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Free Tours

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This book started from my wish to travel all over the world and get acquainted with cultures, traditions, people of all the countries. As you have already guessed, only one thing can connect me with foreign countries. It is the Internet.

Tip 1: Travel exchange

In what country do you live? Do you have any attraction places for tourists there? Then, you can use your chance to travel freely. I`m not going to teach you to cheat, but offer some tips to see the whole world and make new friends simultaneously. Travel exchange may puzzle you if you have never thought about it. However, it is the best way to make both yourself and others! The principle is very simple here: You will post an ad about free trip to your country. Of course, you will define what kind of facilities you are going to offer your foreigner friends!

At the end of the ad, you will explain that it will be a travel exchange, meaning, they will come and see you and your country, and you will go and visit their country! I know that some sceptics may laugh at or can`t believe in this. Anyway, people vary not only on the Web, but in the real world too. In this case, you will have to learn some languages if you want to see more countries. You don`t need to learn the grammar stuff or something else. Nowadays, you can easily download the most necessary idioms for everyday life and remember them in a day.

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