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Lose Weight

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Do you feel so fat and plump? Whom can you see when you look into the mirror? Do you like whom you come across in the looking glass every day? I mean, are you satisfied with your weight? I know how horrible it feels like to see extra amount of weight and hate yourself! I was one of them! I have tried some hundreds of diets up to now. It started from the school times. My classmates were tall and handsome or thin, while I was fat and short!

I had always redone my clothes as we couldn`t find the right size or model. I had to wear longer clothes to hide my extra kilograms. I can also remember that I underwent hunger some days one after another. However, despite or against my expectations, the results couldn`t please me! After hunger for a while, there appeared a burning desire to eat inside of me and I couldn`t help eating and eating!

There always exist advantages and disadvantages in every kind of diets, physical exercises. If you can combine and follow them every time throughout your life you`ll keep fit! I`m going to share my own technique to lose weight or get slim and always feel more attractive with all of you, my dear reader!

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