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Daddy’s Daughter

Deflowered by the Dog

Innocent Little Princess




This is a new erotic story with explicit themes involving sex. Intended for mature audiences.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Daddy is consumed by the image of a dog pleasuring his innocent virgin daughter in her pink nightgown. When he catches his little princess touching herself while looking at the neighbor’s dog, he immediately knew what he had to do.

Will Daddy let his beautiful daughter be deflowered by a dog? What will happen when the dog stretches her little lips as he knots inside her?

Themes include: Dog knotting, Daddy holding his daughter while she fucks a Labrador, Daddy masturbating watching his daughter fuck a dog, multiple bareback bestiality creampies, vaginal and oral sex.

Includes bonus detail in all sex scenes! 

Daddy’s Daughter

Deflowered by the Dog

First Time Bestiality & Sex

I appreciate the money you spent on this short story, it puts dinner on the table.

With Love, Jezebel Rose

Daddy slowly cracked the door of his daughter’s room and peeked inside. He could see Amy sitting there on the side of her bed with legs spread open. If the door was just a hair more open he could see her soaked panties.

“Hello? Daddy?” Amy said as she turned around, looking at the door.

Father stepped back as quietly as he could just as he noticed what his little princess was looking at. It was the neighbor’s new Labrador dog.

His daughter moaned as he looked through the crack once more. He could feel his cock start to tingle.

“What’s wrong Daddy? I know you are there! Come out!”

Father stepped into the room. He envisioned the dog mounting his daughter as he held her softly in his arms. The warm touch of his daughter’s skin against his. The sweet aroma of his daughter’s pussy, and the bulbous cock that was deep inside her. It was too much for Daddy to handle.

“We should go get the neighbor’s dog,” Amy said as she stood up. She straightened her pink nightgown, “Come on Daddy! Please!”

Her feet raced as she ran out of the bedroom and towards the front door.

Father stood there unable to speak as he stared out the window watching his daughter run across the front lawn to the dog. He felt his cock start to harden. It was the one thing he’s dreamed about for the past month. Every night was the same.

Daddy’s little daughter ran back up the stairs with the dog. “I’m back!”

The dog was freshly bathed and soft.

“He’s so big!” Amy exclaimed with glee.

Father whispered, “You should touch the dog down between his legs.”

His daughter did as he requested. “Like this Daddy?”

“Good job! Now move your hand up and down on him. You’ll feel him harden.” Daddy said, his cock hard in his pants.

Amy giggled, “You’re right! Look Daddy, its big now!”

The dog stood there in the middle of the room fully erect in the girl’s hand. He could feel his instincts wanting to take over… the need to breed.

Daddy’s little daughter ran her fingers over her soft panties. “This feels good…” She said under her breath.

Father watched her. His dream was coming true.

“Yes… good girl,” he said as he stroked his cock, “now put that between your legs.”

Amy quizzically looked up at Daddy, her panties soaked and nubile pussy ready, “I… I don’t know what you mean.”

“Just lay down on the bed and call for the dog.”

His daughter did just that. She laid on the bed with her arms at her side and called the dog, “Here boy, come here!”

Daddy pulled his daughter’s little pink panties to the side. His fingers brushed her soft pussy as he took a deep breath.

The muscular Lab mounted Amy. His thick cock dangled between his legs, searching and feeling about for something to hump.

Daddy grabbed the dog’s hips and placed him directly above his daughter’s pussy. Pushing on his rear, he watched as the dog penetrated her.

“Oh Daddy!” Amy said as she wrapped her arms around the dog and pulled him close, “Daddy it feels so good! I like this a lot.”

His daughter didn’t quite seem to grasp what was happening, but she liked it. She felt the motion of the dog sliding in and out of her as he slowly went deeper. It not only turned her on, but it turned her father on too.

The dog growled as he plunged his cock deep inside of Amy.

Daddy gripped his cock tighter around his hand and stroked long and hard. He grunted as his fingers wrapped around his balls.

“He is hurting me Daddy!” Jess said as the dog went all the way in. Her pussy held onto the dog tight just as he bulged inside her. His shaft tightened and blood rushed to the tip. Now fully knotted inside her, she couldn’t pull him out.

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