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C.C. Steens

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No matter how I try, but it happens everytime, everytime I get on a train somehow or other my pussy gets wet. I have yet to figure out what it is that makes my body react like this to something as ‘mundane’ as taking the train but it’s as sure as death and taxes, as soon as I get on a train I get horny as hell and my pussy just as hot and soaking wet. If it’s a full train I somehow manage to ‘muffle’ the feeling and hide my sexual arousal by trying to sorta ‘get lost’ in the crowd even though I wear the shortest skirts possible of course because I really really want every straight guy to get turned on. Any woman who denies she dresses like this for that very reason, is a liar.

I sometimes even take the ‘risk’ of not wearing any panties underneath, especially when it’s a train that’s not crowded with commuters and I feel more ‘safe’ while giving in to my seductive and exhibitionist urges. Safe as in that probably on a train with many passengers I’d have a hard time dealing with all the ‘demand’, like I might have today as I feel male-eyes behind me riding up my legs as I mount the three steps into the compartment from the platform and I can almost ‘taste’ this guy’s desire for some up-skirt. This train is almost empty, this train-ride is gonna take a few hours and this time I took the ‘risk’ of wearing one of those flimsy sexy-lingerie ‘things’ with an open crotch attached to a g-string. My skirt is so very short, the little snort from the guy who follows me in tells me he had a glimpse of my naked ass.

Wondering whether the wetness inside my vagina might ooze out of the open crotch of my panties I never the less take my time wiggling my ass in my super-short skirt, with my slender sexy legs hopefully seducing any straight male and my feet stuck in very high heels as I ‘clonk’ my way through an almost empty train. Skipping through a first-class compartment where a suited business-man just has to look up from his financial pages to follow my progress with bulging eyes and making sure something else might ‘bulge’ as well I ‘drop’ my handbag and bend over with my legs straight to pick it up. There’s the deep sigh indicating the sexual arousal of a man looking up my super-short skirt, which I wear for that very reason and after picking up my handbag I turn my head and give the old man my hottest smile before I walk on.

Two guys sit far apart on separate benches in the next second-class compartment and I carefully position my now very horny self on another bench, making sure the seat I choose gives them a good view and I make a huge show of trying to prevent up-skirt while sitting down. I in no way succeed of course and I thankfully register the soft sighs and the shifting of the guys’ bodies in their seats in order to get a better look at where my legs end and my super-short skirt starts. Just not exposing my panties and I turn my head and I see another guy enter the compartment, his look tells me he’s the one who looked up my super-short skirt I wear for that very reason as I got in the train and it’s no surprise he sits down right in front of me.

I smile at him and pretend to ignore him and the other guys, whose eyes never leave my now burning hot and horny body, sensing them staring at the seam of my super-short skirt, with maybe the odd ‘excursion’ up to my big breasts squeezed into the tightest top possible without hurting anything and showing ‘dangerous’ cleavage of course with no other reason than to turn on and on and on. I’m sticky wet between my legs and it gets even ‘worse’ soon as the train shudders into motion and slowly picks up speed as it leaves the station.

Out from under the roof the bright sunlight quickly turns the compartment into a sauna and even opening the tiny sliding top-windows doesn’t help much except the guy opposite me who takes the chance to look down my cleavage with barely disguised lust. With hot anticipation I watch him shove a hand into one of the pockets of his slacks, knowing and hoping where this hand’s going, because the ‘pervert’ is going to sit there right in front of me touching his penis and ‘drooling’ over me, hmmm yum.

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