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Daddy’s Fertile Daughter


Riley Reid

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Warning: This book is only appropriate for adults. It contains extreme language and subject material. All characters are above the age of 18, consensual and fictional. None of the following events actually took place.


It always happens in slow motion.

I use the tip of my fingers to pull back his throbbing cock, while I slide my moist pussy from the base, all the way up to the head, sizing up the pressure I’m about to feel.

Then I swallow him.

I clench my tiny muscles, I take a deep breath, and I fuck my stepdad until he explodes like a volcano. I don’t stop until he pushes every drop of fertile seed deeper into my cunt, where it makes me the happiest stepdaughter on earth.

Then, I fall back on the bed, with a tiny bump where my flat stomach used to be. Excitement builds as I realize…I’m pregnant.

Then I wake up.

For the last two months, every night, I’ve been having this exact dream. And it always ends with daddy getting me pregnant. Of course, in my dream, I’m able to openly show my excitement. But in real life, I can’t say a word.

He’s finally moved on after my mother passed away, and it took him long enough. He’s got a girlfriend now, and I’m happy for him, sort of.

I just can’t shake this desire to see my dream materialize.

We never were a conventional family, which meant daddy always trusted my judgment regarding my life choices. He only interfered when I asked him to. And I guess I did it often enough to always make him feel wanted.

Right from the beginning, we clicked. Maybe it was nature’s way of quickly preparing us both for a very painful time. I try not to live on assumptions. But I do know that if he wasn’t there, I probably wouldn’t have coped, much less excelled.

Also, a darker side of me is all about the sex. Hell, if things were up to my primal desires, I’d fuck him so much he won’t have energy to think about doing anybody else.

But it’s also about what happens after the fucking that really gives me butterflies. Having his baby, and making another one.

Yes, I know all this is wrong. My pussy shouldn’t be lusting after my stepdad, and my womb shouldn’t be begging for his offspring. It’s wrong, it’s bat-shit crazy, it’s…pulling me apart.

But it’s also out of my control. And if these dreams keep haunting me, leaving me soaked in my own juices every morning when I wake up, they might take over and make me do things…

Chapter One

Speaking of Insemination

“Are you telling me, you’ll give up your modeling career to become a mother?” Barbara asks me as she hands daddy the raw steaks, almost pushing him into the barbeque because she’s so “curious” about my ideals.

She stabs the plate into his chest as she stays focused on me, waiting for a reply she can drill me with.

“In a heartbeat.” I look at daddy while I say it, knowing he loves a woman who prioritizes family - something Barbara will never understand.

And by the quick look he shoots me I can tell he’s listening, and paying attention, even though he tries to act distracted with our food grilling on the flames.

“I find that a little hard to swallow.” She spews out with a snarky attitude, and she doesn’t even apologize to daddy.

“Really? Even for you?” I replicate her sarcasm.

Daddy shoots me another look, but it’s not as supportive as the first one.

Barbara chooses to ignore me and continues with her evaluation, trying to impress daddy with her college degree.

“I mean, a young and attractive woman, barely twenty-years-old, giving up all that money and fame? I just think it’s easier said than done.”

“Why? Just because you chose a different path forty years ago doesn’t mean I’ll make the same mistake.”

She doesn’t ignore this one, which triggers a strong reaction from daddy.

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