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Yesterday... Today... Tomorrow...


There is an abode, a venue... or for now, let's refer to it as a dwelling... not far from where you live and love. Actually, who knows, it may be exactly where you live... A dwelling then, if you want... where "was" and "is" and "will be" are the same place... No, "I" probably won't guess where you live... But then, we're not taking about me...


It was Thursday the 3rd of June 1999... but, then later the same day was also Sunday the 3rd of September 2006. And a just a little after that, as luck would have it, if one dare insinuate it would be luck, it will also be Wednesday the 6th of March 2019... It wouldn't have made sense for Gunter to question this anomaly, so he didn't exactly torment himself with it... initially... he just kept enjoying life and did what he enjoyed, it just made sense.

Chapter 1

To claim a little sanity, as far Gunter was concerned, he had the day off. The long boring routine, driving between home and his destination; the desolate office parking too early on business mornings, the drab computer department and his solitary work station, was starting to take its toll... For as many mornings as far back as he could recall, it was the same uneventful trip to work. The For Sale sign outside the office park, somehow didn't concern him... Having washed his hands, he dried them with a just laundered, still warm dish cloth, and turned around from the basin. The house had always been peaceful and quiet as Eve, who worked night-shift, and usually only arrived home at a few minutes after 7am. Not a second too soon... and he faced the new morning which came to greet and console him outside the kitchen window. The brand new early morning sun rays warmed up his cheeks and reminded him of her first kiss. They were young, he was mad about her, and her kiss at that very moment was (the) most welcome thing in his entire life.

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