 2015 $6.99 49257 words Sample 20%
The Legacy of My Heroine begins September 16, 2001 three weeks into Sean's psychiatric care at Unit 4; a military style treatment facility for the sickest mentally ill children and teenagers in the state. This is Sean's second stay here.
The Maori Rugby Jock by Ethan Scarsdale The Maori Rugby Jock by July 02, 2015 $2.99 4568 words Sample 20%
When Kevin is hired on to join a new professional rugby league in America, he never expected what it would be like. His fellow New Zealander, Mala, has got some peculiar ideas of what heterosexual male friends should do with each other, and Kevin decides to go along to get along. Mala brings back a woman to share, but even that's not enough to ensure Kevin can avoid touching male flesh!
Bachelorette Bundle (MFM Menage, MMMMF Group, Cuckold) by Briony Summers Bachelorette Bundle (MFM Menage, MMMMF Group, Cuckold) by July 02, 2015 $3.99 11148 words Sample 20%
The Bachelorette series follows Sarah, who drunkenly admits her greatest fantasy to her fiance just weeks before their wedding day. Tim is more than willing to explore her kinks, and he surprises her by bringing his hot friends into the bedroom so that Sarah can experience pleasure unlike anything she's ever imagined before. This 10,000+ word anthology contains 3 steamy stories!
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Homosexual Rugby Team by Randall Eisenhorn Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Homosexual Rugby Team by July 02, 2015 You set the price! 16922 words Sample 20%
This outrageous update to the Sherlock and Watson canon features Doctor Watson accompanying the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes as he is hired to investigate the concerns of a rugby team owner. It seems his players are struck with an affliction, one that gives them a certain unquenchable carnal appetite! But this disease doesn't stop with the rugby jocks! You won't believe what comes next!
The New Trainer (Gay, Interracial, BBM) by D. Dancer The New Trainer (Gay, Interracial, BBM) by July 02, 2015 $0.99 10313 words Sample 20%
After years of staring at reports, Marcus had let his body go. He was overweight but had no will to actually work out. He even had a membership to the gym downstairs, but long hours and fast food made it hard to stir up the energy. At least until one night, when he needed a break, he started watching a movie in front of the treadmills and one of the personal trainers caught him.
Love and Lust Between Men Beneath the Kisbet by Phillip J. Handelson Love and Lust Between Men Beneath the Kisbet by July 02, 2015 $0.99 4314 words Sample 20%
Fahri and Demir are two young Turkish men who are deeply in love with each other. But their homeland doesn't accept the kind of passion they share, and so they stay hidden as long as they can. Both are local amateur oil wrestlers, giving them plenty of excuses to grapple each other, and scores of muscle-bound Turkish jocks, without attracting too much attention. At first...
Infested Skin 16 by Arla Coopa Infested Skin 16 by July 02, 2015 $0.99 1072 words Sample 10%
The men have arrived to fight. They outnumber Cassandra. But she has one advantage.