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A story of the Kingdom of Nareth

By Mercedes Bleau

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2017 by Mercedes Bleau

Published by Alpha Witch Publishing at Smashwords.

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Copyright © 2017 by Mercedes Bleau

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Publishing History

Alpha Witch eBook edition July 2017

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Glossary of Terms

Blood DÉn: Noble sanctioned feeding house for unmated Todesgeist.

Blood Mother: The appointed head of a Blood Dén. This is a lifelong appointment. An honorable title for those of the Kuspit. They are the keepers of race.

DemimÖrden: Un-blooded humans. Short lived lesser cousins of the Todesgeist.

Denkin: Inhabitants of the Blood Dén, who report to the Appointed Blood Mother.

Farbo: Second part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the soul. The very energy of life and creation. This energy is released only during full satiation during which all three seats of power are opened in complete supplication. Often only released after a full feeding of both Lusten and San during the height of climax. The culminating point of the Satiation Ritual.

Kuspit Noble: High nobles born of lineage descendant of the original six. Traceable family books magically bound, and spelled against untruths are kept at every family seat.

Lusten: First part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the body. The very essence of physical need and sustenance. Energy released by the body during physical arousal and pleasure.

MÖrderBan: Mid Class Blood Den located in Southern California.

RedMÖrder: High class Blood Den located in Nevada. See Blood Mother.

Reticine: Trusted Protector. More closely defined as Keeper. As Todesgeist require the full satiation in order to survive upon coming of age, it is customary for females of the Noble Kuspit to be appointed a keeper. This is to keep the coveted females safe, but also to prevent them from having to scavenge to survive. The Reticine is responsible for meeting his mistress’s every need.

San: Third part of the Todesgeist Satiation. The food of the heart. Energy garnered through drinking the blood of others.

Sangeisten: Literally Noble Protectors. Noble sect of the original six families that have formed into separate military police group, responsible for the longevity, security, and protection of the secret of the race’s existence.

Satiation: Todesgeist feeding ritual whereby all three hungers are fed. Lusten, Farbo, San. Known as a full feeding. Upon coming of age the séne is broken by initiating a full feeding, during which the soul weile, or Farbo seat is opened for the first time. This releases the powers of the soul and reveals the Farbo marks that declare a Todesgeist’s status in the Kingdom.

Séne: Uninitiated. A Todesgeist who has never experienced a full satiation is said to be this.

Tellrian Band: Lesser nobles fallen or unclaimed by a greater family but belonging to a lesser family.

Todesgeist: Members of the Kingdom of Nareth. Vampires like you’ve never seen before. Long lived, strong, powerful, and Oh so Hawt!!

Wéile: The door to the inner power of all Todesgeist. The heart and soul of the being and the essence of life.

Zabine Denizen: Unaffiliated Todesgeist with untraceable origins, or lineage to the Original six. Are often mercenaries, work for hire, artists, artisans, etc. They are few as there are many benefits to being affiliated. Most children are adopted, or join other families.

Lusten, Farbo, San, the three parts of the Todesgeist satiation. We are vampire, or rather those of the Kingdom of Nareth. The Sire, the original Todesgeist fell to the earth and created from his blood and seed six children. He bid them spread with the Demimörden, the humans of all realms, to dilute the blood so that we might find harmony and peace. The six chose six mates from six of the seven realms leaving the seventh realm of death untouched. They were left to breed for many years until they were called upon by the Sire. There he began the Ritual.

This is our legend. We are many. We are Kuspit Nobles, Tellrian Band, Sangeisten, and Zabine Denizens. These are the four orders of the Kingdom of Nareth. We are not free to live, but it is true that ritual serves more than chaos ever could. The ritual is existence, our legend in live evolution. It is for us and those we would share this world with. Without it we are lost.

-Portia Liebemorder, Blood Mother


The reinforced rod was cool and smooth against the skin of her inner thighs. Destyni wrapped her ankle around, squeezed polished metal between her legs, and let her body slide down the pole. Her hips pumped undulating her body in sensuous rhythm. She ran her hands over her flat stomach and up over well presented breasts before caressing the pole below her head. Her fingers grazed the marble floor of the stage only briefly before she flipped her legs down in an agile move that presented her rounded firm backside to the crowd.

Gripping her ankles she bent her knees, waving the soft mounds of her rear in a circular motion before standing upright again. She cupped her lace covered breasts as if she meant to offer them to the male sitting in the first row. The music was upbeat, and pulsing, a complement to her dance in every way. Rocking her hips, Destyni shimmied her shoulders as she let the thin straps of the half halter slide down her arms.

Lusten was a haze that was almost tangible in its abundance. The rapt audience gave it off in pulsing waves that matched the sway of her hips. Turning gracefully, Destyni let the half halter fall to the stage, and covered her nipples with her palms. She moved slowly, rolling her hips, working her body in simulation of hot passionate sex. The anticipation built to feverish frenzy.

There was an even mix of Todesgeist and Demimörden in the crowd this night, which accounted for the marked level of restraint her brethren were showing. On another night she would already have been pulled from the stage by one of them, her neck and body pierced in one action.

She wanted to sigh at the thought, but hid her sudden melancholy with a rolling turn that brought her mostly nude form back to face the crowded room. She was an appointed Feeder at the LeiberSan, a mid-class Blood Den in southern California. Though the choice had been forced on her, she had long since accepted her fate.

She dropped her hands and felt the surging emotions like a tingling breeze against the sensitive skin of her breasts. Her nipples responded immediately becoming erect daggers at her chest. Looking out over the crowd she walked up the narrow outlet, moving in a way that caused her chest to bounce and jiggle in a supremely enticing way. She knew the effect she had, saw it in the raging signatures of the Todesgueist, and the softer less distinct ones of the humans. It was like translucent electricity that sparked in a firework display around each male.

The sight of it both attracted and repulsed her at the same time. She was an adult now, strong in her gifts and confident in her duties. There was still a part of her that remember the scared girl who’d had adulthood forced on her in excess. Smiling mysteriously against the turbulent memories that attempted to bloom in her mind, Destyni finished her dance.

Floating to her knees she crawled to the edge of the outlet and sat on her heals, all the while working her curvaceous form in time to the music. Laying back she rested her head on the floor and curved her back into a perfect lotus, serving up her assets to precision. She paused waiting for the last strains of the song to fade before she stood and walked from the stage ignoring the raucous applause that followed.

As the curtains closed behind her the temptress fell from her shoulders like a silken veil. She did what was required, had honed her body and mind to perform day after day, but she took no joy in it. Grabbing the plush emerald robe from its perch she clothed herself and stepped through the inner door to the dim hallway. She needed to feed. There was a slight tremble in her fingers, and she curled them into fists. She was on duty this night, and needed to attend at least the first presenting, or she would be punished. Each night she and the other Denkin of the LeiberSan were presented to the patrons on the hour until all had acquired assignations.

Her Blood Mother could not be called fair by any means, but Jyn did at least give the allusion of participating in the Ritual. The Blood Dén had been established early on in the Kingdom. It provided an easy place for unattached Todesgueist to feed, away from the eyes of the Demimörden. Each had an appointed Blood Mother, usually of the Noble Kuspit that held dominion of all that lived there. They’d since integrated themselves into human society allowing them to blend into the current culture with ease. The LeiberSan was an elegant strip club to most Demimörden. It brought in a healthy crowd on most nights of the week.

She felt a vibration in the pocket of her robe, and remembered her cell phone was there. Palming the small flat device she lifted it out and examined the luminous face.

A shrill voice ruptured the calm of the night freezing her in mid motion. Looking in the direction it had come from, Destyni was shocked to see a naked Demimörden running towards her as if she were being chased by an army of the undead.

Looking past the human she saw a shock of blue hair. Tien. Her Blood Mother’s lover was a common sight at the LeiberSan, but not usually in connection with terrified females. What was going on? These were the back halls of the Dén, humans were not allowed here. Stepping into the female’s path she caught her at the waist, feeling the press of a naked female form against her.

“Are you all right?”

“Please.” The eyes were pleading, the hazel irises almost swallowed by the pupil.

“What happened?”

Destyni felt the cool press of a gloved hand before she looked up at Tien. He was smiling as usual, his face curving to kindness with practiced ease.

“Thanks luv.” His voice was gruff, deeper than usual. He pulled the shivering female from Destyni’s grasp, fighting clinging human fingers.

“What?” A curt shake of his head stopped her question. She looked at the male, noting the dark red tendrils of his signature that hadn’t been there a moment before. It was violence, rising off of him like steam in winter. Destyni knew better than to engage him when he was like this. She’d learned long ago of what this one was truly capable. She barely held in a shiver as his body came close to hers. Turning with the female now cradled in his arms, Tien walked away without another word.

A feeling of wrongness assaulted her and she shut her eyes against it, willing the bubbling guilt to the back of her mind. She saw herself as the human, cradled against a muscled chest, caught in the gravity of deep red eyes.

Tien was we-fe, what human’s called albino. The Todesgeist version of the condition was much less noticeable, the eyes a crimson, the skin fair but not pale, and the colorless hair. They often utilized human mechanisms to hide their condition, hair dye and contacts went a long way to feign a sense of normalcy. Tien seemed only to favor the dye.

Memories battered her, shuttling weakness to her knees and she pressed a hand to the wall to keep from crumbling to the ground. It had been Tien who had initiated her into the life of a Feeder. He’d broken her Sène, bringing her to adulthood by completing her first full Satiation. He had not been gentle. He’d drank her tears like they were the finest ale, and had enjoyed the painful union of his body within hers.

Shaking off the cold mist of fear and pain Destyni forced her body upright, and willed her legs into motion. She’d see what she could do for the female later if she could. She was already late for the first presenting, she didn’t even want to imagine what would happen if she missed it entirely.

Laite looked at her curiously as she slid silently to the end of the line. His water blue eyes were inquisitive but friendly as usual. She gave him a slight smile, trying to let him know she was fine. He nodded and turned to face the crowd of Todesgeist that had arrived.

“Please take your pick my patrons! We are all here to serve you as the Ritual demands.” The sultry voice of her Blood Mother rang in the air.

The patrons milled around examining the living offering with practiced eyes. Destyni let a curtain of silky black hair shade one side of her face and wrapped trembling arms around her middle. She was in no condition to entertain, but there was no choice. She could only pray she wasn’t chosen in this first presenting, and then maybe she could feed and rest a while.

She felt the gentle warmth of body heat in front of her and gasped at the abrupt reaction of her body. Her channel became wet, the tissue immediately sensitive and needy, her nipples were painfully erect topping suddenly swollen breasts. The change came in a rush pushing another soft sound from her lips, and she felt wetness on her inner thighs. Her eyes jumped to the male in front of her. Her chest struggled to bring in air that was heady with restless desire. What was this?

She stared at a wide chest her eyes tracing outlandishly masculine attributes as she searched for the cause of her body’s reaction. He was huge. Destyni looked up and up into eyes the color of an endless abyss and fought down a shudder of unadulterated longing. She looked down trying to hide her reaction and was speared by the vision of his cock forming an impressive tent in loose fitting pants. Destyni swallowed at the sight of it forcing herself not to lick dry lips.

The soft press of a palm against her chin forced her to meet those eyes again.

“Hello Temptress.” His voice was a bass rumble emanating from a barrel chest.

“Hello.” She whispered her usual saucy veneer completely shattered.

His hand slid around her waist measuring the dramatic curves of her body, and then she was pulled into the spicy heat of him, her breasts pressing against unforgiving muscle.

“Jyn, I need a one week session with this one.” His eyes never left hers as he negotiated.

One week? Of course it had happened sometimes when a patron was taken with a Feeder, but such had never happened to her. She heard the smoky timbre of her Mistress’s response, but failed to comprehend the words that were said.

Cinnamon enveloped her and then his lips caressed hers, much more gently than she’d anticipated. He was beyond large, even for their kind, but tender with it, careful of her much smaller size. He moved slowly, his mouth learning hers, his tongue an expressive colloquy of uncontrollable desire, and enticement. He fed from her lips, his hands roaming her form pressing feminine hips against the steal clad evidence of his need. He lifted her easily cradling her against him as the kiss broke.

“Direct me….”

“Destyni.” Her voice quivered, and she felt the hot rush of embarrassment coat her cheeks.

“Fitting,” He said in an undertone, as his fingers toyed with her nipples.

She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling herself closer to escape those exploring hands. She directed him to her rooms and they stepped inside the dimly lit foyer. He didn’t release her as she’d expected, instead he continued back seeming to know where her bedroom would be without direction. She landed on the bed, at a loss for the first time in as long as she could remember.

“I’m Lutien.” His clothes already formed a pile on the rugged floor.

“I’m…” Had she told him her name?


She quivered fiercely and then his lips were there again sucking, preventing any thought from forming. He kissed her mouth and then found the fragile skin of her neck. Breathing deeply as if he was savoring her scent he paused and leaned back, massive arms supporting his great weight.

“Have you fed?”

She averted her eyes not wanting to admit that she was in no condition to please him. There was a percussive chuckle then the sharp aroma of San. Her eyes lifted of their own accord.

“Then take from me first.”

His fangs were fully extended, his full lower lip coated in blood that even now ran down his dented chin. He was the most attractive male that she’d ever seen. She pushed herself up on trembling arms and sucked his lip into her mouth, kissing him and feeding at the same time. He rumbled against her, and her robe was removed leaving her in nothing but sheer panties slung low on her hips.

Too quickly the blood began to slow and she bit him again suckling the life giving essence from his mouth. A soft keening seeped from her throat, and she ran deft fingers through the short silk of his hair. He pulled back slowly as if savoring the feeling of his lip caught between her teeth and fangs. Licking his still leaking lip he bent his head again as if he needed just one more taste of her.

“Feed from me Destyni, fully. Ok?”

Her eyes widened and she nibbled her lip. She was a Feeder, this was the first time she’d ever taken from a patron. Could she deny him?

“Don’t deny me. Take what you need.”

Then he was kissing her again, his hands finding her breasts, the fingers pinching swollen nipples to painful readiness. She needed his mouth there.

Lutien complied before she could voice the need. He bit his wrist and brought it to her mouth while his tongue lapped the extended tips. She shuddered in his arms, the pleasure immediate and striking. Lusten was already seeping from them, and she drew it in as the San slid like liquid silver down her throat.

“Fuck.” He said as he suckled one breast and then the other. His hand pressed against the wet lace covering her mound, as his hips pushed that impressive erection into her side.

Her hand slid around it, her fingers unable to span its girth, and she pumped the length learning the form of him. The tip was wet with precome and she used it to lubricate him, spreading the warm essence over the bulging head. She finished at his wrist licking the already healing wounds, laying a gentle kiss on the skin there. She caressed his face with her palm and brought his mouth back to hers.



His fingers found their way beneath the thin covering of fabric sliding through the slickness to circle the inflamed folds of her pussy. He leaned back his eyes showing an intensity that she hadn’t expected to see there.

“I can’t wait to push my cock inside you.” He rasped.

“Then don’t.” She bucked forcing two large fingers deep inside her.

He shook his head, his eyes closing for a moment.

“Do you know what it’s going to feel like?”

She shook her head and smiled finally catching on.

He bent and licked her swollen needy nipples one more time and she sighed at the rain of tingles that spread from them.

“Put your hand on me. Feel how big I am. Now imagine what it will be like to have all that forcing its way into your tight little slit.”

She did as he asked cupping the bulbous tip and then running a hand down the length of him. She imagined the burning pleasure as he forced his way inside her, stretching her channel, forcing her to accommodate his size.

His hand stroked her feeding into the fantasy he was weaving, heightening her lust even more.

“I’d push into you in one thick stroke, feeling all that wet sex pulling tight around me, I’d go a little crazy. You’ll feel so good I won’t be able to control myself.”

He began to work his fingers in and out of her, mimicking the actions his words described.

“I love these breasts,” he breathed, “I’d suck each one until you scream at me. And then I’d start again. Would you like that?”


“Yeah, you’re sensitive there.” He pressed sucking kisses around the edges of each pulsating globe. “Yes. Moan for me. Later you can say my name as I fuck you.”

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