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Abducted by Aliens 2

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Abducted by Aliens 2

By Nikki Orchid

The aliens kept me on board their spaceship for a long time as they traveled. As time went on, they rotated crewmembers with those on their home planet, so some on board could return home.

I mated regularly with these alien creatures and had grown accustomed to what they expected of me. They gave me a warm place to live, delicious food and nice clothing. I did what they asked of me sexually because they also could have full control of my mind. Anyone of these intelligent alien creatures could control me if they wanted. Many of these aliens and I had procreated. I lactated and nursed all those who wanted to suckle on my tits.

My son, Ruk, loved using me as his whore slave. “I want you to meet my pet. I call him Beast. I want to watch you serve him. He’s going to impregnate you.” The animal mutant monster was an enormous mass of moving flesh, a huge blob of a creature. The creature sprouted many tentacles out of his body in all different directions. The aliens wanted this creature to fuck me and fertilize me. They had given us something that would make it possible for this tentacle monster to impregnate me. I would carry this mutant animal’s baby.

The aliens stripped me naked and altered their scents and the sound of their voices so I would regain most of my will and take back my mind. It turned many of them on to know that the animal would have to force fuck me. Turning off the mind control meant watching the animal rape me.

With my mind back in complete control, I fought to free myself as they grabbed and dragged me to the creature’s room to procreate with this Beast. I stumbled into his room my body nude, my aching tits dripping milk. They maintained my body’s physiological response by keeping me physically aroused, but they allowed my mind to think freely.

“You’ve been given some time to have your own mind back so you can control your will, but you must fuck the mutant pet like an obedient whore,” Ruk said to me leading the group of aliens who would watch. He enjoyed manipulating the control over my mind and body so he could watch his animals rape his own human whore mother. It got him off to know that I wanted to refuse the animal but my body wanted it.

I trembled in fear and shock staring at the monster. The aliens gathered in seats around the room so they could watch everything. Like Ruk, they were all excited and horny to see the mutant creature rape me into submission.

The animal expected me sitting at the center of the floor. He had a taste of human pussy in the past, so now he was addicted to fucking women. His tentacles small and large all came at me. I cried out as one wrapped around my waist and lifted me turning me upside down. More wound around my ankles and knees spreading my legs wide. Another tentacle probed and traced my cunt smearing my juices all over my glistening aching sex. The tentacle’s cock shaped end oozed white pre-cum. The fluid dribbled all over my swollen slit and the tip dipped its head into my cunt. It pumped in and out of me making me moan and shake as it held me in the air.

The creature’s massive body seemed to grow in size when I looked down at it. Smaller tentacles with ends like little suction cups shot out towards me going straight for my big swollen tits. They caressed and leaked more pre-ejaculate on me. Then they moved for my nipples to suckle my breastmilk.

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