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"HOW TO DRESS FOR BUSINESS" (Original title The Business Dress code) “How to Build your Suit of Armour” by Oct. 17, 2017 Free! 16942 words Read a sample
Learn the secrets of choosing the right Professional Image, Dress code & Uniform for you and your business in the 21st century. From an author and entrepreneur with 18 years servicing public and private sector business wear accounts valued £30-£80k.
When Death Changes Life: The Danny Tompkins Short Stories by David Todd When Death Changes Life: The Danny Tompkins Short Stories by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.00 15922 words Sample 20%
The six Danny Tompkins short stories, dealing with teenage grief at the loss of a parent.
A Biblical View of Depression by Joseph Mulak A Biblical View of Depression by Oct. 17, 2017 Free! 4660 words Read a sample
A Biblical look at coping with depression.
Trouble on Chyne 2 (Troubleshooters 41) by Dr E J Yeaman Trouble on Chyne 2 (Troubleshooters 41) by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 13679 words Sample 20%
Who framed Csam for cheating in the vital exam on the planet Chyne 2? Another problem for Tony, young agent of the Galactic Federation.
The GARGANTUAN Book On team Building And Leadership Using Quotable Quotes by Roger Payne The GARGANTUAN Book On team Building And Leadership Using Quotable Quotes by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.00 113950 words Sample 20%
The Gargantuan Book Of Quotable Quotes On Team Building And Leadership is the ULTIMATE book on leadership skills, only it uses quotable quotes, over 3680 of them in 80 quote bites to teach you what you'd probably missed in other run of the mill leadership books. It is interesting, covers every aspect of team leadership, is simple to follow, and easy to read.
The Mail Order Bride by Charlie Wish The Mail Order Bride by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.99 39187 words Sample 20%
The story of a middle aged man 
and a teenage girls love. (The Norths Series. All 5 books in one) Steve North, aged 52, is persuaded by his best mate to try a exclusive and very expensive mail order bride company. Despite Steve's reservations things progress at a surprising pace and he suddenly finds himself married to the girl of his dreams, 18 years old with the perfect body.
XXX Shamus by Red Hammond XXX Shamus by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.99 77701 words Sample 15%
XXX SHAMUS by Anthony Neil Smith writing as Red Hammond. “The most transgressive PI novel ever written. It’s also one of the best.” —Allan Guthrie
Memories Of 1918. by Kerry Butters Memories Of 1918. by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 7466 words Sample 6%
Memories of 1918 by Kerry Butters is a reference Book from that year, included in it are things in the News, Famous Births and Deaths etc. Great for birthday presents. Look out for other years in the series or maybe buy your own birth year. Look out for other years in the series by the same Author. 1918 - Present. Ideal for Birthdays, Anniversaries Etc.
Milked For a Bet : Daddy’s Cream 6 by Millie King Milked For a Bet : Daddy’s Cream 6 by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 6536 words Sample 20%
Watching TV can teach you the craziest things. Today Daddy’s watching a program about induced lactation of all things. I can’t believe it’s real! When I call bullshit Daddy throws down a bet: try it on me and if it works, he can do whatever he wants. I’m taken aback but determined to prove him wrong … and kind of hoping he’s right too! Read how he milks my big tits and has his way with me.
Psychosomatic by Anthony Neil Smith Psychosomatic by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.99 78785 words Sample 15%
PSYCHOSOMATIC is the debut novel from Anthony Neil Smith and it is a noir nightmare that asks how much is too much in a relationship, and what is the cost of leaving?
Save the Planet: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by My Ebook Publishing House Save the Planet: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by Oct. 17, 2017 $3.99 8154 words Sample 20%
You аlwауѕ hеаr thе mоttо "reduce, rеuѕе, rесусlе!" but dо you really knоw whаt it mеаnѕ? Sо mаnу thingѕ саn influеnсе hоw, why, when, оr whеrе you rесусlе, inсluding where уоu livе and how уоu livе, whеrе you work and how уоu work, аnd much mоrе. Yоu ѕhоuld knоw thе рrореr elements оf rеduсing your resource consumption, rеuѕing what уоu саn, аnd recycling products.
Il Mistero di Perry Lake II by Enrique Laso Il Mistero di Perry Lake II by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 56497 words Sample 15%
Miss Lucy's Ghost by Jimmy Beard Miss Lucy's Ghost by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 85186 words
Can an angel work through a teen boy to help a detective solve kidnappings and murders? Can she keep Jamey safe from the cornered murders wrath? Will justice ever prevail in a small southern town. Jamey and detective Grady Pruunes seem helpless at times. There's a witch and ghost and an angel. And, oh yes, THERE'S KARMA!
Falling for My Bully: A Transgender Tale by Amanda Mann Falling for My Bully: A Transgender Tale by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 9145 words Sample 20%
Years ago, Brett was my best friend until he became my bully. But that was all behind me. I had moved to the city and carved out a whole new life as Sasha. And then Brett showed up and didn't recognize me, I went with it and fell head over heels with the new, improved version of him. To my delight, he asked me out! So many feelings, good and bad, but only one question: Should I? It was tempting...
The Strange And Curious Case Of Emily Miller (Capacity Girl/Ivy Mistress Origin Story #2) by Jon-Paul Smith The Strange And Curious Case Of Emily Miller (Capacity Girl/Ivy Mistress Origin Story #2) by Oct. 17, 2017 $1.99 12241 words Sample 20%
Emily Miller is a girl with powers, special powers, the power to move objects with her mind. And the whole world knows about them. Well, at least now it does. Because everyone in the house is dead, she has no memory of what happened and the cops don't believe a word she says.
Dark Desires 12: Nun In Heat by Daisy Rose Dark Desires 12: Nun In Heat by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 12899 words Sample 10%
Adopted and raised by the local church, it's no surprise that Lacey's growing up to be a God-fearing, law-abiding, goody two-shoes. Her practice of abstinence is well-known throughout her school, but behind closed doors, it's a different story altogether.
This Parachute is a Knapsack by Jesse Goros This Parachute is a Knapsack by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 58126 words Sample 15%
A novel in 8 parts and 2 cities.
The Red Amulet, Book 1: The Crystalline Kingdom by Mark Mulle The Red Amulet, Book 1: The Crystalline Kingdom by Oct. 17, 2017 Free! 11115 words Read a sample
When Jasmine's distant aunt, Selena, passes away and leaves her an amulet, she doesn’t think much of it. But it all begins to change when the amulet gives her a vision of a distant land. Soon she finds herself hunted by creatures that shouldn’t exist and discovering a world that shouldn’t be possible. Magic and a new world lie in wait.
The Revolution by George Kavsekhornak The Revolution by Oct. 17, 2017 Free! 3764 words Read a sample
..."In that time and during all previous periods of a civilization," the lecturer continued. "The mankind was vicious, greedy and always there was a question 'If there are controllers who control something who will control them?'...
Junkyard Queen (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book 12) by Trina M. Lee Junkyard Queen (Alexa O'Brien Huntress Book 12) by Oct. 17, 2017 $4.99 84264 words Sample 10%
With her hands full it’s tough for Alexa to moderate Willow’s continuous descent into darkness. A demon unobserved quickly takes advantage of going unnoticed. However, he’s not the only one. Change is coming for many. The queen of the city will have to stop being so reluctant to reign. Because if she doesn’t, someone else will. And that won’t end well for anybody.
Shine by William Bernhardt Shine by Oct. 17, 2017 $3.99 110260 words Sample 20%
Aura was only trying to use her healing powers to help a small child. But when she Shined, something went horribly wrong--and Seattle was destroyed. In the aftermath of this disaster, the government institutionalizes these girl with special abilities in "rehabilitative treatment centers." But when she tumbles onto the horrible secret--she realizes how great the danger to Shines and the world is.
Ophannim Eye by Jesse Steele Ophannim Eye by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 87554 words Sample 20%
Before the Beginning, there were the Ophannim. They saw the creation of Creation. They saw the choices and tears of Angels and Men before either came into being. Through time, the Angels awoke, some rebelled, and then came Man. Through 10,000 years, Angel struggled against Angel behind the scenes as Mankind came to know why things happened as they were meant from the Beginning.
The Monster Of Selkirk Book II:  The Heart Of The Forest by C.E. Clayton The Monster Of Selkirk Book II: The Heart Of The Forest by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 89226 words
Coming face to face with her foe, Tallis discovers all too late she has no idea how to deal with this level of pain and death. One way or another, the monster’s path ends here, and all Tallis can hope to do is bring those she loves safely out of the heart of the forest.
Bad Friends by Red L. Jameson Bad Friends by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 90673 words
A friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance that will melt your heart.
Off The Wall by Logan Hendricks Off The Wall by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 36372 words Sample 10%
On the night of the Winter Festival Fundraiser, Mrs. Bunny Harrowdale is found dead on the beach. Harrowdale's son and daughter are suspects one and two. A nephew from out-of-town—number three. When TJ begins his investigation, he has no reason to believe in ghosts, but all evidence points to the contrary. Mallory can speak to the dead, but Bunny's late husband isn't talking.
The Case Against the Establishment by Nick Adams, Dave Erickson, & Pete Hegseth The Case Against the Establishment by ,
& Oct. 17, 2017
$7.99 35815 words
In this often irreverent commentary, Nick Adams and Dave Erickson make an irrefutable case that the Establishment is the enemy of the people.
The Maker of Entropy by John Triptych The Maker of Entropy by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 113552 words
The third book of the Dying World series reaches a stunning climax as the planet’s hidden secrets are finally revealed. Miri, Rion, and Zeren face off against the Maker, a living god of unimaginable power.
Three Different Ways to Outline and Structure Your Story by Kylie Day Three Different Ways to Outline and Structure Your Story by Oct. 17, 2017 $1.99 5364 words
This book will show you how to use one of three story structures to outline, structure, or evaluate your story, whether you’re at the very beginning or have finished your first draft.
Sleeper, Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 3 by Lexi Blake Sleeper, Hunter: A Thieves Series, Book 3 by Oct. 17, 2017 $4.99 124547 words Sample 20%
When Neil’s past catches up to him, Kelsey must choose between her new family and an old love…
Scarlett Underground by Chelsea Whitlock Scarlett Underground by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 88443 words Sample 20%
When dominating her sorority just wasn't enough...
Evangeline's Ghost: Houdini by C. A. Pack Evangeline's Ghost: Houdini by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 40770 words Sample 20%
A ghost is assigned to help a teen find her father—an inventor—who disappeared while demonstrating an illusion to magician Harry Houdini.
Scrivere, Pubblicare, Promuovere il proprio Best Seller by Alessandro Giacchino Scrivere, Pubblicare, Promuovere il proprio Best Seller by Oct. 17, 2017 $6.99 73518 words Sample 1%
Diventa Scritteditore: con il self-publishing vivi libero, felice, padrone del tuo tempo Tutti sognano, pochi fanno sognare. Scrivere, pubblicare, promuovere i propri libri è un sogno e fa sognare. Ed è anche molto gratificante e redditizio! Questa è la guida completa per trasformare i propri sogni in realtà che fanno sognare...
The General's Desire by Tess Summers The General's Desire by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 89913 words Sample 19%
When it comes to Ron Thompson– his career, the Marines under his command, his women – he’s in charge. Period. The sooner Brenna Roberts realizes that, the better.
Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack by Siobhan Muir Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack by Oct. 17, 2017 $4.99 102453 words Sample 10%
Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one. She’s been nominated as a candidate for the next Alpha female—and Jeff’s mate. All she has to do is pass the Seven Tests of the Luna. Jeff Lightfoot wants no one else, but pack politics trump Mother Nature, and he’ll have to go rogue to choose Julianna if she doesn’t pass. But someone’s determined to make her fail the tests.
Ghost Stories: A Zimbell House Anthology by Zimbell House Publishing Ghost Stories: A Zimbell House Anthology by Oct. 17, 2017 $4.99 174581 words Sample 20%
Ghost Stories features twenty-four short tales by twenty-three new international writers that are sure to make you laugh, cry, and send tingles down your spine. This anthology has something for everyone that entertains the idea that ghosts have unfinished business with the living.
Frost-Bitten by Lori King Frost-Bitten by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 19659 words Sample 20%
Dr. Quinn Jameson has secured his future by immersing himself in his career, but no amount of money in the world can ease his loneliness. Polar bear shifters aren’t pack creatures, but his soul craves more out of life. When a feisty, female tiger shifter begs him for help, he’s unable to resist and finds himself embroiled in a dangerous situation.
Gay Incest Erotica Bundle by Sky Boss Gay Incest Erotica Bundle by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.99 18434 words Sample 15%
In this horny 17,000+ word gay incest erotica bundle, horny sons get dominated, seduced, used, abused and loved by their hunky fathers, boyfriends and grandfathers.
Gifts of the Rain Puddle: Poems, Meditations and Reflections for the Mindful Soul by Beth Kurland Gifts of the Rain Puddle: Poems, Meditations and Reflections for the Mindful Soul by Oct. 17, 2017 $7.95 10484 words Sample 10%
Awaken to what is most important in your life and be present to the precious, unfolding moments through poems, meditations, and reflections. Gifts of the Rain Puddle will inspire you to experience the fullness of your life-to celebrate the ordinary joys and to be present to what is difficult, with compassion and openness.
Tag Team by Bianca D'Arc Tag Team by Oct. 17, 2017 $2.99 12377 words Sample 10%
Peter and Mike are back from their latest overseas mission and this time, nothing will stop them from claiming the woman they love. Lilly isn't too sure about their motives, but when both of her dream guys put the move on her, she's powerless to resist one of her dearest fantasies coming true. But can it last long term? Dare she take a chance and find out?
Operation Salazar by Dan Lawton Operation Salazar by Oct. 17, 2017 $0.99 105990 words Sample 15%
Marco Salazar thought it was supposed to be a routine home invasion. Except, as he learned, there’s no such thing. With the help of his longtime friend and his pizzeria-owning uncle, Marco’s journey for righteousness for his falsely imprisoned father leads the trio through the suburbs of Boston. But they get more than they bargain for when they uncover secrets that reveal a criminal conspiracy.
Bad Decisions by Jocelyn Adler Bad Decisions by Oct. 17, 2017 $3.99 126921 words
Tabitha Wells is spinning her wheels - stuck between her past as a stripper and her future as a lawyer. Between bills and more bills. She doesn't have time for dating - let alone for dating a couple! Jason and Nate are serious about each other... they couldn't be serious about her, too? Not seriously serious... right?
Mastema's Obsession by Ravenna Tate Mastema's Obsession by Oct. 17, 2017 $3.99 35038 words Sample 10%
Kayla Romanowski is having trouble adjusting to life as a dancer in Scotty’s Place, the posh strip club that the Demons on Wheels MC owns and operates. She hadn’t really expected to be assigned domestic duties, even though it was a clear expectation when she was hired As a result, her days involve resentment and dubious glances from the other women.
Peters Road by John Jennett, Jr Peters Road by Oct. 17, 2017 $4.00 11851 words Sample 10%
During the time of 1943 a place began to take shape, deep within a haunted forest the idea of darkness began to make its name known in a mental hospital called Peter Road..
Play Dead by Gemma Halliday Play Dead by Oct. 17, 2017 $5.99 76326 words Sample 20%
Anya Danielovich faked her death to escape life in a war torn country. But years later her enemies have tracked her down... Nick Dade is a hired gunman whose ready to pull the trigger on his latest target. That is until someone else beats him to the punch. With his agenda shattered, Dade is suddenly thrown together with the woman he’s been sent to eliminate. Who is she really? And who can he trust
Still Life by Sean Gleason Still Life by Oct. 17, 2017 $9.99 84025 words Sample 14%
When Louisa tries to break up her sister's marriage, for the sake of sparing her sibling the heartache she well knows, she unleashes the wrath of a master con artist who will seek revenge by destroying her business and turning her clients against her. She will end up with nothing if she cannot expose her brother-in-law's crimes.
Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen Marked Beauty by Oct. 17, 2017 $3.99 84119 words Sample 20%
Anastasia Tate can feel the emotions of others through their life energy auras. Viktor Castle is tasked with protecting humanity yet cursed by an ancient evil to destroy it. After Viktor saves Ana’s life, her abilities grow stronger. She senses Viktor has answers to lifelong questions, but he ruthlessly avoids her. They must find a middle ground and work together to save their lives and souls.
This Is Our Life! by Max Swan This Is Our Life! by Oct. 16, 2017 $3.99 19048 words Sample 10%
Two frustrated wives collude with another couple in their apartment building to turn their pathetic husbands into sissy cuckolds.
Gravewalkers: Marigold Cemetery by Richard T. Schrader Gravewalkers: Marigold Cemetery by Oct. 16, 2017 $2.99 122844 words Sample 20%
A Robert Heinlein style science fiction adventure loaded with social, political, and moral commentary, Gravewalkers follows Critias and Carmen on their request to restore the Earth and humanity from an extinction level apocalypse. After an infectious nightmare turned humanity into ghoulish monsters, the few remaining groups of humans manage to survive.
Insatiable Nympho Wives by Devin Brees Insatiable Nympho Wives by Oct. 16, 2017 $2.99 10132 words Sample 15%
These wives are willing to try anything in order to satisfy their abundant desires. Whether it's taking a thick hard man or enjoying the softness of another woman, nothing is out of bounds, and they do it all within sight of their loyal husbands.
Seeing the Nature of the World by Upul Nishantha Gamage Seeing the Nature of the World by Oct. 16, 2017 Free! 6353 words Read a sample
Regardless of when and where humans lived, they suffered the most mentally, because a human mind can create suffering limitlessly. Physical suffering such as hunger and thirst has limits. However, suffering created by the mind has no limits. No other being has the ability to create problems in the mind like a human being. Such creativity in the human mind is used for creating problems.