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|| (नारायण अंतर्गत) दुर्जन मोहक बुद्ध स्वरूपय नमः ||

-कर्तीक दामोदर स्तोत्र

Mohanārthaṃ dānavānāṃ

bālarūpī pathi-sthitaḥ

putraṃ taṃ kalpayām āsa

mūḍha-buddhir jinaḥ svayam

tataḥ saṃmohayām āsa

jinādyān asurāṃśakān

bhagavān vāgbhir ugrābhir

ahiṃsā-vācibhir hariḥ

-Acharya Madhva in

Brahmanda Purana










-Author Samaka


Beijing, China

The day was 12th May 2013, it was raining heavily in Beijing and a board meeting in ‘HK2 - i Hub’ had just been completed. A 22 years old, young employee – Banzan Dewre, had been assigned a new goal for the upcoming Buddha Purnima Day.

The HK2 - i Hub was a typical IT Company, but there were rumours about it being illegal and weird in its activities.

Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi, karnataka, India

A Vaishnava visitor was peeping in the ‘Kanakana Kindi’. The word ‘Kanakana Kindi’ meaning Kanaka’s window, had come from the story of a popular saint - Sri Kanakadas.

The temple was established by Acharya Madhva, the Guru of the Dvaita Vaishnava people in the mid eleventh century.

The boy took his head out of the window and started walking towards the exit. As the boy moved towards the steps, he noticed a beggar, whose left leg was damaged severely. The boy felt sorry for him and he slipped a coin to the beggar. “What’s your name child?” the beggar asked, “Anand… Anandatirtha” the boy replied and walked away.

malik ibn dinar mosque, kerala, india

It was 14th May 2013, a young man was wandering around the premises of the mosque. He walked through the entrance, observing the pieta-dura style of architecture.

The history of the Mosque was not known to most of the people, the reason they came there was only to pray to Allah.

The man saw two men staring at the window, one of them was holding a yellow - coloured suitcase with a shloka pattern on it, saying “Om Mani Padme Hum”.

The man walked towards them. “You… Are you the one??” the men questioned. “Yeah, Mr. Basho has sent me, I’m Abdudh Tavaar” the man answered and walked away with the suitcase.

Abdudh Tavaar had now travelled to Udupi. He sat in an autorickshaw and started roaming around the residential area.

dalada maligawa temple, kandy, sri lanka

The Buddhist temple museum was filled with fifty plus visitors that day. The temple was built for showcasing the Buddhist relics and the special attraction was a piece of Lord Buddha’s tooth.

It was built in the 16th century, by King Vimaladharmasuriya.

A retired Indian RAW agent, Madhusudan Ayachit had come to the museum with his son, Vishwanath. “Dad! Why did Buddha die? He was a God, right? How did he die!?” Vishwa asked as dimples formed on his forehead. “Buddha wasn’t a God, he had only reached enlightenment” Madhusudan answered to his son’s question. “But what about the ninth avatar of Vishnu?” Vishwa asked again.

“No Vishwa… There are a lot of controversies amongst us Vaishnava people regarding Buddha Avatar of Vishnu, some say there was another Buddha other than Siddhartha Gautama, while some people say Gautama Buddha was incarnated to stop unauthorized performances of Vedic activities… And when you talk about death, life on earth is just a drama for god, he is the playwright, he is the actor, and in fact he is the drama too… He can end it whenever he wishes to… You know, right? Even Krishna died…To kill the demons, Buddha stood on the path in the form of a child. Foolish Jina, imagined him to be his son.

Thus, Sri Hari deluded Jina and other demons by his words of non-violence.”

Madhusudan cleared all the doubts that Vishwa had.

beijing, china

“You must finish your mission by 17th… That’s the Buddha Purnima, and you are still roaming around! Today is already 14th, Agent… Speed up Abdudh! Speed up!” Mr. Basho ended the call and walked away towards the elevator.

He was now in the seventh floor of the HK2 - i Hub. Another board meeting had suddenly been held due to an unknown reason.

HK2 - i Hub was under a cyber-attack that day…

All the information was leaked to an unknown IP located in India.

Mr. Basho called Abdudh again… “Hello, our system information has been hacke….” Basho was interrupted by Abdudh Tavaar, “Duh! I know, I was the one who did it…” he said.

“Why the bloody hell did you do that! You bloody creature, I’m going to suspend you, now!!”, “Sir…err…You!” Abdudh tried to justify, but Basho had already ended the call.

“Summon Agent Anij Raja, right now!” Mr. Basho demanded aloud.

udupi, karnataka, india

Abdudh was already frustrated with his boss, Mr. Basho. He wanted to do complete mission desperately, but he didn’t like the way Basho was bossing on him. So finally, he decided to carry the task out, for himself. He was a strict follower of Buddhism, but with the cover necessary for the mission, he was a Muslim. His codename, in fact was the anagram for ‘Buddha Avatar’…

There was a deep secret hidden somewhere in Andhra Pradesh, which could either destroy Buddhism or could destroy the whole universe. Basho had not yet revealed the place to Abdudh, instead he had messaged a riddle for him to solve and crack the place name.

The riddle was a bit tricky, it described the properties of that place. It went like this -

The Ninth Vishnu is there, long & tall;

The eighth one too flows around the hall;

The island is like a boat in the sea;

Close your eyes and pray, to come & see;

In the Andhra, is the cave;

Named after Arjuna, great & brave;

The Ninth Vishnu is there, long & tall…

Abdudh, sitting in the autorickshaw, kept gazing at the message…

a secret place in rwanda, africa

“Waar is Agent Amar Khaan, is hy dood!?” General Katarwa was asking whether his agent was dead.

“Nee meneer, die Indiers het hom gevange geneem. Hy is in ‘n plek genaamd Vijaywada! Ons het ‘n ander agent gestuur wat die Suid-Indiese taal prat. Hy gaan Amar Khaan terugbring” his sidekick Sigartyala said that the Indians have imprisoned him, and another agent who speaks South-Indian is sent to bring him back.

“Hmm…” General Katarwa exclaimed.

327 CE,

location COORDINATES –

1631’18.82” n 7914’34.26” e

The monumental place was filled with a lot of visitors on that day.

The Buddha statue was a wonderful structure built by the Ikshvaku ruler of Andhra. The beautiful place was now the capital for the Ikshvaku rulers… Buddhists & Hindus from all over India used to come here to offer prayers to the only common god between the two religions.

While the Sri Vaishnavaites had excluded Buddha Avatar from the Dashavatar List, the Dvaita Vaishnavaites still worshipped Buddha as an avatar of Vishnu.

present day…

udupi, karnataka, india

Abdudh Tavaar was unable to solve the riddle,

He would have identified the place if Basho had given him the coordinates. But now, there was no chance of him asking Mr. Basho about it.

He decided to drop the matter and remember Basho’s instruction.

The instruction was very simple for Abdudh, he had to go to door number 37, ring the doorbell, and kidnap the guy named Anand, take him away in his car to Vijaywada and stop near ‘Imbinul Godown’.

Abdudh started searching for the house. “29, 31, 33, 35…” Abdudh took the final count as he stepped out of the autorickshaw and payed money to the driver. He opened the gate slowly without making any sound. He moved to the patio of Anand’s house, he laid the suitcase down and put his hand under a bunch of clothes, to find a roll of red coloured duct tape and a Classic Beretta M1923 Pistol.

He put the roll in his large sized pocket and held the heavy pistol in his hand.

“Ding Dong!”, Anand’s sleep was disturbed by the irritating sound from the doorbell.

Anand slowly staggered towards the door and opened it. Within seconds, Abdudh banded his mouth with the duct tape and pointed the gun to his forehead. “Give me the bloody key, of your dumbass car… Now!” Abdudh roared at him. Anand took the key out of his pocket and placed it in Abdudh’s hand.

beijing, china

“Ok, boss I’ll leave for Mangalore now!” Agent Anij obeyed Basho’s orders. Anij was the backup agent for this mission, if Abdudh would be injured or he wouldn’t be willing to do this mission, Anij Raja would carry it out. “Now see what my brave agent does…” Mr. Basho thought to himself, “Om Mani Padme Hum” he ended his thoughts with the Buddhist mantra.

mangalore international airport

The date was 14th May, and Anij Raja had already come to Mangalore.

Anij booked a personal taxi with his mobile phone and started moving towards Udupi. He was also given the same riddle, but he was supposed to go to the Imbinul Godown and wait for the location to be sent to him…

vijaywada, andhra pradesh, india

After paying to all the tolls with Anand’s money,

Abdudh was finally in Vijaywada, he was only a few yards away from the Imbinul Godown

Few Minutes Later,

Abdudh Tavaar noticed the large flex board saying ‘Imbinul Godown’

And he drifted the car towards the building. Abdudh stepped out of the car and spat his saliva out, then he slowly moved towards the passenger door, and led him out of the car to the building.

He always wondered why Basho had told him to kidnap Anand, so he decided to question Anand…

udupi, karnataka, india

Anij was in front of the door number 37, but he was disappointed to see the door open… He took his gun out and started walking inside the house. After a few minutes of search, he came to know that nobody was there in the house.

He called Mr. Basho… “Hello sir, where is Anand? Nobody’s here!!” he exclaimed.

Shit! That Banzan!!! Banzan Dewre has proceeded with next steps of the mission… I mean Abdudh, his codename is Abdudh Tavaar. Listen, Anij Raja! One of my undercover African agents – Gurukhyatik is coming to Vijaywada, take his help and KILL Abdudh if needed! All the best Anij Raja!” Mr. Basho ended the call.

vijaywada, andhra pradesh, india

It was May 15th, Abdudh had broken the door of the empty Godown, he & Anand had slept there all day…

Agent Anij Raja was now with Gurukhyatik, both had helped the African agent – Amar Khaan to escape from the Vijaywada Police.

They both had searched every corner of that area, but Abdudh alias Banzan was nowhere to be found. “Now where?” Gurukhyatik asked,

Hey, wait, if Abdudh has followed all the instructions…umm…then he would be in… Ha! Imbinul Godown! That’s where he will be, come on Guru, let’s go…” Agent Anij used his intellect to trace Abdudh Tavaar.

kandy, srilanka

Madhusudan and Vishwanath were having their lunch. Madhusudan slowly lifted a string of noodles with his fork… Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Vishwa sprang out from his chair but sat back, as he saw his father’s hand signaling him to stop.

Madhusudan walked towards the door in a slow pace… He looked through the small glass hole and suddenly sprang back! He signaled to Vishwa, to move into the room…

There is a letter in the drawer, type all the matter in it, and mail it to Anand Uncle, and don’t forget to align it to the center” Madhusudan whispered, he was not surprised to see the signs of fear on Vishwa’s face.

He took a deep breath and he opened the door. The next thing he saw was a pistol aiming to his forehead. “Blaaam!” the bullet had pierced his head and the men had left. Vishwa sent the mail to Anand and slowly walked towards the hall, Madhusudan was dead!



vijaywada, andhra pradesh, india

Abdudh had seized Anand’s phone… The phone’s battery was low, as low as 7% …

The mail-tone rang and Abdudh looked at the phone but he was unable to unlock it.

He pressed the power button…

He swiped on the screen…

He started guessing…

‘acharyamadhva’ he entered,

‘Wrong Password, four attempts left, the phone will reset after the attempts are done’ the message said.

‘madhvacharya’ – ‘Wrong…’

‘madhva’ – ‘Wrong…’

‘dvaita’- ‘Wrong…’

A last attempt was left… Abdudh inhaled and exhaled several times.

‘srikrishna’ he entered… And the phone was unlocked!

He opened the Mail App and saw the mail which had come from madhuraw.cryptic@beafdeafmail.co.lk

It said the following –



Anand Uncle,

Vishwanath will be

In Kandy, Srilanka

Please Adopt Him

After you are free



adusuhdam.rm ‘s

drager‘r evira

nhsirke htn it

ie sopsidr

ou oyh tiwt

ip eekr

ehtied nat

safe bo s‘n

eddihs it

ercesa hddube

htk rams

sorce htr

ednud naa


htt ar

evira nhsir

keh trae nog.

Note the Shape Too, It Will Help you in Locating…


Abdudh didn’t have time to decode the code but he could surely make out the shape. He put his hand in his pocket and took a small notebook out.

He noted the sentence as it was and saw the shape which formed-

The shape of the given text was identical to pillars which are usually found in temples. But he had to decode the text to find what the message was about…

Suddenly he heard footsteps, they were not of a single man, “either they are two or three” Abdudh were closed, “probably he is sleeping” Abdudh thought…

Gurukhyatik & Anij Raja walked in. Abdudh leaped up and Anij pointed the gun towards him, seeing this, Guru too pointed the gun towards Abdudh…

Abdudh was about to raise his hands up…

“Blaaam!” a gunshot was heard. The next thing Anij saw was the motionless body of Gurukhyatik.

It was Anand! Abdudh had left his pistol just few inches away from Anand.

Abdudh moved towards Anij and blabbered- “He’s gone, the next one will be you! SURRENDER!!”

Anij dropped the gun and raised his hands. Abdudh taped his mouth and made him sit beside Anand.

He removed Anand’s tape and asked, “Why did you save me?”, “I’ve done you a favor, now you do me a favor now” Anand demanded, “Ok, ask…” Abdudh agreed.

Give me my mobile phone” Anand asked. Abdudh raised his hand up, revealing his ambigram tattoo saying ‘Buddha’ and gave the phone to Anand.

Anand’s eyes were filled with tears when he read the first sentence of the mail. He consoled himself and started decoding the message.

This what he found when he decoded this-

Go near the Krishna river at the Nagarjunakonda and under the cross mark, the Buddha secret is hidden. So be fast and either you keep it with you or dispose it in the Krishna river.


Mr. Madhusudan Ayachit

He also looked at the shape and felt mesmerized…

Abdudh!” Anand called out, “We need to go to Nagarjunakonda!” Anand shouted.

“So, you decoded the message, huh? Can you solve a riddle?” Abdudh asked

“Yeah, Why?” Anand replied with another counter question…

“Solve this riddle for me” Abdudh gave him the riddle which Basho had given him.

The Ninth Vishnu is there… Buddha!

Long and tall… Statue…

The eighth one too flows… Krishna!

Flows…? Yeah, River! Krishna River!

Around the hall… A large area…

The island is like a boat in the sea… It’s an island surrounded by water…

Close your eyes to pray… It’s a temple!

Come and see… Probably it is beautiful…

In the Andhra is the cave… It’s a cave structure!

Named after Arjuna, great and brave… Nagarjuna!

Nagarjunakonda! It’s the same place…!”

Anand and Abdudh looked at each other…


nagarjunakonda, vijaywada, andhra pradesh, india

Abdudh, can you tell me what are the coordinates of this location?” Anand asked.

1631’18.82’ N 7914’34.26’E, Google maps is saying” Abdudh replied, as he checked it in his mobile phone.

I don’t know what do next in this mission, I had to wait for orders but, I am suspended now… It’s good we locked Anij Raja in there… You do whatever you want, I’ll be sitting over here.” Abdudh spoke as he sat on the stone slab.

Anand had started searching for the cross mark, but he was not yet finding it. He remembered the shape of the text and he started searching for the pillar.

Hands Up! Everybody I here” a familiar voice barked. Abdudh and Anand were alarmed, they turned around…

It was Basho & Anij was with him. Basho had taken him out of the Godown. “What have you done Banzan? Being a Buddhist, you are helping a Hindu to destroy Buddhism!!” Basho sarcastically taunted.

Abdudh alias Banzan was confused. He thought the mission was something about terrorist explosives…

But you can’t do this… Hahaha… I had picked you up from the street Bakery… Your mother was a mere baker, she was a damn poor lady. After your father’s death, there was news that your mother was the one who killed him… Y….” Basho was about to complete his talk, but Banzan pounced on him and held his collar.

“If you speak another word about my parents… You’ll not be alive to speak anything else!! YOU UNDERSTAND??!!!” Banzan threatened Basho, ignoring the gun which Anij Raja had pointed on his head.

And you… What’s your name? ANIJ RAJA Hahaha… Do you even know what Anij means? it means ‘Unreal’, if you are unreal, you have no rights to be alive!” Abdudh said as he snatched the gun from Anij Raja’s hand and shot him… Meanwhile, Anand continued his search for the pillar in the large area…

5th century BCE, lumbini

(present day- nepal)

The Pravachan was going on forever. From seven hours, both Buddha & the disciples were busy in the Pravachan. Finally, Buddha decided to conclude the speech. “So, all the vast matter which I now talked about, directly brings us to the conclusion that

Vedas are Apramaana saying this, Buddha concluded the speech…

He did not explain the conclusion, that’s why there was a big confusion between the Buddha Avatar saying that Vedas are Apramaana or untrue…

So Dvaita Vaishnavas declared that the letter ‘A’ in Apramana was the first letter from the ‘Vishnu Vaachaka’ or the describer of Vishnu… The Vaachaka was-


So, what the Dvaitas were trying to say was that Buddha said that Vedas are pramaana for Vishnu or the proof of his existence.

And some of the Dvaitas said that there was another Buddha other than Gautama Siddhartha,

and Gautama was not the Vishnu’s Avatar.

After the Dvaita Mata Punarsthaapana or the reestablishment of the Dvaita caste, by Madhvacharya, he wrote the Bhagavat Tatparya in which he quoted about the Vishnu avatar Buddha, in Brahmanda Purana…

present day

nagarjunakonda, vijaywada, andhra pradesh, india

While Banzan & Basho were fighting with bare hands, Anand was searching the pillar everywhere in the large island.

“And what does your name mean…? BANANA PLANT, you bloody Basho!” Banzan barked

“And me? I’m Banzan!

The Indestructible Mountain!!!!” Banzan roared as he pierced a stone piece into Mr. Basho’s artery and killed him!

Anand finally found a pillar on which there were a lot of inscriptions and in front of it on the ground, was a big cross mark…

Banzan revealed his real name to Anand and they both started digging with large stones, on the cross mark…

Few Hours Later,

Both were sweating like hell… Banzan looked at Anand, as the stones stuck to something very hard.

Anand put his hand in the mud and took the object out… It was a box. Banzan put his hand to open it…

But Anand shouted, “Hey Hey!!” he signaled him not to open the box.

Anand walked towards the end of the land, to the beginning of the water…

He raised the box up to throw it in the river, but he decided not to do so…

He kept it in his hand and walked away to the car, with Banzan…one week later,

udupi, karnataka, india

Anand had adopted Vishwa, and he was happy with him. Neither did Anand know what the box had hidden nor did Vishwa… But Anand never opened it…

thirty years later,

Anand was no more, even Vishwa was counting his last days with his wife – Nirmala.

The only active member of the house was the seventeen-year-old boy, Vishwa’s son - Anirudh.

Anirudh was cleaning the storeroom of the house, he accidently made something wall from the cupboard…

A box. It was a box, Anirudh opened the box slowly… To find a scroll with the following inscriptions-

He gave it to Vishwa…

This was an advantage to Vishwa, he had developed an app, a translator.

It even translated Sanskrit and Prakrit…

He entered the Sanskrit verse in the app and translated it to English.

The result was this-

To delude the demons,

Buddha stood on the path

in the form of a child.

The foolish Jina,

imagined him to be his son.

Thus, the lord Sri Hari expertly

deluded Jina and other demons

by his strong words of non-violence.”

Seeing the translation, Vishwa smiled, a past incidence came to his mind…

This was what dad had told me about the Buddha Avatar Vishnu… He would have explained more, if he was here.” He thought to himself…

Vishwa told all the incidents and the memorable events of his childhood to Anirudh…

Story was finished. They smiled at each other and walked away to have dinner.



Probably, to be continued…

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