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Swallowed Up in a Dream

By Briar Rei Amor

Smashwords Edition

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This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Opening her eyes, Ruth recognized the place she was in. It was hard to forget the place she went to every time she fell asleep. No one had believed her when she had told everyone about the place and she quickly learned to keep silent. No one could understand and it only led to her family questioning her sanity. No, it was best kept to herself.

Scanning her surroundings, she was disappointed not to see her there. Helen had always been there to greet her. Perhaps she was waiting for her instead. If that was the case, she couldn’t possibly keep her waiting.

She immediately set off to find her. Her eyes scanned the crystal halls as her ears strained to hear any signs of life. Ruth didn’t have to worry about meeting any others. In this place, it was only the two of them. She had asked Helen once why that was the case, but she had never answered the question, preferring to hear more about her.

Helen would listen to hear patiently as she complained about her college classes and how her family wanted her to think about her future. She felt guilty unloading everything onto her, but it was so satisfying to have someone listen to her instead of shoving their opinions onto her.

Ruth perked up as she heard a sound and spun around in the direction of the source. In the distance, a familiar figure stood tall with her eyes firmly on her. A smile stretched across her face as she ran to her. Helen met her halfway and had her arms open to allow Ruth to embrace her.

Even if it had not been too long since she had last seen her, it didn’t mean she didn’t miss her. She pressed her face into Helen’s bare and ample breasts. Despite the fact she had been growing nonstop, she still couldn’t see past her chest. At least she no longer balked at the other’s lack of clothes.

When she was younger, she hadn’t understood what the problem was. Her family understandable freaked out when she told them about the naked lady. If Helen had been male, she was certain the reaction would have been a lot worse. It was when she hit puberty that things got awkward.

Her family bemoaned the fact she was a lesbian. Ruth couldn’t look at Helen without being embarrassed. Of course, Helen hadn’t understood what the problem was. No matter how much Ruth tried to convince her to put something on she refused on the basis that clothes were a human concept and she wasn’t human.

Eventually, she just gave up trying to convince her and she had to admit that Helen had a beautiful body. With generous curves and no imperfections, she was the ideal any woman would want to strive for. It made her self conscious of her own body. Helen, on the other hand, just scoffed and said that comparing the two of them would be like comparing apples and oranges.

Her old, younger self struggled with that idea. Now Ruth no longer cared about such things. She was just glad she didn’t have to share her with anyone else. Helen was hers and no one could take that away from her.

Helen chuckled, sending vibrations throughout her body. Her hands combed through Ruth’s hair before she nudged her to release. With a sigh of disappointment, she let her convince her to let her go so she could breathe.

A smile was still stretched across her face as Helen greeted her. “It’s good to see you too Ruth.”

“I missed you Helen.”

“Even though it was just yesterday since we met?”


She smiled. “And I see you’ve forgotten something.”

Confused at what she was pointing at, she looked down to see that her clothes were absent. That was unusual. She typically would enter this place with whatever she was wearing before she fell asleep which was usually her pajamas and she was certain she hadn’t gone to bed without any clothes.

There was no problem though. She didn’t feel cold. Things like temperature and gravity didn’t apply in a dream. Her long, flowing hair also wrapped around her body providing her some cover. Besides, it wasn’t that much different from what she usually wore.

Seeing how unbothered she was by her situation, Helen raised an eyebrow. “I thought humans preferred to be clothed.”

“It’s fine. There’s no one else here and” – she said the next part in a softer voice – “it’s fine if it’s you.”

Helen didn’t react to the later. Either she didn’t hear her or was pretending to not have heard her. Ruth went along with it and immediately jumped right in about how her day was. Classes were a pain as usual. There had been tests and projects assigned where she believed she barely passed the former while procrastinating on the later.

Honestly, she sometimes wished she could stay there with Helen forever and never wake up. What was the point? It felt as if there was nothing worthwhile in the waking world. Helen was the only one who understood her and really cared about her. Ruth was too afraid to tell her this.

What if Helen didn’t feel the same way? What if she didn’t want to see her anymore if she knew? She wouldn’t be able to handle it. No, she would rather keep it to herself and continue to have everything continue this way no matter how much she wanted to be close to her.

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