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Cougar Party

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Author: Mimi La Tushe

ISBN: 9781370090167

Copyright - 2017 Mimi La Tushe

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Caroline and her cougar friends decide to hold a masquerade party with snacks, dance music and cocktails. They invite a bunch of young studs to attend. At the party, they drink and dance with the young studs then lead them to a back bedroom. The party was a success.

Buy this book and listen to the cougars talk about their sexual antics.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 David

Chapter 3 Juan

Chapter 4 Cougar Party

Chapter 5 Gorge

Chapter 6 Aristotle

Chapter 7 Joseph

Chapter 8 Kenneth

Chapter 9 Jack

Chapter 10 Afterword

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Caroline was the only daughter of a well-to-do family. Her father had started a restaurant business with one store, grew it into a national chain, and then went public, listing it on the stock market. The value of the stock doubled the first day and had been rising steadily since.

Her father had retired from the business affairs of the company but was worth many millions of dollars. Caroline stood to inherit it all when her father and mother passed on.

Her husband, David, was also a business success story. He had started off as a loan officer in a bank and worked his way up in the organization. The bank had expanded, adding more facilities, and buying out other banks. He was now a president in a bank consortium.

And here sat Caroline, alone, in this big empty house. Caroline was thirty eight years old. A well preserved thirty eight, some people would say. Of course, some trips to a plastic surgeon kept her face looking young, and a high priced personal trainer kept her body toned and looking good.

No one really cared, though, how Caroline looked. Her two sons were both in college. They came home for a couple of days on Christmas. Besides that, they spent all of their time with their girlfriends. Caroline normally heard from them once a month, when they wanted money for something.

And her husband, David may as well not come home. When he did, he never looked directly at Caroline. He just grunted “Hello” and sat down to eat. Then he went to his study, watched TV, went to HIS bedroom and went to sleep.

Caroline knew that he was fucking around on her; just by the way he avoided looking at her. She had given up caring.

She had even begun fucking around on him.

A couple of times with the pool cleaning guy. He was a young one, Hispanic, in his twenties, with a strong, tan body. Caroline was wearing a small white bikini and was laying in a chaise lounge chair by the swimming pool when the guy came to work. She got horny just as soon as she saw that tanned, toned body. She waited until he got over by her then got out of the chair. She wiggled her finger at him, motioning to come to her. When he got to her, she wrapped her arms around his body and gave him a deep long kiss.

She broke off the kiss, turned, and walked away from him. She stopped, turned around, again wiggled her finger for him to come, and led him to the bedroom. There she quickly stripped off her bikini, stripped off his clothes, pushed him down on the flat of his back, and gave him the fuck of his life.

Then there was the yard man. He had showed up wearing nothing more than a pair of short cut off jeans. He was young, probably in his twenties, probably a college student, and he had a gorgeous toned and tanned body.

Caroline, again, was out in the lounge chair wearing a bikini. One look at that body and she knew she had to have him. She got out of the chair, grabbed him by the arm and led him to the bedroom.

What a fuck! He came twice. She had three orgasms while he was screwing her. When they were done, he put on his clothes, went out, finished up his yard work and left. Too bad he never came back again. Caroline would have liked to have had some more of that dick!

Then there was the package delivery man. That one had been a waste of time. He had been to the house several times before but Caroline had never asked him past the front room. Caroline knew that he was an older man, but he was handsome with an athletic body and he was congenial.

She knew he was delivering a large package, and she met him with nothing on but a robe. After he got the package inside, she took off the robe, and began kissing him and stripping off his clothes.

She led him back to the bedroom, where he gave her a quick screwing, climaxed, then jumped out of bed, put on his clothes, and ran out the door saying he was going to be late on his route. Caroline never even got close to orgasm.

Caroline decided afterwards to be more discrete about who she went to bed with.

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Chapter 2 David

She also decided to find out who her husband was sleeping with.

She had suspected for a while that David was sleeping with some young girl. Her husband had been spending many late nights in the office, sometimes not even coming home. “Slept in the office.” he told her.

Caroline didn't believe him, so she hired a private detective to get proof that David was fucking around.

And proof, the detective got. It cost five thousand dollars, but the detective gave her a CD to take home and watch.

Caroline plugged the CD into the big screen TV and then sat down to watch. There it was in living color.

The CD started with a girl walking to the door of the room. Caroline immediately recognized the girl as being David's twenty-four year old personal assistant, Kara.

The girl let a man into the room. There was no doubt but that it was David, her husband.

David immediately plastered himself against Kara and began passionately kissing her. Kara returned the kisses with just as much passion.

The two only broke from kissing long enough get their breath and to remove clothes from each other.

Before long, the two were down to their skivvies. David just had on a pair of briefs, Kara only had on a pair of pink nylon panties and a matching bra.

Kara had her hair done up in a bun. David now pulled the pins out of the bun, and let it fall down over her shoulders. Next he took her glasses off and put them over on the dresser.

While David was at the dresser, Caroline looked Kara over. She knew now why David had fallen for her. The girl was simply stunning. She was about five foot eight inches, one hundred forty pounds, raven black hair flowing down past her shoulders. She had a beautiful face, large taut tits, and an ass that any man would love to get their hands on. Her legs were tanned and athletic. This was a woman that any man would want to get in bed.

They went back to kissing. While they were kissing, David undid the hooks of her brassiere. He stepped back from Kara, took her bra off, and threw it over on the dresser.

He now put a hand under one tit, bent over and start kissing and sucking the nipple. He put his other hand on the other tit and began twitching, fondling, and kneading the other nipple.

Just watching the two made Caroline's nipples stick out.

Caroline could tell from the look of pleasure on Kara's face that she really enjoyed having her tits massaged like that.

Next. David stepped back from Kara again, and got down on his knees. He pulled her panties down, and began licking and kissing that black patch of pubic hair between her legs.

Caroline wondered where David had got to be such a lover. All he had ever done to Caroline was climb in bed, hump her about a dozen times, blow cum into her pussy, roll over, and go to sleep.

When Caroline had got the CD she had prepared herself to be disgusted with it. Now watching it, she found herself getting sexually excited. Her nipples were straining against her bra and her panties were wet from the copious amount of juice escaping from her pussy.

Caroline suddenly thought, “What the Hell! The door is locked. No one is due to come!” She took off her blouse and bra, then undid the jeans she was wearing, and took them off. She went to a reclining chair, and laid it back. She put one hand on the tip of a nipple and began massaging it. The other hand she put down the waist band of her panties and began feeling and rubbing her pussy while she was watching the TV.

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