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The Free Book Promotion Tips

Copyright 2018 Muyassar Sattarova

Published by Muyassar Sattarova

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How to write bestsellers? How to advertise them so that everyone will be aware of your new works? Do you know to promote them? If don`t, you can use my tips here! They will help you to attract more readers` attention to your books and make them bestsellers!

  1. The Social Nets

Can you imagine one day of your life without face book or twitter? Why? What attracts you much? Girls? Boys? It`s obvious. However, you may turn this net into the source of your advertising campaign if try! Do you know about it? Perhaps, you have already tried this way! Anyway, there are some tips to promote your books, or other types of services on the Social Nets to share with you.

It`s less expected, but if you still have no account, just create one. I must say that one of the multi-functional net is Face book. You can share your published books, ad and sell them here. Face book offers you both paid and free types of advertisements. As a beginner, don`t risk using the paid services when you have free tools.

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