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Hedonistic Desires

Cuckold, Humor & Suspense Collection

10 Book Bundle

By Jane Emery

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10 Naughty Bedtime Stories

A Story of a Perfect Wife

Their names are Max and Adina Evangelista and they've been married almost ten years. They met at a party that neither of them was invited to; they both came with someone who was. On that night they reached into the same ice chest; grabbing onto the last light beer at the shindig, both coming up with their hands on the same bottle. Preppy college guys and their trends of dark and pale suds, something most people aren't really into but will drink to look cool. It comes with the blues jeans with the cuffs cut off and the super-market bought flip-flops finished with an Izod collared shirt. Both Max and Adina felt out of place, neither one of them wanted to stand around a group of dudes talking over the "choice trim" that was at the party nor did they want to have a deep discussion about the difference between an ale and a logger. That's why they were both looking for a light beer.

"I think this is the last one, but I don't mind sharing it with you," Adina hands him the bottle.

Max pops the top and some foam comes out. Adina grabs the sixteen ounce tall boy and shows him her skills. She sucks the head and licks the glass while swirling her tongue. She looks up into his eyes as she's putting on a show and knows he wants her as much as she wants him.

"I say we step out back and enjoy this brew in private."

"I'd love that."

After the beer was finished, Adina's friends came out and said they were ready to leave. She had different plans; she didn't drive to the party so she's not obligated to be someone's ride home. She's leaving with Max. She went back to his place and the two were up all night talking and making love; Adina has never left.

Max has worked for the same company for the past twelve years; he started in the mailroom when he was twenty-three after an injury took him out of the sport of baseball. Following his surgery he was told he will never play again, once he was able to walk, he applied for the opening of sorting mail. Now thirty-five, he's slowly climbed the ladder to small success, only one more step and he's reached higher than anyone from the mailroom ever has. He'll earn six figures and have all the perks as an executive; something he's been striving for ever since that wonderful night when he met the woman who complements his soul. The final executive position is down to him and one other person, someone who hasn't been with the company as long as Max has. That's something he knows his bosses look at closely- Loyalty.

One of Max's supervisors is a young twenty-five year old Stanford graduate, educated to walk right into an exec level job. His name is Price and he's always got along with Max. It was the first Christmas party Price attended as a new employee when the two got drunk together and acted like fools; neither of them remembers that night very well. If it's one thing Price knows about Max, he's dedicated to his job, something to be appreciated.

Max has the brilliant idea of inviting Price over to his house for dinner; a way to tip the favor his way. "Hey buddy, What'dya doing this Friday evening?" he asks casually standing at the open door to Price's office.

"I hadn't really thought that far ahead. What you got going on?"

"I want to invite you to dinner at my place tomorrow night. Adina makes a mean bacon wrapped scallop."

"Hell yeah, I love scallops, thanks Max. I'll be there."

Now he needs to tell his wife she'll be making a meal for his boss. If the dinner goes smoothly, he could be looking at the promotion with no problems. He can see it in his sights just beyond his fingertips.

Adina has agreed to make this special meal knowing what the outcome can bring. "If I land this position I can afford to buy you a new car like you wanted." When she heard Max say that, she was all for it. She plans on something small but impacting, bacon and scallops with rice and a vegetable. She can see the dish laid out on a plate in her mind, followed behind is a vision of that new car she wants, maybe she can even talk her husband into a new house. If he lands this job, the sky's the limit, and everything could change for the better, she thinks to herself.

Adina walks into her neatly organized kitchen; there's a cabinet where every pot and pan is placed into a slightly bigger one, all stacked in a row from biggest to smallest. She grabs two so she can boil water in one and start a special cream sauce in the other. As she is getting all of her ingredients and instruments together, Max walks over to the bar and makes a drink. He's not a heavy drinker, each time he's gotten wasted; it was for drinking way too fast. Shots seem to be the worst for him, after the third or fourth they start to go down like candy. He's very nervous and wants to dull the anticipation but decides to stay away from them tonight. He opts for an extremely strong mixed drink.

He looks across the dining room table and into the kitchen where he sees his lovely wife. She has on a baby blue apron ready for any spills that will inevitably come while making this meal. It's a rather large apron covering her entire wardrobe, but Max knows what his beautiful wife has on underneath it. Black stockings up to her thighs, no garter or straps; they would only show through her tight mini skirt that comes down to just above the leggings. Under her sarong is a brand new smoky grey laced thong with a turquoise trim around the waistline. He knows this because he looked at her adoringly as she dressed, always thinking of how he wants her. It's hard for him to see his beautiful wife taking off or putting on clothes, just the sight of her nude body is enough to make his little man grow; it happens quite often to him.

With this dinner meaning so much for the both of them, the nerves begin to build a little more inside Max. "Don't you start drinking too much; I'll still need you to help bring all the food over to the table," he hears her shout from in front of the sink. Her words although small in request are large in full scale of Max's view. She may have well asked him to push a large bolder up an incline day after day. What if Price doesn't like the food sitting on the table? Max's heart starts to beat faster and faster. Before his wife can turn back towards the bar area, he quickly pours one shot and slams it back.

"My only shot," he says quietly as he walks past the dining table to the kitchen.

"Only shot for what babe?" he didn't think Adina heard him, he wasn't quiet enough.

"At this promotion," a good recovery, he doesn't want her to know that he had a shot with his already strong drink.

"You'll get it, I know it. Price is gonna love the food and we can sit around the table and have witty banter and he'll remember that you were his first friend when he got the job there. And if he doesn't I'll make him." She looks to her beloved and smiles her pearly whites through the rose red gloss of her perky lips.

"What would I do without you? You really are my dream come true. Have I told you that?"

"First, you'd be ordering from a restaurant for this shit, and yes you have told me that, only not today."

"You are more than my dream come true, you're the perfect wife." He leans in and gives his love a kiss, then grabs the back of her head so he can keep kissing her. He moves around the counter to come closer. When their mouths slightly come apart, Max can taste the sharp flavor of her perfume, one of his favorites and it's driving him wild. He cups the sweet roundness of her ass and lifts her onto the counter top.

Adina pushes the pots and pans out of the way, with the scallops in the oven and nothing else going she knows where this is heading and doesn't want to stop it. "You must be rewarded for all you are doing here," instead of taking another shot or drinking his beverage faster, Max has another way to relieve stress for the moment. He pushes his wife's apron and skirt up, exposing the lacey undergarment that's covering his target. With his index finger, he moves the see-through material aside.

He takes a drink from his glass, making sure to allow an ice cube into his mouth. He puts it between his lips and pushes it against her soft clit. Adina quivers with an erotic cold chill up her spine. She looks down at the handsome face of her loved one as he continues to give her an icy thrill. He takes the ice out of his mouth and rubs it along her femininity while the warmth comes back to his mouth and lips. With her sensitive trigger cold from the ice; he puts his warm tongue on it; sending a new sensation rushing through her body pulsating at her womanhood.

"Oh my god," she whispers as she grips the back of Max's head. "I'm about to cum."

Hearing that, he lowers his mouth so he can slide his mouth muscle inside of his dream woman. He can taste the tangy nectar more and more the deeper he goes in. Once he has his tongue all the way inside her, he uses his top lip to gently massage her engorged clit. The sensation of ecstasy runs through her entire body and when it reaches her fingertips it forces her to makes fists. She pulls hard on her husband's hair as she floods his mouth with her intense orgasm.

"I hope that will help you relax," she says to him as he stands up licking his lips. She pulls her underwear back into a comfortable position and drops her skirt and apron back down.

"I don't know if it really will, but you sure as hell deserved it."

"It looks like I messed up your hair. You better fix it before Price gets here."

"And as much as I love smelling you on my face, I don't think it would be good for him to smell sex on me."

As Max goes up stairs to fix himself, Adina gets back to preparing the food. He gets to the top of the stairs and sees that his drink is almost gone. Not wanting to do this without a drink he goes back down to the bar and makes another strong cocktail. Adina was bent over looking at her scallops and didn't notice he poured half his pilsner glass with ice and bourbon then the cola; a drink even stronger than his last. He chugs a big gulp down and heads back to the stairs. He stumbles a little and looks down to see if his laces are untied; nope. The booze must be getting to him but the nerves are still there.

He takes a drink before putting his glass down on the bathroom counter. A drink that would normally have a strong bite is now going down like ice cold soda. Max takes his spray bottle and spritzes his hair, the water moistens the gel he has in it and he's able to mold it to the combed back spikey slick look his wife likes. He dabs a little more gel into his hand and applies it just in case it needs extra hold. He puts a wash rag under the faucet to get it damp then adds a little of his wife's scented lotion. He proceeds to rub it all over his mouth and lower face, must make sure that Price smells delicious foods and not sweet vagina.

Max grabs the glass of alcohol and takes another swig; He may be losing the fluttering feeling in his gut but he's also losing his cognitive faculties. He sees Adina's hair dryer and uses it to help the hair gel dry faster. His boss will be showing up any second and he wants to be downstairs when he does. Thinking about it has made the pit of his stomach twitch and flip over. He grabs the drink and swallows down an even bigger gulp. With his hair dry and face no longer smelling inappropriate, Max makes his way down. With his tipsy feeling he's still a pit of anxiety; he walks over to the bar and tops off his drink with straight alcohol. He takes a large gulp and is starting to really feel his buzz. Too bad for him he's already drank too much and his dinner guest hasn't even shown yet.

"Everything smells great my-bay-de." A drunken slipup of saying two words as one, she knows he was either trying to say 'my baby' or 'my lady'; both phrases he's called her before.

Adina looks up from her pot of green beans and can see in his face that he's more intoxicated now than before he went up to their bathroom. "How much have you had to drink?" She has the tone of disappointment in her voice. She knows he's not a bad drunk, he never gets violent; he just ends up making an ass of himself. He still acts like a great guy; as a matter of fact he can be the life of the party, even if he doesn't remember. She knows she's in for a bizarre night and hopes he doesn't end up passed out at the dinner table.

"I've only had a couple," knowing that he screwed up; he tries even harder to make the rest of this conversation sound like he is one hundred percent. "Give me a break; I am stressed over this enough for the both of us."

She knows he can worry a little too much about things sometimes. The last time she saw him this bent out of shape was when her parents came to meet him. All he could think of was that they were going to shred him apart for meeting their daughter at a party then bringing her home to move in with him. They'd been living with each other for over a year and were now thinking of marriage. That also meant it was time to meet the parents, he had four shots of tequila before Adina stopped him. Of course everything went smoothly; her folks loved him from the moment they walked through the door of that shitty apartment they were living in.

They now live in a two story house that they own and this time it's a boss who also happens to be a friend, but he still can't shake the feeling. A knot is constantly tied and pulled apart over and over again in his midsection. He dares not tell his wife how strong his "couple" of drinks was; he doesn't know it but she will find out soon enough.

"You don't need to feel so uptight about this. You're a shoe in."

"I don't know babe. Last time a spot was open was three years ago and it went straight to Price. He was educated and young; something the other guy has both of."

"Okay, but he doesn't have the experience."

"On the job training baby doll," he says to her as he takes another stiff drink.

Then the doorbell rings.

The couple answer the door and welcome their guest together, "Price, so glad you can make it," Max says as he closes the door behind them.

"Can I make you a drink?" Adina offers.

"Please. Vodka, neat," Price tells her as he takes off his coat and hands it over to Max. He just tosses it over the back of one of the couches in the living-room. "Everything smells great."

"It's almost done." Adina leads Price into the dining area and to the bar. She grabs a glass and pours some vodka into it for him.

Following behind is a stumbling Max, he didn't pick up his foot enough and it caught on the carpet. His drink was sitting on the bar so he picked it up and toasted with Price as Adina finished everything in the kitchen. "Did you have a hard time finding the place?"

"I've been here a few times before Max, remember?"

Adina can hear the conversation and shakes her head in disappointment knowing her husband has fallen victim to his drinks. She now rushes to get the food finished so he can eat something and maybe sober up. He's already making a fool of himself by forgetting his friend has been to their home before. She walks into the dining room with a pot of vegetables in one hand and a pan of rice in the other. "Please guys have a seat." She is off to get the rest of the food.

Dinner is started and Adina and Price begin eating. "This is amazing, the best scallops I've ever had," Price tells his hostess.

"Yeah, my little ball and chain can whip up some good eats." Adina knows he is gone; the booze has taken him over. 'Ball and Chain', he's never in their years of marriage ever called her that.

"Is this a sauce of you own?" Price asks her. He can see that Max's inebriation is making her uncomfortable so he wants to change the subject to something to make her proud.

"No, but I did add a couple spices to spruce it up a bit."

"If it's one thing my sweet baby can do is think on her feet," Max lifts his glass and takes a quick sip then continues, "She once put together a meal on just what we had in the fridge, and there wasn't much back then…"

"I have always enjoyed cooking."

Price takes another fork full of bacon and scallop, "The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

"Well, that general area." Adina smirks. She hasn't noticed that her plan isn't working. Max hasn't eaten anything, he's just moved his food around his plate making it look like he's taken some. She had been too busy keeping Price distracted to see he hasn't put the fork to his mouth this whole time.

"Yeah, but there are just some foods I don't even want to eat," Max blurts out with an alcoholic swagger. "Like eggplant, and the way it looks; come on."

Adina can see that Price has eaten his scallops and most of his rice and veggies; now would be a good time to get away from the table. She's willing to try anything to save all the effort and preparation for this evening. If sitting on the couch can get Max to shut up it's worth a go. So far it seems like Price may not be put off by her husband's actions.

"Shall we have a drink and a smoke in the living room?" She suggests.

"That sounds great," Price says as he starts to clear his plate.

"Please Price, leave it. I'll deal with it later." She stops him, "Please have a seat and I'll bring you your drink."

"Me too baby," Max slurs at her as he walks into the other room with his boss.

She grabs the glass that held his previous beverage and smells it. The odor of bourbon coming from it lets her know just how hammered he really is. She makes sure to give him a glass of ice and cola with just enough booze for him to tell. She pours Price vodka neat and a shot for herself. She tosses it down her throat and sets up another. She does that one as well and then again two more times. She knows this little slipup could cost Max everything he's worked so hard for and she doesn't want him to miss it just because he couldn't beat the nerves. She digs deep and tells herself she will be the wife that picks up the slack when her husband needs her to.

She gives the guys their drinks and takes a place on the loveseat. Max is in one of the reclining chairs and Price is in the other. The two are bullshitting about sports and smiling, even letting out a laugh once in a while.

"You remember that bet Tyler lost to you after the Super Bowl?" Price mentions.

"A week of lunch on him," Max says as he takes a big drink, "Smoke?" He pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers Price one. Camel Reds, rugged with a bit of smooth spice, just like Max, when he's sober.

"No thanks I have my own." Price reaches into his coat on the couch and grabs his pack of Parliament Lights, a plain blue and white box with a red crest; a cig elegant enough for a man in a suit, not a cowboy.

Price has already lit his while Max struggles, Adina thinks she may have put too much liquor in his drink; maybe he'll pass out soon. Finally Max is able to light it and put the pack on the coffee table with cigarettes falling out.

"You okay over there buddy?" Price flicks his ash into the glass ashtray.

"I'm great, having fun."

Adina is hanging her head hoping this will end soon. The promotion is most likely gone but she can hope that he won't say anything stupid to send this awkward night to the next level.

"Remember at the last Christmas party I walked in on you fucking that chick from the mailroom." Too late, Price looks over to Adina and gives a look of disgust and shame. She can tell that was something Price did not want to come out. Max has gone into that party guy mode who likes to have a good time and thrown the thought of his promotion out the window. He has no clue what's going on. The drinks have finally taken over.

All Adina can do is mouth the words, I'm so sorry, to Price with a look of pity on her face. The two just look at each other and speak with their eyes.

It's not something I'm proud of, his hazel eyes tell her.

I don't care about that, frosty blues say back to him; you don't have to be ashamed with me."

There hasn't been a sound from Max in a minute so Adina looks over to him. Some time, as the two were staring at each other, he passed out. He sits in his chair with his drink spilling over still in his hand. Price reaches over and pulls it out of his hand and places it on the table. He wipes the excess liquid off with a tissue from a nearby box.

"Price, Max was far too nervous about tonight and you see how he dealt with it." She reaches for his hand and holds it close to her, "Let me make this up to you, we both know he deserves this position but let me seal it for you."

She lets his hand go and starts to unbutton her blouse. To accompany her black leggings and grey thong, she had worn her maid's corset. She drops her top and skirt to the floor revealing a sexy outfit she had planned to wear for her husband to celebrate. Now she's going to use it to help her husband.

Price looks the magnificent body up and down. He pays close attention to her long legs and how they look so sleek in the dark stockings. "I will not lie; I've always thought you were one of the sexiest women alive. I've thought about what I would do to you if given the chance."

"My husband is passed out and has made a fool of himself; let me erase that from your memory with a fantasy come true." She inches closer and rubs her hand across his abdomen; she can feel the bumps of his abs through the silk button up shirt. "I won't lie to you, I've also thought about the- what if. This is something that could never happen and will never happen again, so I say we take advantage of it."

Price doesn't need any more than those words from this sexy woman telling him they should get it on. He lets her take him into a spare room on the ground floor. She doesn’t want to take this to the bed she shares with Max. She loves her husband, but knows that not only does she need to do this for him, but she doesn't want to ever think "what if" in her future. She didn't lie to him, she's thought about this. The actual thought that goes through her head is not unfamiliar to Price. She also saw him that day at the Christmas party, but he didn't see her. She often sees herself as that mail girl bent over a desk with him pumping away at her from behind. That's why she showed pity and not surprise when Max blurted out what Price had done.

Once in the room she unbuckles his belt and drops his slacks to the floor followed by his boxers. His silk shirt is unbuttoned and she runs her hand down his rippling mounds of abdominals all the way to his smoothly shaved pelvis. When she reaches for his engorgement it's already at full attention. She sits down on the guest bed and puts it in her mouth. As the tip touches her lips he stops her, "No." He drops to his knees at the end of the bed and spreads her legs apart. "I said to myself if this ever were to happen I would want to pleasure you first."

"It's funny you say that, it's the same thing I told myself," she scoots back further on the bed. "You better lie down so I can straddle that handsome face of yours."

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