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Дегунинские байки-2 by Колбенев Александр Дегунинские байки-2 by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.00 7233 words
Видимо, это моя последняя книга. Поскольку, я не вижу никакой коммерческой перспективы продолжать издавать книги без намёка на прибыль! Люди читают мои книги бесплатно, но с большим удовольствием. Наверное, это как-то связано с экономическим положением в стране, либо с воспитанием российских граждан (любят очень халяву).
Some Things Are Ok by MES Some Things Are Ok by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 22159 words Read a sample
A meditation on life choices. Our protagonist changes setting, community, and occupation and must ultimately decide what best fits their values. Also...brains.
Время Донкихотства by Maximiva Natali Время Донкихотства by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 10126 words Read a sample
Обняв Марию за плечи, Валентин нежно поцеловал её в солёные от слёз губы. Девушка резко отстранилась. Вырвавшись из державших её рук, она скрылась в ночной тьме. Парень усмехнулся: — Ну, хотя бы на это я имел право? — с вызовом бросил он в яркое небо. Только Валентин даже не догадывался, что был безмолвный свидетель этой короткой сцены. Стараясь не дышать, Катя стояла чуть в стороне.
T. F. Torrance in Plain English by Stephen D Morrison T. F. Torrance in Plain English by Dec. 14, 2017 $9.99 68697 words
The second book in Stephen D. Morrison’s Plain English Series, "T. F. Torrance in Plain English" offers a clear and concise overview of Torrance’s scientific and evangelical theology. Written as an introduction to his complex thought, this book examines nine major ideas selected from Torrance’s many volumes and essays.
My Highlander by Terry Spear My Highlander by Dec. 14, 2017 $4.99 72540 words
Quinn’s mission is to steal a woman from a clan and escort her to his brother, Cormac, the chief of their clan, so he can marry her. But Quinn’s brother has tried to have him murdered before, and Quinn suspects Cormac is hoping the woman’s clan kills him this time, if the mercenaries they sent with him don’t do the deed first.
Elfhame by Anthea Sharp Elfhame by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 46100 words
From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a richly-imagined fantasy romance uniting an adventurous young woman and a fearsome Dark Elf warrior, in a magical tale reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. Suitable for readers 12 and up. No explicit content.
Mommy May I by Dustin Chase Mommy May I by Dec. 14, 2017 You set the price! 5206 words Sample 10%
A bad week had come to an end for Sandy Kirby. She was home now and sipping Scotch in her kitchen. The divorce was finalized and she and her son Donnie would keep the house. There was a lot on her mind and she desperately wanted to be loved. A car pulled into the drive next to hers, it was Donnie and he walked in with flowers.
Emergency Deep by Michael DiMercurio Emergency Deep by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 150240 words
U.S. Navy submarine commander Peter Vornado is at the top of his game in underwater warfare when a devastating illness takes him out of the service—and almost to the grave. Without duty, honor, or something to fight for, his life is as good as over. But the CIA needs a man like Vornado…
Broken by his 12 inch black dick!!! by Baby Angie Broken by his 12 inch black dick!!! by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 5932 words Sample 10%
A petite and fertile hooker hooks up with a gigantic Black stud who has the biggest 'thang' around. She took one look at it and she knew that it wasn't going to fit!!!
Company Girl: Dream Job by Mr. Silence Company Girl: Dream Job by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 18674 words Sample 20%
A chance encounter leads to Anastasia's dream job. She'll get to spend her days as personal assistant to the VP, Mr. Roscoe, learning the ins and outs of the fast-paced business world, but her nights, well, there's the catch - at night she'll be in client services - escorting and entertaining high rollers with her hot athletic body.
21-DAYS TO HEALTHY HEART HABITS by Jason Alex 21-DAYS TO HEALTHY HEART HABITS by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 7360 words Read a sample
Heart health should be important for obvious reasons, but many people focus so much on cancer prevention, that they forget heart disease is the #1 killer worldwide of both men and women.
Jody's Tail: An Elderly Dog's End-of-Life Story by Markie Madden Jody's Tail: An Elderly Dog's End-of-Life Story by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 5431 words
The life of a dog isn't always a fairy "tail". Join Jody, an aging Golden Retriever, as she tells the world about the tragedy that suddenly struck her idyllic life. Rejoice and mourn with her as she celebrates the friends she found, and lost, along the way.
Hobo by Henry P. Gravelle Hobo by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 20150 words
A rogue vampire takes siege of the midnight express.
Orna-MENTAL by Kris Kreme Orna-MENTAL by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 6077 words Sample 20%
Shopping for decorations, Travis takes the woman he has been dating and her daughter to the thrift store to save money for more important holiday expenses. Can anything stop the insanity this Christmas, or is everything around one fancy house going to be quite Orna-MENTAL?
Stress Less. Love Life More: How to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, Eliminate Negative Thinking and Find Happiness by Mollie Mathews Stress Less. Love Life More: How to Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, Eliminate Negative Thinking and Find Happiness by Dec. 14, 2017 $6.99 40228 words
This book explores the effects of stress on the body and mind and offers practical solutions to achieving the right balance in our life. It explores ways to master effective stress management, as well as providing quick-fix stress relievers and ongoing therapies such as yoga, massage, nutrition, and meditation.
Designing and Building Space Colonies by Martin Ettington Designing and Building Space Colonies by Dec. 14, 2017 $9.99 38892 words Sample 5%
One of the greatest adventures in the future of humanity will be to construct, work, and live in space based structures.In this book we look at the history of ideas for living in space, proposed space colony designs, and technology.The details of current life support technology on the International Space Station is reviewed, and what technologies will be required for development of large scale
Best ranked hospitals for Neck & Head Cancer Surgery in India-Manipal International Patient Care by deeksha kaur, Jr Best ranked hospitals for Neck & Head Cancer Surgery in India-Manipal International Patient Care by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 132 words Read a sample
We are the best Cancer Treatments hospitals that cares for patient centric and very low cost cancer treatments providers in india
Mr. street Money by socrates mora, Sr Mr. street Money by Dec. 14, 2017 $9.99 95040 words Sample 5%
Este libro exterioriza el conocimiento que a diario se distribuye en universidades e instituciones de naturaleza financiera a través de su espejo en la economía común, esa economía del pulpero, de la casa de empeño, las finanzas del apostador, las finanzas del día a día.
Arnhem Land's Children by Graham Wilson Arnhem Land's Children by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 142537 words Read a sample
It was hot, sudden stillness was in the late afternoon air. The waterhole's surface shone with unnatural smoothness. Pig tracks at it's edge told of pigs just gone. Bubbles popped up, spreading ripples, fracturing tree and sky reflections; decaying vegetation, said my mind. I should have known better, I should have smelt crocodile!! What is it about the Northern Territory that fascinates us all?
Naughty House Call by Serena Biggs Naughty House Call by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 6426 words Sample 15%
Candace's sex life is heating up when her husband arranges for a doctor to make a house call. The "exam" isn't your typical physical and Candace is perfectly happy about that. Not only is he hot but she's had a little crush on him since they first met. The trick will be keeping the enthusiasm at a level acceptable to her husband so he doesn't stop her and the doctor before Candace is ready.
Barbarian Blood Royal by Toni V Sweeney Barbarian Blood Royal by Dec. 14, 2017 $5.99 76912 words Sample 5%
Following their parents’ deaths during the Genocide Wars, the five sons of Riven kan Ingan escape the margrave’s injustice by going their separate ways.
Instante by Pedro Moreira Nt Instante by Dec. 14, 2017 $1.99 26822 words Sample 20%
Instante - contos de sensações. O conjunto textual provoca a percepção de situações diversas e variadas sobre temas absolutos, os que se bastam. São instantes. Cada um dos contos possuem o mesmo nome e se contrariam. Integram-se quando o momento que se dispersa em sentidos se determinam no instante. pmnt
12 Stories Of Christmas by A.A Wray 12 Stories Of Christmas by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 8122 words Read a sample
12 short stories to warm you up for Christmas. Perhaps to help you remember why you loved the holiday, or maybe to give you a new sense of hope for it. These 12 stories are sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes heartwarming, but always written with love.
Sissy Slut Sweet Surprise by Ursula von Strict Sissy Slut Sweet Surprise by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 6681 words Sample 15%
When Terrance Pegg’s best friend shows up with a bag full of female clothing, insisting he dress up, the truth is out and so is sissy slut Terry! After a sweet first time, Brophy takes his special lady to the frat house for a dream gangbang, but when Brophy’s alpha male tendencies take over, things take a turn no one expected.
Lilly V by Tiya Rayne Lilly V by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 77743 words Read a sample
The Finale to the Epic Story... The time has come. Two sides fight for one realm. A decision must be made, and Lilly is the only one that can make it. Who will she choose? This is the CONCLUSION to the Lilly series. It is approximately 77,000 words. This book contains sex and strong language and is not recommended for readers under 18.
Shadow of the Knight by Matt Heppe Shadow of the Knight by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.49 149028 words Sample 20%
Enna, daughter of Prince Morin and Hadde of Landomere, is forced to emerge from hiding when powerful undead ravage her home. Orlos, the young spiridus, is tormented by dreams of the massacre of his race. His discovery of a mysterious tomb pulls him into a plot to overthrow a queen. Telea, a Belenese healer, brings tidings of great danger to Salador. The fate of the world balances on her words.
Harem Delights (The Battered Lamp 19) by Reed James Harem Delights (The Battered Lamp 19) by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 8975 words Sample 20%
Kyle finds comfort with his harem! Harem Passion is a 6900 word Genie, supernatural, harem, incest, brother/sister, older woman/younger man, anal, oral, menage, group fun, cheerleader erotica! This exciting, sultry tale is not for the faint at heart!
Aliens from the Sky - Invasion by C.O. Amal Aliens from the Sky - Invasion by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 17190 words Sample 20%
One day, when we were least expecting, they came from the sky, taking everyone in. When we made a stand with all the weapons we have, they started to nuke everything. And then, everything began to end… The gripping novella about alien invasion.
Fernik by Alexis Saints Fernik by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.50 110201 words Sample 14%
C'era tutto. In qualche modo, vedere quelle informazioni là, scritte ed inespugnabili, le fece tornare l'ossigeno nei polmoni. Sarebbe impazzita cercando di sbrogliare quella matassa, eppue lei non aveva la pretesa di capire. Prese un respiro profondo, reclinando la testa all'indietro, gli occhi chiusi. Immediatamente, la stessa parola parve proiettarsi sulle sue palpebre chiuse. Jerycho.
The Waste-Wise Gardener: Tips and Techniques to Save Time, Money, and Natural Resources While Creating the Garden of Your Dreams by Jean B. MacLeod The Waste-Wise Gardener: Tips and Techniques to Save Time, Money, and Natural Resources While Creating the Garden of Your Dreams by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 44719 words Sample 30%
A garden is a labor of love, but that doesn’t mean it must always be labor intensive. Discover how to save time and money while creating an organic, sustainable garden.
The Year of Drinking Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls by Guy Crittenden The Year of Drinking Magic: Twelve Ceremonies with the Vine of Souls by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 75715 words
"As humanity searches for a way forward out of the cycle of endless problems solving on the level of the egoic mind, this book sows an example if another way of being: unplugging from the consensus matrix to journey through one's own interior layers ad shadowy pathways that lead toward the heart." -- Dan Schmidt
Solfire (Fire Crystal Legacy Book 2) by Chris Barnhart Solfire (Fire Crystal Legacy Book 2) by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 32595 words Sample 20%
Book 2 of the Fire Crystal Legacy series finds Triya and her companions in the dead world of Elcomhara trying to stop Lord Toloban's poison from killing everything and everyone in their home land of Toor.
Chewing the Daily Cud, Volume 4 by Rodney Boyd Chewing the Daily Cud, Volume 4 by Dec. 14, 2017 $5.99 61148 words Sample 20%
Join Bible teacher Rodney Boyd for a daily dose of his trademark humor and insight as he shares this Fourth Volume of daily devotions. You’ll find peace, encouragement and joy when you start your day focused on the Word of God.
El Caballero De La Armadura Oxidada (The Knight In Rusty Armor) - Resumen Del Libro De Dr. Robert Fisher by Sapiens Editorial El Caballero De La Armadura Oxidada (The Knight In Rusty Armor) - Resumen Del Libro De Dr. Robert Fisher by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 3765 words Sample 20%
La obra relata la historia de un Caballero un tanto egocéntrico, que vive su vida en función de las apariencias. Realiza hazañas con el objetivo de conseguir alabanzas y aplausos, pero no por convicción de que con ellas hace el bien. Es una excelente alegoría que nos enseña la importancia de vivir desde el interior, sin armaduras que solo son corazas y apariencia.
The Mirror of Worlds by Nicholas Sweeney The Mirror of Worlds by Dec. 14, 2017 You set the price! 115338 words Sample 20%
A band of mercenaries led by an outcast dwarf face betrayal and battle along the mountainous border between two warring nations. They must stay alive long enough to solve the riddle of why and how dragons have begun reappearing in the Oreth.
Fucking Emma: Say My Name Daddy 1 by Penelope Liksit Fucking Emma: Say My Name Daddy 1 by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 1639 words Sample 10%
I did not just want fatherly love and affection, I wanted fatherly lust and affection. Yes, I knew that the words ‘fatherly’ and ‘lust’ should not belong in the same sentence but I did not want him just telling me he loved me as his little girl. I wanted something else. I wanted to hear the words ‘I’m going to fuck you hard Emma’ come right out of daddy’s mouth.
Fucking Olivia: Say My Name Daddy 2 by Penelope Liksit Fucking Olivia: Say My Name Daddy 2 by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 1645 words Sample 10%
Daddy only has six months left and tells me that having sex with me and making me pregnant is on his bucket list. "I want to fuck you Olivia", he says. Hearing him say my name in that way is the hottest thing I have ever heard.
Banging Brutus by Nikki Blackmore Banging Brutus by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 3099 words Sample 10%
Dennis and I had always been adventurous when it came to sex. But one night we decided to venture into taboo territory. Searching, we found sites that had videos of women with dogs. Since we had a dog, we decided to watch a few. I have to admit that I was quite turned on by that I saw. I never told Dennis, but I would imagine my wet crotch told him all he needed to know.
Marijuana Stock  Investing in Marijuana Stocks for Passive Income by Stimulife Health Marijuana Stock Investing in Marijuana Stocks for Passive Income by Dec. 14, 2017 $4.99 10267 words Sample 15%
I won’t lead you on a long-winded answer for what the trend is for investing in cannabis stocks. The trend for Investing in Cannabis Stocks is to Invest Only In Cannabis Companies that are Licensed by the State (e.g., California) or by the Government (e.g., Canada) for Recreational Use. Preferably cannabis companies that are listed on government websites as being licensed by the government...
Three In One by Erin Miller Three In One by Dec. 14, 2017 $5.00 16956 words Sample 20%
Three in One is a selection of the best poems from The Midnight Dance, The Tides of Change, and From Things of Old to Days of New. Come with Erin Miller on her journey through life, filled with torture, wonder, love, heartbreak, sorrow, and more. Cover art by Giuseppe Guarino
Virtual Trip To Japan by Martin Goldsworthy Virtual Trip To Japan by Dec. 14, 2017 $4.00 2951 words Sample 20%
This ebook is your ticket for a Virtual Trip to Japan. It is about Japan and the Japanese, and not just their museums and temples. The links for each topic are to videos published in English in the internet. It is a cheap, satisfying and ecologically responsible way to get to know Japan and the Japanese.
Night Special: 5 Erotica Stories Bundle by Javin Strome Night Special: 5 Erotica Stories Bundle by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 21900 words
Night Special: A Collection of 5 Erotica Stories for Full Entertainment. Stories: 1. Knowing His Neighbor 2. The Girl with No Name 3. The Interview 4. Winning Her Back 5. Frenemies Mature Adults Only (18+)
MILF Next Door by Izzy Slam MILF Next Door by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 9170 words Sample 20%
I’ve just finished up my sophomore year in college and need to find a job for the summer. When my new neighbor who’s much older stops by to borrow some soap, I can hardly peel my eyes away from her hot body, delicious curves, and huge jugs. But she would never want someone young and inexperienced like me ... would she?
Tree Trilogy by Sherry Wyne Tree Trilogy by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.33 12249 words
Tree Trilogy is about God's love for trees and how He compares them to mankind. The first section is about the blind man of Bethsaida who saw men as trees walking, the second section deals with the Olive tree and its fascinating comparisons to Jesus and lastly, about a fallen tree that God used in a metaphor to free me from an eighteen year destructive relationship.
Hag in the Water by Barbara Hambly Hag in the Water by Dec. 14, 2017 $4.99 15031 words Sample 20%
A novelette of 15,000 words, sequel to Hambly's Dragonsbane (Winterlands) series. A murder among the gnomes leads the gnome mages to call on human witch Jenny Waynest for help, but unfortunately, she's away. Her non-wizard partner, Dragonsbane John Aversin, steps in to help solve the crime.
Karate Masters vs the Invaders From Outer Space by Barbara Hambly Karate Masters vs the Invaders From Outer Space by Dec. 14, 2017 $4.99 13908 words Sample 20%
A novelette of 13,000 words in the Antryg Windrose series. Exiled wizard Antryg Windrose and his computer tech partner Joanna lend a hand making a low-budget martial-arts movie - with unexpected results.
Nymphette Daughter by Boruma Publishing, LLC Nymphette Daughter by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 35997 words Sample 20%
A lesbian named Julie was ready to experiment with heterosexual love. Against all odds, she became pregnant. The noble Henry proposed marriage and she accepted. The birth of the baby brought them joy and they bonded as a family. Rosalinda grew to be smart, talented, and lovely. She held onto her virginity until her late teens but her beauty and charm led her into a robust love life.
The Stories a Monster Can Tell by Albert Oon The Stories a Monster Can Tell by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 10484 words Read a sample
In this book filled with allegory, the author, Albert Oon, uses a diary entry written by a killer, a paragraph story, a full short story, and more to show the thoughts behind his stories. Each part is dedicated to certain aspects of his stories that should give people that are interested in stories and storytelling an interesting read.
Plays Well With Others: 5 Swinger Erotica Stories by Ava Sterling Plays Well With Others: 5 Swinger Erotica Stories by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 20500 words Sample 15%
Feeling daring tonight? This collection of swinger erotica short stories has all the excitement you need. Enjoy these 5 stories all about husbands giving away their wives and wives sharing their husbands. The wedding rings are coming off and these characters are going to have some extramarital fun. You receive 2 FREE erotica stories in this bundle. 5 for the price of 3!
Servants of the Sands by Leona Wisoker Servants of the Sands by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 275944 words Sample 10%
A ubiquitous southern saying: "Everyone serves, in the end". Another: "The teyanain are involved, eventually, in everything." People rarely consider how those two statements overlap.... The Agreement, that ancient compact between humanity and ha'reye, has kept the southlands relatively stable and peaceful for hundreds of years.