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My Taboo Problem


Kim Hardwick

© Kim Hardwick 2014. All rights reserved.

Author's note: All characters are adults, aged 18 or older.

My mom enjoyed being on top when fucking strangers. Being on top let her control the pace and ride the douchebag (she always called her lovers douchebags; except for the sex, she didn’t really care for guys) until she got off. It was only when fucking dad or my uncle that she would do it doggy style. I guess she wanted to make amends for being such a slut.

It wasn’t too easy growing up knowing your mother was a cum receptacle. I mean, what the hell else could you call her? I remember one time coming home from school early and hearing moaning sounds coming from upstairs. At the top of the stairs, not only were the moaning sounds louder, but there was the additional sound of a man grunting and a bed creaking.

Lucky for me, we had carpeting so I didn’t make any noise when approaching her and dad’s room. Peeking inside, I caught sight of my mother smashing her pussy up and down on some black dude’s cock. I was like, ‘WTF’, how could she fit that black’s huge cock in her; it was thicker than my arm!

The same woman, who fed me, read me bedtime stories, and was a typically boring mom, was going to town on some black dude’s cock! His cock was glistening with her pussy juice. Up and down she went. Man, his balls were huge!

Lucky for me, I was standing in the shadows (though I don’t think she or the black dude would have noticed Jesus Christ jerking off next to them), so I just stood there watching the live porn going on.

“Oh shit, Darryl, shove that black cock in me! Shove that fat nigger snake in me and give me your sperm!”

‘Darryl’ said, “Hmmm, I’m gonna knock you up bitch! Feel my black balls hitting your skanky ass an’ my old’ dirty fingers going to town on your nipples! You’re the best white slut I done fuck yet!”

I instantly got a boner that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Slowly, I pulled down my khakis (loose fitting which was a good thing; no sound of a zipper) and started to jerk off.

Because mom’s back was facing away from me, they didn’t see me peeking through the gap in the door. She was leaning forward on the guy, her hands on his chest, arching her back, giving him a frontal target for his fingers, and his hands knowing what to do, went from her nipples to gripping her ass real tight. Jerking off furiously, I could tell that my mom was really going to town on this black. I can still recall her ass jiggling every time he smacked her ass. Slowly, I backed out and finished jerking off. At 18, it was the best cumshot ever.

A week passed without any sign she had another strange man fucking her in our house. On Tuesday and Thursday, she stayed late at some school thing at my brother’s school (I checked and it was legit). Don’t tell me my mom found Jesus just when I had a great jerkoff payoff; no fucking way.

Then two weeks later, I was on the bus heading home in the afternoon, when I saw her talking to some young dude by the bus stop (four blocks from our house). I immediately signaled the bus to let me off and ran back to where I last saw her. Luckily she was still there.

Fortunately, there was a FedEx truck parked across from where mom was talking to the dude. She was wearing her yellow flower dress (at least 2 sizes too small; showing off her tits and her wide hips). Her dark brown hair was in a ponytail. The dude was skinny, about my age and had a buzz cut. He didn’t look too clean; between his tattoos and clothes, his body odor must have been terrible.

She was just talking to him and I was beginning to think that maybe he was just someone she knew from her volunteer gig (she is a volunteer storybook reader for kids with cancer). All of a sudden the guy leans over and kisses her in the mouth and grabs her ass! Holy shit!

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