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Slut Wife by Fortunata Slut Wife by Nov. 18, 2017 $4.99 76195 words Sample 20%
Daniel Todd is very upset. A private eye has provided him videos of his wife using escorts to handle her sexual needs, while he is out of town. At first, he is angry, and then depressed. But, he finds the videos intriguing, even arousing. His wife agrees to an unusual solution for this dilemma. She will be his personal slut and their bizarre adventure begins.
Undercover Nun by Alexis Alexandra Undercover Nun by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 14212 words Sample 20%
Going undercover at Mount Mercy University – an all-girls Catholic college, to investigate allegations of wrong-doing, Officer Kelly Paige poses as a new freshman arriving at the last minute and quickly finds herself in way over her head. Knowing she would be seen as a failure for giving up before she even began, she went along with every perversion if only to use as evidence.
Switched with the Neighbor, Shared by His Stepbrothers: A Taboo Body Swap Story by Arren Rivers Switched with the Neighbor, Shared by His Stepbrothers: A Taboo Body Swap Story by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 8531 words Sample 10%
Convinced his stepdad is cheating on his mom, Connor uses a stolen spell to switch bodies with the cute girl next door as part of a plot to catch him redhanded. But Connor doesn't know that Kara is sleeping with his stepbrothers–both of them, often at the same time. When his spell begins to misfire, he finds himself trapped in a body that's going to act on its lusts whether he wants it to or not!
Awake by Shakirra Ulmer Awake by Nov. 18, 2017 $99999999.99 2781 words
Bringing back new wave science fiction with a twist, this collection of three uniquely thoughtful stories explores metaphysical paradoxes of a New World while following the lives of three very different individuals.
Vampires  Romance to Rippers An Anthology of Tasty Stories by Scarlette D'Noire Vampires Romance to Rippers An Anthology of Tasty Stories by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 68317 words Read a sample
Vampires! Sixteen authors give you a glimpse into the dark worlds of lost love, murderous rage, and undeniable sex appeal where deadly quests and blood lust spanning centuries of time reign supreme. Explore some of the most unique vampires to exist on this side of the grave. Essays, excerpts, and short stories from award winning authors. They will entertain you, thrill you, and bewilder you.
Goose City Unhappily Ever After by Linwood Ellsworth Goose City Unhappily Ever After by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 56795 words Read a sample
Who killed Gareth T. Giant and stole his golden harp? How does this lead to a very dark secret about Dame Trot? Who kidnapped Detective Jackson Horner's mother? How will solving the Jill Dobb case rock Goose City? Visit Goose City and see the sights, but stay for the secrets that will surface in this exciting tale.
The Burning Block Issue 5 by Shane Eide The Burning Block Issue 5 by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 12110 words Sample 20%
In issue 5 of this magazine, politics are placed in the context of the apolitical, streetlights are seen as a cause of insanity. Machiavelli and Lao Tzu go head to head in the realm of occult politics, each one representing a different (if only in a nuanced way) theory of sovereignty.
Evan by Lindsey Tanner Evan by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 22144 words Sample 20%
When an alien contacts the space center where Alicia Derrick works, it’s up to her to find a way to communicate with it, and possibly save the world.
A kiss to build on by janice Angelique A kiss to build on by Nov. 18, 2017 $8.00 85693 words
Spa owner Ellie had everything going for her; looks, charm, success and friends she loved. the only thing missing was the man who disappeared more than a year ago with her heart. Peter FBI agent had fallen in love with Ellie so fast he had to run away to keep his heart in one piece. Only, he'd already lost his heart to the woman who could bring him to his knees with just one kiss.
BWWM Bundle - Volume 3 (Interracial Romance BWWM) by Niema Jackson BWWM Bundle - Volume 3 (Interracial Romance BWWM) by Nov. 18, 2017 $4.99 18590 words Sample 20%
Get three hot interracial stories in one anthology! BLACK VIRGIN PUBLIC PLEASURE WHITE LOVER -All characters are over 18 and fictional-
The Comeback Kids by Jared Alexander The Comeback Kids by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 6820 words
This is the story of a down-and-out football team in Chicago with a running back struggling with Autism. The team overcomes adversity to become winners on and off the field.
My Sister's Panties by Timothy Spears My Sister's Panties by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 36784 words Sample 20%
I turned to see Kendra standing behind me in one of her short sleep shirts. It was barely long enough to hide her panties from my searching eyes. Her nipples were poking out from under her shirt and I could easily see the bulk of her breasts straining against the thin t-shirt material. I tried very hard not to stare at her, since I didn’t want her to get self-conscious and go back to her bedroom.
Vegetarian diet weight loss: Method vegetarian diet to achieve healthy living and low fat life style by Dionna Butterfield Vegetarian diet weight loss: Method vegetarian diet to achieve healthy living and low fat life style by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 7928 words Sample 20%
This book on vegetarian cooking will use a step-wise approach to take you through the vegetarian diet and further beyond into the practical application of making healthy, mouthwatering recipes that help to lose weight. The vegetarian lifestyle illustrates on a practical and sustainable way to nourish our bodies to lose weight, prevent diseases, improve health, physical performance.
Wheelchair Mermaid by Carlie Simonsen Wheelchair Mermaid by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 17520 words Sample 20%
All Stacey wants is a morning on the beach—okay, and maybe to surf again, but that's never going to happen. So, when something swims under the jetty, and a speedboat full of dangerous-looking men arrives on the beach shortly after, she has to do something. Right? Wheelchair or not, right? And that’s when life really starts to get interesting…
The Future of Sex by Carl East The Future of Sex by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 36240 words Sample 20%
Jackie has been thrown two thousand years into the future, where she finds that almost nothing is the same. In this future sex is the biggest past time and they've found ways to increase its enjoyment. Aliens abound and space is the final frontier. This story is graphic in nature and is intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 18 or older. Enjoy
walk on water by Ruggedman walk on water by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 30277 words Sample 20%
Trust in God's word
John Grisham - Series Reading Order - Compiled by Albie Berk by Albie Berk John Grisham - Series Reading Order - Compiled by Albie Berk by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 4838 words Sample 14%
John Grisham All Novels Updated 2017 in reading order with Summaries and Checklist Includes The Whistler and Camino Island plus all other novels and short stories in best reading order Don’t miss a single John Grisham book or story and read them all in order. More than just a list, each novel listed includes a summary and checklist
Daily LIfe by Allison Bruning Daily LIfe by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 1551 words Sample 20%
Feared by settlers and natives alike, the Shawnee tribe have been misunderstood by people throughout history. Who were these conservative people? What was their daily life like? How were their villages organized? This informative book will answer these questions and more in the first volume of the We are Shawnee series.
My First Time Was an Interracial Menage on My Wedding Night and My Husband Wasn't Invited! (Black Those Brides!) by Anita Blackmann My First Time Was an Interracial Menage on My Wedding Night and My Husband Wasn't Invited! (Black Those Brides!) by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 11351 words Sample 20%
Her new husband is passed-out drunk and she's wandering the hallways of the hotel, looking for someone to help her out of her wedding dress! A beautiful middle-aged black woman invites her into her room to help. And when her handsome husband steps into the room, wearing only a pair of boxers that leave nothing to the imagination, a lifetime of chastity beckons for release, one way or the other!
Caught in a Knot 3: Dared to Try Bestiality by Kimmy Hicks Caught in a Knot 3: Dared to Try Bestiality by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 2375 words Sample 20%
It started as a joke, a fun game of truth or dare with my girlfriend and her best friend. As the drinks disappeared, so did their inhibitions. When I dared them to let my horny Doberman, Rusty, fuck them both, they actually agreed to try it - to my utter shock and delight. I never thought I would get to watch the two hottest girls I know try out bestiality right in my own living room.
Passionate Visitors (The Battered Lamp 14) by Reed James Passionate Visitors (The Battered Lamp 14) by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 9141 words Sample 20%
Kyle and his genie wife teach a pair of virgin missionaries passion! Passionate Visitors is a 7200 word Genie, harem, supernatural, virgin, first time, voyeuristic, lesbian, incest, mother/daughter, BDSM erotica that is not for the faint at heart!
Darkness Awakens by Frank Perez Darkness Awakens by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 59507 words Read a sample
For centuries, evil has been kept at bay by the chosen ones of the Goddess, the universe growing. Until Now! The Goddess has been ambushed and evil lurks. ​A corrupted council of elders and The Goddesses own Chosen Ones have gone astray, the consequences unimaginable. ​Only the resolve of an alcoholic novelist may stave off the evil stain of The Brethren.
Strands of Twilight by Thomas Godwin Strands of Twilight by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 2612 words Read a sample
Strands of Twilight is a short anthology of flash-fiction pieces in the vein of contemporary and psychological horror that will be published in November of 2017.
Publicity!: A Burning Mistake (Story 1) by Edwin Betancourt Publicity!: A Burning Mistake (Story 1) by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 4574 words Read a sample
After posting a picture of the American flag on fire, rapper Lil Holler loses endorsement deals, Twitter followers and his image is completely tarnished. He hires Hollywood Crisis Manager Laurel Quinn to fix the scandal. Unaware she has a few tricks up the sleeves of her designer dress that could restore his image or end him permanently.
Dreams of the Technarion by Sean McMullen Dreams of the Technarion by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 122530 words Sample 10%
Stories from a Hugo finalist where the science might not be fiction! Plus the historical OUTPOST OF WONDER.
Pretty Pretty Boys by Gregory Ashe Pretty Pretty Boys by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 124331 words Sample 20%
After Emery Hazard loses his job as a detective in Saint Louis, he heads back to his hometown--and to the local police force there. Home, though, brings no happy memories, and the ghosts of old pain are very much alive in Wahredua. Worst of all, though, Hazard’s new partner, John-Henry Somerset, had been one of his most persistent tormentors.
Dylan and the Lights of Ulva by Jemima Pett Dylan and the Lights of Ulva by Nov. 18, 2017 $5.00 7809 words Sample 20%
Dylan spots lights that shouldn't be there, moving along the shoreline of the deserted Isle of Ulva. What could they be? Despite his uncle telling him to resist temptation, the route home from his messaging work 'just happens' to take him to the ferry crossing. This 7,000 word MG novella has been written to reward donors to Jemima Pett's JustGiving page for the Ulva Buyout campaign.
O Guia Prático Preparatório Microsoft Project by Pablo Sampaio, Sr O Guia Prático Preparatório Microsoft Project by Nov. 18, 2017 $14.00 47370 words
Caso você seja profissional, estudante ou apenas curioso em conhecer o microsoft project, este e-book de forma prática irá torná-lo especialista. Adquira AGORA e aproveite ao máximo este ótimo conteúdo.
A Daughter's Fury by Raelyn Taylor A Daughter's Fury by Nov. 18, 2017 $1.99 69056 words Sample 20%
After witnessing her father's murder, Alex is on a mission for revenge. Things change when secrets about her estranged mother come to light. She travels to a place where she can learn about her heritage and be safe. Until the life of a young Hero is in danger. Alex and two companions go to a city Alex swore never to step foot in again.
Requiem Expiated by Lesley Douglass Requiem Expiated by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.98 79123 words Sample 20%
Set early in the 22nd century on Mars, Deputy Shelly Monroe pursues an elusive serial killer to the Tombstone-like mining town of Thoropolis following the missing person report of a prospector. Shelly believes him to be the victim of Mistress Diana, a transgender seductress who uses sex to ensnare her prey.
El Perro Furioso by Gabrielle C. Paussen El Perro Furioso by Nov. 18, 2017 $4.63 27349 words Sample 15%
El Perro Furioso es una historia de emigración que golpea con sus verdades al sistema. La autora narra la experiencia de ser expatriada en España, un país con una política de inmigración precaria.
The Visitor by Lesley Douglass The Visitor by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.98 47538 words Sample 20%
Jon Trask is a moderately successful, middle aged, sculptor, living in a medium sized mid-western city. But Jon has another interest-the weekly visits by his long-time, lovely, mistress, Janine, a younger woman to whom he is devoted and adores. But they share a secret: Jon isn’t her sugar daddy, he is her slave.
Washington, DC Photographers Arrested For Explicit Images and Other Photography Nonfiction by Robert Grey Reynolds, Jr Washington, DC Photographers Arrested For Explicit Images and Other Photography Nonfiction by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 2590 words Sample 5%
Catherine Ketcham was a Lansing, Michigan woman who was an active member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). Unbeknownst to her neighbors Ketchum had another side. She allowed traveling photographers to enter her boudoir at her home. The camera men made an explicit photo of Ketchum with nothing on except shoes. The year was 1895. My e-book examines other photography controversies.
Mother's Natural Home Remedies by j sherpa Mother's Natural Home Remedies by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 6537 words Sample 20%
This book contains step and strategies on how to become a truly here is a tremendous need for quality health information and a continuous move towards adopting sustainable heath solution and practices.This book intends to solve this need by creating driven, social platform in the natural health and wellness space.
Duke Baron and the Danger of the Demon Dagger by A.H. Wallace Duke Baron and the Danger of the Demon Dagger by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 15759 words Sample 20%
A wannabe hard boiled detective searches for a stolen dagger, and finds himself caught up in a world full of magic and demons.
I am Black & Bad by Darlington Chukwunyere I am Black & Bad by Nov. 18, 2017 $15.00 7729 words Sample 35%
Have you been longing for some Poetry so simple, powerful and mind blowing? Here it is at long last. I am Black & Bad is a collection of 40 poems originally composed by Darlington Chukwunyere, written in the most simplified and understandable English language. These poems were inspired by the realities of the recent times, and thus budded from the poet’s bank of ingenuity.
Taken at the Mammoth Hunt by Madison Barry Taken at the Mammoth Hunt by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 8922 words Sample 15%
When Hani was a child, she was kidnapped from her family during a mammoth hunt. The man she learned to call "Father" spent ten years abusing her. Now, on another mammoth hunt, a friend from her old life discovers her and begs her to come home, but "Father" punishes her severely when he discovers them together. Hani yearns to be reunited with those who love her. Is this hunt her chance at freedom?
Humilated Pleasures by Lone Wolf Humilated Pleasures by Nov. 18, 2017 $5.99 45369 words Sample 20%
Living in a family full of perverts, a change in gender is forcing Jamie to search for answers while trying to make sure that his new body's needs don't get the better of him getting him knocked up while he is forced to get fucked by a dog and someone sees this.
Jack Sprott Continuum Cop by Rhea Rose Jack Sprott Continuum Cop by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 3647 words Sample 5%
Time traveling cop, turned private investigator, Jack Sprott hunts down his wife's murderer on a hunch that a high school for bad kids may hide the culprit. If Sprott can "off" the murderer before the crime's committed, he can get his wife and his life back. A simple future killing turns complicated when time travel, futuristic bad guys and a robot get in the way.
Congresul iubirii by Sebastian Burnaz Congresul iubirii by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 28906 words
Un suflet bătrân de miliarde de ani din Univers organizează un congres pentru a transmite iubirea pe Pământ. Toate poveştile şi declaraţiile de iubire ale celor adunaţi la congres sunt transmise în direct spre Pământ printr-un canal de lumină, pentru ca şi pământenii să le trăiască, să le simtă, să le vadă, să le iubească, pentru ca şi ei să înveţe să trăiască iubirea…
Calling for Tranny Sex: Futas Anonymous Sexcorts by MI Eros Calling for Tranny Sex: Futas Anonymous Sexcorts by Nov. 18, 2017 $2.99 7416 words Sample 10%
Futas Anonymous Sexcorts is a private service provided for paying clients who desire discretion. After getting all the details he needs, Paul contacts them for himself and discovers Sabrina, a sexy futanari hottie. With her, Paul is able satisfy his deeply hidden desires with his futa lover in this shemale futa on male, futanari dickgirl, ladyboy, tranny sex erotica.
Prophecy Seekers by Peter Higgins Prophecy Seekers by Nov. 18, 2017 $11.99 60399 words Sample 20%
Identical twins. Curious, intelligent, chronically mischievous, they seek to find a sacred stone buried from history for centuries from information they find in the lost journals of Louis Riel. But even the twins encounter unforeseen events in Burma and a select few who want the sacred stone to remain in Asia…
A Gathering At Midnight by Top Writers Block A Gathering At Midnight by Nov. 18, 2017 $0.99 9697 words Sample 10%
Midnight. A transition into a new day, time...perhaps a new place? This collection brings you three short fiction stories and one poem on the theme "A Gathering At Midnight" from Elizabeth Rowan Keith, Melissa A. Szydlek, Alan Naylor, and Suzy Stewart Dubot.
Three Threesomes for the Price of One by Meno Silencio Three Threesomes for the Price of One by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 11733 words Read a sample
'Three Threesomes for the Price of One' is written in Meno Silencio's signature, dark and humorous style, and includes these stories: The Extraterrestrial Affair The Woods Larger Burger A bonus chapter from upcoming novel 'The Blackwater Witch' So sit back, curl up (alone, unless you're OK with other people watching you touch yourself), and enjoy this weird little stroke collection!
The Thinking Girl's Guide to Feminism by Rich J Chapman The Thinking Girl's Guide to Feminism by Nov. 18, 2017 $3.99 14700 words Sample 20%
A short book questioning modern feminist ideology, as highlighting its faulty premises and misguided reasoning, and the subsequent danger it is presenting to today's society.
A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp by Lizzie Ashworth A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 6719 words Read a sample
Serving their masters even in this remote fortress of Roman occupied Britain, slaves Senna and Tutonius share moments of pleasure amid preparations for the mid-winter feast of Saturnalia.
Poet - A Short-Attention-Novel by A. Foxesden Poet - A Short-Attention-Novel by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 5306 words
A young girl nicknamed Poet uses words to cast spells and battle monsters while searching for a kidnapped friend. This is a Short-Attention-Novel Version, written for fantasy buffs without much explanation on magic mechanics or backstory. A quick read with bunches of beautiful artwork.
Servant of the Crown by Paul J Bennett Servant of the Crown by Nov. 18, 2017 $5.99 124472 words Sample 20%
What does a warrior do when he can’t fight anymore? Gerald Matheson served the Baron of Bodmin until a crippling injury sent him to the capital to recuperate. There, he begins a trip that will change his life and the fate of the kingdom forever. This new fantasy adventure mixes military battles, mystery, and magic with a dash of humour to create a compelling coming of age story!
Oops A Rogue Got Me Pregnant!  Part 3 - 5 Historical AND Erotic Fertility Short Stories by Vanessa  E. Silver Oops A Rogue Got Me Pregnant! Part 3 - 5 Historical AND Erotic Fertility Short Stories by Nov. 18, 2017 $4.99 18961 words Sample 20%
Oops A Rogue Got Me Pregnant! Part 3 - 5 Historical AND Erotic Fertility Short Stories. Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.
His Only Love by Lizzie Ashworth His Only Love by Nov. 18, 2017 Free! 15397 words Read a sample
As Saturnalia dawns and Rome’s Legio XIV Gemina prepares for the midwinter celebration despite their station on the far western border of Britannia, Greek slave Antius faces the disaster he set in motion involving his beloved master and legion commander, Marcellus. He takes refuge with his young lover even as an intimate betrayal unfolds between trusted friends.