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Baby Angie

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Taking Care of Daddy’s Needs

My obsession with daddy was messing me up so bad, my boyfriend dumped me, my girlfriends were texting me less an less often. I guess having a thing for daddy is bad for friendships. But I couldn’t help it. Every month when my period came around, I would be sad. Sad because what I wanted more than anything was to miss out on my periods for the 9 months while carrying daddy’s child. To show how pathetic I was getting, I even started to bookmark sites that sold baby clothes and furniture.

From the crib to the stroller, everything was planned. I even bookmarked the sites that sold maternity items. I would buy this cute little peach colored sun dress. I even went so far as to practice holding my belly when the time came. And I was more determined than ever to make it happen. Daddy was going to knock me up and this time, nothing was going to get in the way; not even my mother!

Later that night, while setting up the table for dinner, mom mentioned that daddy would be over for dinner. Looks like his latest gig had to wait for some equipment so daddy would stay with us for a few days. I turned my face to hide the shit eating grin on my face. Mom was going to get some competition, that’s for sure.

“That’s good, daddy’s never home now.”

“Yes, it sucks but it’s good because of the money. That reminds me, dear, I have to go visit Carol at the hospital.” She was referring to her college friend who had her appendix removed yesterday.

“I hope she feels better. When are you going?”

“Tonight. I’ll be back late so I’ll miss dinner. Tell your father when he returns to just leave the dishes in the dishwasher and not to worry if I come back really late.”

I tried so hard to hide my smile and I think I succeeded. While mom was visiting Carol I would be visiting daddy and making sure we finished our ‘talk’ from earlier.

“Sure, don’t worry about a thing, mom, I’ll make sure daddy doesn’t turn the house inside out.”

She laughed and we settled down to our dinner and typical mother daughter talk, which of course did not include daddy’s cock taking my virginity, making me pregnant and swollen. Nor did I bring up my plan to have daddy take me anally; not sure mom would have appreciated that topic.

As soon as mom left for her visit, I bolted upstairs to my room and gathered my fuck me bra and thong as well as my hot pants. I was going to really torment daddy. A quick shower, making sure my vagina and ass was really scrubbed and then down to business.

Standing before my dresser mirror I had to admit that I was really hot. My blond hair was smoking and the way the peach bikini panties hugged my hips made me bite my lower lips. Turning slightly, I wanted to make sure my butt cheeks were showing. Nice.

My outfit was tight, it was that time of the month when I was fertile, the only thing left to make this a perfect night was daddy cumming inside me, flooding my unprotected womb with his baby seed. If only he knew how I was going to rock his world.

Almost an hour after mom left, I heard the door open downstairs. I gave myself a final check and applied just a tiny amount of perfume. I wasn’t leaving anything to chance. I bounded down the stairs to see my daddy.

As I turned the corner to the kitchen (daddy always heads there first to grab a beer), I made a quick detour and locked the door. Not taking a chance on mom showing up early.

“Hi daddy! Its so good to have you back home again!” I practically squealed with delight and ran over to hug him. I hugged him nice and tight, pressing my breasts against his body.

Daddy was startled and asked, “Hi sweetheart, nice to be back. Where’s your mother?”

“She went to the hospital to visit Carol, something about Carol having some medical issue. Say daddy, do you mind giving me an honest opinion about something?”

Daddy popped open the can of beer, took a sip and looked at me. His eyes wandered over my body, taking everything in. “Sure, you know you can always count on me.”

Something about how he said that combined with his look made me blush. Oh, and it also caused me to leak pussy juice.

“Well, some of my friends think I’ve gained some weight and its got me sick to my stomach. Tell me if you think I’ve put on weight.” I removed my flannel shirt and my hot pants and turned around in front of him, letting him take a good look at my body.

“What do you think?” I asked him with my backside facing him.

He didn’t say anything at first. He just took another sip and said, “Turn around again; let me see you from the front.”

“Yes, daddy!” I was practically giddy that daddy asked to check me out. I gave him a knowing grin and put my hands atop my head, really giving him a look at my perky tits.

“Well, what do you think? Did I get fat?”

He didn’t say anything as he finished off the beer and then placed it in the recycling bin. He turned to me. “Let’s go upstairs to your room. The lighting here in the kitchen really sucks.”

I bent down to pick up the flannel shirt, making sure my butt was facing him. I picked it up and said, “I hope you really check me out to see that I haven’t turned into a pig daddy.”

He strode to where I was and placed his right hand on my ass. He squeezed it tight. “Doesn’t feel like you’ve gained weight, but then again, I won’t know until I can exam you in your bedroom. Come on sweetheart, let’s go.”

I was so aroused, excited and happy at the same time, I didn’t mind the way daddy kept his hand on my butt while going upstairs to my room. The one time he removed it was to close and lock the door. He turned to me.

“Daddy, the only way you can make sure I’m still in shape is to see me without all these clothes. That’s OK with you, right?” I wasn’t even waiting for his response as I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor. My erect nipples were pointing at daddy, inviting him to have his way with them.

“Doesn’t look like you’ve gain any weight. Nice nipples, by the way.”

I giggled. “Thanks Daddy! Daddy, could you do me a favor?”

He took his eyes off my nipples long enough to ask me, “What is it?”

“I don’t want to fray my panties; I have a split fingernail. Can you remove my panty?”

His smile was more of a smirk. He certainly wasn’t as shy or unsure as that time in the shower; if anything, he was almost impatient with my routine.

“Of course sweetheart, let me help.” He came to me and pressed his bulging cock onto my tummy while gripping my butt from behind. Oh, and his cock was out of the zipper.

“Daddy, you forgot to put your huge cock back in your pants. Want me to put it back for you?”

Chuckling he gave my butt a squeeze. “First you got to lick it, make sure its clean.”

“OK! I can sure do that!” Kneeling down I grabbed his thick cock and licked the head and then the pisshole. I explored every square inch of his cock while removing his jeans. As soon as his jeans were around his ankles, I got up.

“Daddy, you’ve got to remove my panties; I don’t want to stain them with my pussy juices; I’m really leaking bad.”

His answer was nonverbal. He ran his fingers along the hem of my panty while I began to kiss him first on his lips, then down his neck until I unbuttoned his shirt and his chest. I so wanted to devour him, my father.

He peeled the panties off me and brought them down to my ankles and helped me step out of them. I was finally naked before daddy. He started a return voyage with his hands up my legs, pubic area and finally my tits as he felt me up good.

“Doesn’t feel like your weight’s changed. However, there’s only one way I know of to make sure.”

I continued kissing his chest and pinched his nipples. “What is it daddy? How can you check me out?”

“I was hoping you would know the answer.” He grinned and pinched my nipples hard. He then pulled them taunt; that felt so fucking good.

“Daddy, I know how you can really tell if I put on weight.”

Taking his hands from my poor nipples, he brought them down to my butt and used his right hand to probe my asshole. “How?”

I leaned in and gave him a little bite on his nipple. “Lie down on the bed and I’ll get on top. That’s the best way to make sure.”

“You think that will work?” He inserted his finger up my asshole and that felt so fucking good. He returned to my nipple with his other hand to continue my torment.

Pushing him back, I whispered, “I’m positive.”

He let me go and got on the bed, his back on the mattress and his cock sticking straight up. He was so hard and it was twitching. Even without entering me, I could see a drop of pre-cum leaking out. This was going to be so good.

“You are so beautiful sweetheart.”

I got atop my bed and moved my pussy over his rigid cock, loving the feeling of it brushing against my wet pussy. “I love you too daddy. Let me sit down on it.”

Placing my hands on his hairy and muscular chest for support, I squatted down on his thick cock. I managed to get most of it inside me before daddy got impatient and grabbing my fleshy hips, brought me down hard. I was fully impaled on his cock and squishing his balls with my butt.

“Oh daddy! This feels so good! I love the feel of your cock inside me. Fuck me hard daddy!”

I closed my eyes, arched my back and settled down to some serious love making. There was no way I wasn’t going to be bred tonight. By the time I was through with daddy tonight, I was going to be fertilized.

“Hmm, you’re so tight!” Daddy grunted as he concentrated on my face while holding onto my hips and rocking me on his cock. His face was straining as he tried to hold back. He really wanted to enjoy the ride while I ground my formerly virgin pussy on his cock. The feel of his balls on my ass, his thick cock inside my pussy and the nastiness of having my father try his best to impregnate me resulted in my having an overwhelming orgasm. It was the fastest one I’ve ever had and judging by the way my pussy was contracting, the most powerful yet.

As if on cue, my contractions triggered daddy’s orgasm as I felt his cock spray my womb with his seed. He came again and again as did I. It was an out of earth experience as I jumped off his still hard cock and began to suck him off, eager to taste his seed and my juices.

Before I could enjoy my orgasm, daddy pulled out and spread my legs and spit on my asshole. I turned to see what he was up to. The look of lust in his eyes combined with his twitching, still hard cock, let me know that he wasn’t finished with me.

“Sweetheart, I’m going to do something I’ve been meaning to do since you were young. I’m going to pound your sweet ass!”

“Daddy, will it hurt?”

“Maybe, but your ass is going to get torn apart!”

“No, daddy, don’t tear my ass apart!”

He chuckled and pressed his rock hard, giant cock against my virgin ass! My father was going to fuck my ass without lubrication!


He ignored my cries and pushed forward with all he had. Daddy’s big fat cock was taking my anal virginity!

“Damn, your ass is so tight!”

Daddy’s response turned me on. Feeling his fat monster up my ass, stuffing me like crazy while digging his fingernails into my fleshy teen butt did something to me.

I gasped, looked at daddy and then I came!


His powerful thrusts triggered another orgasm and then, I felt his cock throb and he emptied his balls up my ass!

We fucked several more times, including anal (daddy pulled on my hair while fucking doggy style and called me a slut and every horrible name he could think of) after which, not risking a confrontation with mom, we kissed lovingly and he left for his room.

I was so exhausted, I only had enough energy to bring a mirror to my pussy and saw how it was leaking his cum. I put the mirror on the night stand and fell asleep almost instantly. The first of many fuck sessions with my father was the best.

And now, 8 months later as I fill out the forms the hospital wants in order to deliver my little bundle of joy, I can’t help but smile where it asks who the father is and I simply write down daddy’s first name, Rick.


“Aly, if you’re not going to pay attention, then you leave me with no choice but to send you to the provost’s office.”

Oh no! Sister Gomez caught me texting again. Poop!

Instead of being aware of the need of young girls to chat, Sister Gomez walked over to my desk, reached down and snatched my phone from my hands. What a cunt.

“Young lady, we are now in early October, and school began in late August. I mentioned the calendar because I was quite specific about my rule concerning the use of smartphones. In fact, it’s not only my rules, but it’s the college’s rule.” She stopped and turned her back to me.

“You do recall my spending half the class talking about that, don’t you?”

I gulped. “Yes, sister.”

“Excellent! Well then, as you may further recall, I did say that anyone caught using it would have their phone taken and returned after 48 hours. Correct?”

My lips began to quiver; how was I to live without chatting with my girlfriends?

“Yes, sister.”

“Excellent! In that case, since this is a Wednesday, I shall return your phone back to you Friday morning. Now then, as I was saying.” With that, she walked back to her desk, and put my phone inside the drawer to her desk and locked it. I was so screwed.

Not only could I not communicate with my friends, but the school would send my parents an email notifying them of my latest infraction. Mom was sure to nag and daddy was going to blow a gasket. I was in for some serious punishment.

Later on while sharing dinner with my father, I was worried sick about daddy’s reaction. Would he ground me? I was so nervous, I didn’t notice daddy looking at me.

When I looked up, I saw that daddy was staring at my breast. I looked down and noticed that my school blouse was unbuttoned and that my lacy white bra was showing. Oh, and for some reason, my nipples were erect.

“So, young lady, you’re awfully quiet tonight; anything wrong?” Daddy just had to bring it up during dinner. Instead of talking about work, or some other boring stuff, he has to get all Sherlock Holmes on me.

“Nothing much, daddy.”

He was about to take a bite of the pasta and stopped. He looked at me, his eyes narrowing. “Say, where’s your cell phone? You’re never without that damn phone.”

I gulped and confessed what happened.

“I see.” He put his fork down and wiped his mouth with his napkin. Why oh why did mom pick tonight of all nights to do volunteer work?

“Let me see if I understand what happened. You were told at the beginning of the school year, along with all the other girls, that using a smartphone during class was against the rules and violation of said rule would result in a confiscation of the phone for what, two days? You are aware that you’re no longer in high school, right?”

I put down my fork as well. I sighed and rolled my eyes; daddy was going to act like a big old poopy head again. “Yes, daddy, two days, and yes, I’m aware that I’m in college now.”

Daddy leaned forward and put his hands together as if praying. “Young lady, in light of what you’ve told me, combined with the fact that you are at a very dangerous time in your young life, on the cusp of adulthood, you leave me with no other choice than to fuck your mouth.”

We stared at each other for a few moments, before I started to giggle. “Daddy! You had me there for a minute! I’m not hungry. Let me go upstairs and take a shower and then come to put the dishes away. This woolen skirt is too hot.”

I got up and was about to go upstairs to my room, and in passing by daddy, he suddenly reached out and grabbed my school uniform skirt by the waistband, just above my ass.

“I didn’t say you could go yet, Aly. We’re not finished.” He pulled me back to him, his left hand on the hem of my skirt and blue lacy panties. The feel of his masculine fingers on the soft flesh of my butt electrified me and filled me with nasty thoughts that no daughter should have.

“DADDY! Stop that!” I was more surprised than angry. Surprised at how turned on I got having my father grab my butt. He had a smirk on his face but didn’t let me go. He pulled me toward him and had me sit on his crotch.

I looked down at his crotch, covered by my butt and then at his face. “Daddy, what do you have inside your pants? It feels hard.”

“Aly, now that you’re 19 years old, you probably think that it’s ok to ignore rules. Sweetheart, that’s not how the world works, and it sure as hell isn’t how things run in this house. I think that it’s time I give you an old fashioned cock pounding.”

And with those words, my father pulled my skirt down to my knees, exposing my fleshy teen butt and virgin pussy, covered only by my tiny blue bikini panties; I was helpless!

“Daddy, NO! I’LL TELL MOM!”

Daddy, pulled my skirt completely off, ignoring my cries, and looked at me, holding on to my arm, while I pulled up my sheer blue lacy panties up again.

“I see that even though you’re only 19, you’ve started the perverted habit of trimming your pubic hair. Don’t you know only whores trim their pussy?”

Before I could answer my father, he turned me around, so I was facing him; he kissed me on the lips hard, his tongue wrestling with my tongue while his free hand reached down and pushed the crotch of my panty aside and starting to finger fuck my virgin pussy.

It was only with great effort that I managed to pull away and yell at him, “DADDY, WHAT THE FUCK?”

Daddy cocked his right arm back and gave me a really hard punch to my jaws. He knocked me out. My father physically assaulted me!

When I came to, everything was so blurry. The ceiling above me was not only blurry but making a slurping sound. That’s weird I thought, I didn’t know ceilings made wet sounds.

And then, I felt it; his stiff tongue was lapping up my pussy. I tried to get up, but daddy held me down on the bed; his bed.

“I’m not done tasting your sweet virgin pussy, sweetheart. Nothing like a young female pussy to make a man feel like a man.” Daddy dove back into the mix, his hands keeping my legs spread wide while he ate me out.

In spite of knowing how wicked and sinful, it was to fuck my father, I was so turned on! Closing my eyes and arching my back, enjoying the way he was twisting and pinching my sensitive and erect nipples while continuing to eat me out, I asked daddy if he was going to get me knocked up.

Lifting his face, all covered in my pussy juices, he looked at me and said, “Fuck yeah! I’m going to make a real woman out of you!”

“Daddy, are you going to put your penis in my mouth?”

“Fucking A!” Daddy got all excited when I said that. He stopped eating me out and moved close to my young lips, and with no warning, shoved his rock hard uncircumcised cock into my mouth.

“How does it feel, sweetheart? Do You like the way my cock throbs in your pretty little teen mouth? I like the way your tongue licks my cock. Now suck it!”

Daddy scared me at first with his rough, animal-like reaction to the way my tongue and lips paid attention to his hard cock, but eventually, the sensation of his hard cock combined with the musky smell coming from his cock and balls began to turn me on. I heard from some of my friends how great it was to suck their boyfriend’s cocks but being a virgin, I never had the chance. Now that I finally had a cock in my mouth, I knew that they weren’t bullshitting me. Nothing like having a man’s cock in a girl’s mouth, that’s for sure. The fact that it was daddies was a bonus.

“Daddy, why is your cock twitching?” I pulled his cock out because I really wanted to know why. It was worrying me that maybe there was something wrong with daddy.

“Baby, my twitching means I’m about ready to cum. I’m going to shoot my baby seed down your throat. You had better swallow it all if you want to get a Christmas present this year.”

I smiled at daddy and continued to lick his piss hole, loving the way it opened up and then tasting the salty liquid coming out of it.

“Daddy, what’s this liquid that keeps leaking from your cock?”

He looked down on me, his daughter, with love and lust, playing with my hair. “That’s my pre-cum, sweetheart. That means I’m about to bust my nut.”

Turning my attention back to daddy’s purple head, licking the salty cum, I smiled at him. “Oh daddy, can you bust your nut now? I really, really want to taste your cum!”

Daddy didn’t say anything; he just grabbed the sides of my head and began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. “Baby, play with my balls; don’t squeeze too hard!”

Until then, I hadn’t noticed daddy’s balls, but when I did, I was really shocked. They were huge! He must have had a gallon of cum inside him. I was about to mention it but daddy kept my mouth on his cock. I guess he really wanted to cum inside my mouth.

“Daddy, your testicles are so big!” I went back to licking his cock, slurping up the increasing amount of thick liquid leaking from his piss hole. I just couldn’t stop loving his cock with my mouth.

“Baby, that means I have a huge amount of cum waiting for you. And they’re called balls. I’m so going to turn you into a woman.”

I continued lapping up his thick pre-cum, not realizing at the time what daddy meant by that statement. It wasn’t until 9 months later that what he told me that day made sense.

“Daddy, can you put your cock in my pussy? I want to see how it feels like to have a cock in me.”

Daddy continued playing with my hair, thrusting his rock hard cock into my mouth, and seemed to ignore my request. Even as he continued thrusting, I felt his cock twitch and get harder, if that was even possible. I also started to play with his full balls with my tiny little hands. The size difference was really something else and made me realize just what a young girl I was.

Along with fucking my teenage mouth, daddy removed my bras and began to pinch my nipples. The combination of his hard cock in my mouth, his rough fingers abusing my erect nipples and the smell of his balls got me so aroused, I was about to cum myself.

“Sweetheart, get ready, I’m about to cum!”

Looking up at daddy’s face, I almost giggled at how he was making faces. Closing his eyes, opening his mouth, combined with tightening his grip on my hair and increased twitching of his cock, let me know I was about to have my first load of sperm; I was about to taste a man’s cum.


Wow! He wasn’t kidding. Seconds after really pulling on my hair hard (to the point where it hurt), daddy’s cock suddenly twitched and began spraying the insides of my mouth with cum. I tried to swallow the slightly salty seed as fast as I could but there was so much that it started to squirt out of the corners of my mouth.

In order to breathe, I had to remove his throbbing cock by the shaft and his damn cock keeps squirting! Before I could react, my face was covered with cum. There was a drop hanging from the tip of my nose and looking down, I saw there was thick gobs of cum on my chest. I was drenched in daddy’s cum

“WOW! Daddy, I had no idea you had so much in you.”

Daddy smiled and groaned. He gently stroked my hair and then took his cock and rubbed it against my lips. Looking down at me, he said, “Sweetheart that was the best blowjob ever. From now on, you’ll take care of my load.”

“Thank you, daddy!” I was so happy that I satisfied daddy’s needs. I was even happier when he picked me up and put me on the bed and began to fuck me from behind. It was my introduction to love making and my loss of innocence. Daddy took my virginity and there was something beautiful about it.

After a few minutes, daddy pulled me up and turned me around; my plump ass was facing his hard cock.

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