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A Social Celebration Celebrating Autism

Travis Breeding

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A Social Celebration Celebrating Autism

Autism makes me think of so many different things. It results in so many different feelings and emotions. Yet over a life time there have been many different feelings and emotions that I have felt in relationship to my autism diagnosis. I was not always happy. I was not always where I am today.

Today, I seriously feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet. I feel like I have survived a lot and been through so much. I feel grateful for the life I have been blessed with. I think I am going to live an amazing life and have so much to look forward to.

Where I was even a year ago in comparison to today was a pretty dark place. I won’t spend too much time dwelling on what that dark place was all about because this book is all about a social celebration and a celebration of autism spectrum disorder.

This book is a celebration of all the amazing things that people with autism can do and this book is a celebration of what I am and what I can do with my life. This book is a celebration of all of the gifts and blessings I have been given in life because of having autism spectrum disorder. It is amazing to me how much your life can change when you simply begin to embrace life, embrace autism, and embrace the many positive things in life that there are. Many of which come directly from having autism.

I was once obsessed with learning social skills. I really wanted to become the best at socializing and thought I needed social skills coaches in order to do that. I thought that the physical intervention of social skills coaching was the only way to go in which to get help for my autism.

This belief had me stuck in a crippling place because no one else thought the same way I did about social skills coaching and especially the insurance companies or the funding sources for the services in which I felt I needed.

Because of this I spent a great many years feeling trapped and doomed for death because of my autism and the fact that I would be unable to receive social skills coaching. I thought life was over and my thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and attitude all reflected that of a person who was done living and thought life was over.

There were even the numerous attempts at suicide because I had felt I had enough suffering and wanted to get out of life. The truth is we all go through trials and tribulations in life that cause us emotional pain. But what I have learned in recent months has changed the way I view life, the way I view autism, and the way I believe about things in life.

I was never a big fan of counseling in the past because it didn’t address social skills issues and I didn’t feel like it was helping me. It was hard for me to understand how just going in and talking to someone about my social struggles was going to make those social struggles go away but the truth is you can learn a lot about your brain and the way your mind works from counseling.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a very effective treatment for people suffering from depression or other mental illnesses and it is also quite effective in the treatment of autism. But in order for it to be effective with autism a person with autism must really buy into it and believe in the power of CBT to change his or her life.

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