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I Forgot To Mention, My Name Is Luigi

Smashwords Edition, License Notes. Wolf Sherman. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronically, electrostatic magnetic tape or mechanically; including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing from the author. Although this is a fictional work, some of the locations, organisations and events are factual. The characters and times in the story line are fictional - therefore, all resemblances to actual people present or past are purely coincidental.


"We are never really alone..." She had explained. "Not even when the black serpent-like constrictiveness of isolated abandonment clouds a human mind, or what may remain of it; with the guaranteed promise, of dying... alone..." Whether we've passed, staring down at our empty weary bodies, or still waiting for something to reach through; from beyond; to collect who we are; who we have become - Doctor Montana had always suspected that she knew better than most. Only, the day had come knocking on her consulting room door; when she had no need to page through volumes of medical text books, nor recently published medical trials, know for sure...


An hour later.

"You should be proud of the name your parents blessed you with. Michael, it's a strong name, why don't you like the name?"

"...Just don't like the sound of it. It feels... foreign. Does that make sense?"

"Well the mind is a complex thing... So tell me what you'd like your teachers to call you...?"


"Do you love Italian names?"

"Not really, just that one"

"Are your parents Italian?"

"No. Mom's Irish and Dad's English".

"Why do you think you're classed as a rebel in school?"

"No Idea, to be honest".

"You broke a boy's nose who took a girl's sandwich... Luigi. The boy is still in hospital..."

"He also called her names. Bad ones. And he pulled her hair?"

"Yes. I... believe he had done that too"

"Good. So then, do you understand?"

"Do I understand what... Luigi?"

"Well, my frustration"

"Do you think the boy deserved a broken nose?"

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