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Heartville's Diner


Café, Eatery or Bistro... On the whole these brightly lit, welcoming signs serve as samples of sometimes age-old delectable processes kept secret, to keep hungry selective patrons going back for more. No two are alike in character and each one boasts to dominate either with the generosity of their portions, their delightfully secretly guarded homemade gravies, or those specialty tempting desserts. Whatever magnetises us towards them, they just prepare it better... And of course, then there are the heart-warming hosts... the other ingredient to a mouthwatering experience, that keeps us going back...


While the blinding yellow and red flickering neon signs were pulling families off the main road through Heartville with... Two for the price of one! Saturday Dinner Specials! and Upsize & Win! A handful of starving residents and one or two peckish passing through sales people, were not the cheap franchised food in a box..., get a toy with your burger..., or just fried chips..., supporters, and seldom bothered even a stare in the direction of these so called modern dinner time marvels... Much like tonight...

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