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Oh God! Lick me. Eat me! Harder!!!!”

They were the words I knew she wanted to hear. I had come to her, in her hour of need. I mean, finding out that your husband has been cheating on you, fucking anyone who looked at him twice; waitresses, pump station girls, even random strangers on the train (so he told me). He is such a skank. I mean, I shouldn’t talk about that about my Dad, but this is the last time he is using me as his excuse!

Besides, I have always wanted my step-Mom. Ever since I first met her. I wanted her tongue inside me. I need to feel her long fingers deep in my cunt. To feel her shake as she cums. To taste her pussy. To fuck her!

Tonight was the night. The night I told her what a bastard my Dad really was. And the night I made her mine.



This wasn’t going to be easy!

I had literally a few hours to seduce my Step-Mom. I was up to the challenge though. I could flash my eyelashes at her, get her to look me up and down, luxuriating over my tight pale skin, a perfect contrast to her bastard husband, my Dad. Then she would be mine. Then I would fuck her, so hard, so well, that she would never go back to him again!

That would be the sweetest thing ever! To take her, right now, from under the very nose of my Dad, her no good cheating husband! The man who was supposed to be my best friend as well as my Dad. The fucker who I knew was cheating on her, because he told me so. He even got me to cover for him, while he went out to meet with some skank bitch in his car, a Mercedes sports coupe parked up in some layby next to a beat up old Ford, the back seat rattling while he fucked his piece of rough. Classic middle aged behaviour, picking up some girl waiting tables, a young teen who he could buy and sell, who he could have fired, who he took because he could.

Well I would get enough revenge for both of us! I would take his wife, my step-Mom, have her fuck me so hard, make her want me so much that she would have to have me, leave him, take his half of the family’s fortune and drive off into the sunset with me on her arm!



As every fisherman knows, you gotta bait your hook. And I happen to have the sweetest, tightest, youngest bait known to woman! Oh yes, I would make her want me.

The secret to being wanted is to want yourself, to feel horny and available, and then she will follow.

It started with a long bath. Scented oils, soapy bubbles, slipping from my soft tight teen skin. I felt all over my body as I lay in my tub, luxuriating over the soft folds, the tight stomach, my lovely pert behind, my soft older woman-pleasing tits. My nipples hardened to my touch, the pink rings sensitive, pleasing, making me shiver as I touched and stroked them, in the way that I hoped her tongue would soon play upon them, lightly and firmly, just the way I loved it. I parted my legs, the warm water lapping against my long thighs, wetting my clit, swimming around my sex flesh. I was magnificent! No waxed pussy, I was all woman, with a woman’s bush. I know all you young girls love a waxed one, but let me tell you a secret. Real women don’t want that. It makes them feel dirty. They want to know they are with another real woman. A real, filthy teen bitch like me. Someone who can take them to heaven and back!

I ran my fingers between my legs, hardly daring to feel between them, to test how horny and engorged my lips were. Sure enough, sweet juices flowed between my legs, coating my fingers, slipping all over them in the steamy tub. Bubbles mingled with juicy quim, and my cunt rippled with delight as I finger banged myself.

“Fuck yes! That’s it! Don’t be afraid Mom. Take me, like you know you want to. Like I just know you want me. Fuck me. Finger fuck me hard. Shove that big strap on dildo inside me and make me cum!”

I whispered as I came, letting a sigh of orgasm take me, nipples hard between the fingers of one hand, as the other stroked in unison with my orgasm avalanche. A perfect starter to the main course. A main course that I knew was coming.

I had a plan!


Well, it was my Dad really who had set all of this up. I mean, how stupid can he get? Didn’t he know that when it comes to getting fucked, when it really comes down to getting your woman, there is no such thing as friends?

“Hey Honey, it’s Dad. Don’t judge me ok, but Linda has just texted me and she is free for a couple of hours. Could I tell your step-Mom that I am at your house. You know, just if she gets suspicious?”

I am such a good daughter. So understanding.

“Of course Dad. You know I will cover for you. You know that. I will tell her, if she calls me. But I am sure she won’t. She is a good woman. She won’t suspect a thing”

Was that a bit too much? Was I making it just a little bit too obvious that I thought my step-Mom was a great girl, far too good for him? Well, I would soon find out now wouldn’t I?

“How long are you going to be out for?” I asked, just trying to get my story straight. “You know, if she wants to know or if she does call and asks for details”

Dad sounded shifty suddenly, as if the enormity of what he was cooking up suddenly hit him. “Erm, I don’t know really. Perhaps, three hours”

This was going wrong. I wanted him to be sure of this, so that he would stay out the whole time, not worrying about his wife or his best friend. I took steps to reassure him;

“Don’t you worry Dad. You deserve a good fuck don’t you? After all, you only live once. I am soooo jealous!”

“Yeah, fuck it!” he replied. This was much better. He was Dad again. Confident, rich, able to have anything he wants.

“You go for it!” I said as he hung up, playing the typical best friend and loving, understanding daughter, to a T.

As I ran out of my apartment and into my beat-up sports hatch I could see that my seduction plan, carefully crafted, from meeting and paying off the waitress, to planting the desire in Dad’s brain, was coming together.

Just like I planned to with my step-Mom.


You should have seen the look on my step-Mom’s face when she answered the door. It was maybe a half an hour since she had no doubt kissed her husband on the cheek, wishing him a safe journey over to my place, no doubt to comfort me over some made-up disaster over my non-existent love life. It was a kind of proxy double life that I was supposed to be leading, one far more interesting than my own, in order to give Dad the opportunities to come over. Lying cheating fucker that he was!

There was something in her eyes. Yes she had that questioning look of someone who knew she had just been lied to, that her husband had told her only half an hour ago that he was with me. Yes that was there, but there was also a crestfallen look, it was kind of disappointment mixed with resignation, as though she knew all along that this was the deal. I could have picked her up and taken her to bed right there and then! But no, this had to be her decision. Yes I would coax her, use all of my tricks, show her the fun you could have, so much more fun, with a younger woman like me. But at the end of the day, if she came to me willingly then she would be mine. All mine!

She opened up the door to me with a soft smile, her eyes shining. It felt as though she was going through the motions when she said quietly to me “Hey Honey. What you doing here? Isn’t your father with you, comforting you over your latest boyfriend trouble?”

I gave her a sympathetic smile. This wasn’t going to be easy news to break.

“Mom, you are a good woman. The best. So it’s time that you knew the truth. I think you already know” I broke off, walking into the house, my high heals clicking on the expensive marble flooring as we made our way to the white leather couch. As I sat I continued;

“He isn’t with me because fucking some tramp waitress in the back of a car somewhere”

Honesty, I decided, was definitely the best policy

There was a long pause while the enormity of what I had just said hung in the air. Her beautiful blue eyes, half hidden beneath her blonde fringe, shone at me, glistening with her tears and anger.

“How do you know all of this?” she eventually replied

“Because, my darling Mom, he calls me every time he wants to get a rough fuck off some waitress or punk tramp kid. It’s what he does Mom”

“Fuck!” she replied. She sat down on her couch with a bump, her thigh grazing mine, her leggings on my bare thigh, my mini skirt riding up, showing all of my muscular, toned leg and ass.

I reached over onto her thigh, feeling with appreciation the definition and form of her leg. I stroked her, in a caring and plutonic way.

“Listen Mom. You are way, way too good for her, you know?”

She looked at me. No, she stared at me. Our eyes locked. Something stirred between us. I carried on. “You are so good. You are such a good woman. You should take revenge, you know? You should just fuck the first woman you see, don’t you think?”

“But you’re the first woman I see” she replied, with a kind of wide-eyed innocence that made my heart want to melt.

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