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Possible Signs of Alcoholism

Detrimental Health Affects

Psychiatric Affects

Social Affects

Vulnerabilities for Women

Withdrawal Symptoms



Shocking Facts

25 Ways to Overcome Alcoholism



ALCOHOL is the third most common drink in the world after Water and Tea. Alcohol is easily available in most of the countries of the world. Consuming alcohol in many settings of our life like various parties, wedding ceremonies is very common in today’s world. Situations have even became worse today that if someone get succeed then alcohol to celebrate and on failing alcohol to express grief. This is the most sickening part of alcohol consumption.

Just one drink more, it won’t affect much’- is an excuse of consuming liquor for the new alcoholics to justify their activity to themselves.

Medical Associations don’t recommend the non-drinker to start consuming alcohol to be more immunologically protected.


The huge exposure of Alcohol to our society makes a lot of population to become slaves of it. When someone get addicted to it and start expressing the symptoms and sign that related to Alcohol Use Disease (AUD), is commonly known as ALCOHOLISM. Medically it is considered as both mental and physical problem.

The term Alcoholism was coined in 1849 by a Swedish physician named Dr. Mgnus Huss. Formerly it was known as ‘DIPSOMANIA’, the term coined by a German physician Dr. C.W Hufeland in 1819.

Alcoholism can be divided into two:-

ALCOHOL ABUSE (Repeated use despite of recurrent adverse consequences)

ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY (Alcohol abuse combined with tolerance and withdrawal)

In modern context of Medical Science, Alcoholism occurs when someone has difficulty in cessation or alcohol affects in any aspect of someone’s life.


There are many possible reasons can be responsible for alcoholism, be it social, peer influence, adolescences, or genetic.

SOCIAL REASONS: If a society has a large number of alcoholics, then there is a greater chance of a person becoming alcoholic in his/her bad situation of life. They generally encourage that person to consume alcohol to heal all kind of mental pain. Young adults often fall prey to it.

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