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A Cuckold Halloween

By Jane Emery

Copyright 2016 Jane Emery

Distributed by Smashwords

Don't say a word and keep the mask on.

Al and Gail have been invited to a grand gala this Halloween, masks and costumes required. Tonight's event is taking place at the Memorial Auditorium, a building known to host everything from music concerts to college graduations. This is a fund raising event to help build a new wing to the children's hospital so many of the social elite will be present. It's not often that the couple will be able to rub elbows with local celebrities and professional athletes; even though you won't be able to see who is under the costume.

They walk down the sidewalk heading for the auditorium that is already bustling with excitement. Limousines line the street in front of the building as all the high society people step out in their designer costumes fit for a ball. There are many other outfits from scarecrows to superheroes, all of them ready to enter into the costume contest. The winning prize is a large donation given in the winner's name and a picture in the local newspaper.

Al is dressed as the Phantom of the Opera with his mask secured around the back of his head. Gail is dressed as Queen of the Dark Elves with a fancy headdress and her black mask attached to it. She has the pointy ears and dark lipstick to accentuate her evil look. No one else in the building knows about the couple and their plan to have a sexual encounter here at the party. It wouldn't be such a big deal; most people will come to these parties for some sweaty sex in the coat room. Al and Gail however want to take it up a notch; he wants to film his wife steaming it up with some random stranger in the coat room. They keep their eye out for someone perfect, alone, and ready to go. The couple mingles for a bit and has a few drinks.

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